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    Lindsey Williams: Financial Collapse Before January 2014

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    A large Chinese bank several days ago ran out of liquidity and was bailed out by the government. Furthermore: The seven-day repo rate, the benchmark rate for funding costs between banks, surged to 12.33% Thursday afternoon from the 8.26% rate at Wednesday’s close. It had averaged around 3.30% this year before the liquidity crunch began at the end of last month. This is the same phenomenon that occurred globally in September 2008.
    The U.S. market has DECLINED over the past month, the Japanese stock market has recently dropped 20%, the U.S. bond market sold-off, gold (GLD) is down 20% year-to-date (YTD), Chinese stocks (FXI) have fallen 19.69% YTD, emerging markets stocks (EEM) have depreciated 11.3% IN THE LAST MONTH, copper—a premiere asset considered to indicate growth or contraction, has contracted 18% YTD, etc… Investors should not ignore this massive deflation in global markets and assets.
    Some very significant things are happening in the Derivative market and with interest rate and gold, at this time. As for gold – J.P. Morgan announced yesterday that their vault gold has dropped by 28.4 % over night. Nations are demanding physical delivery. Within a month and a half JP Morgan estimates their vault will run out (Be empty) Other vaults are probably running out also. WHAT HAPPENS THEN? Starting when supply dries up.  Be sure that everything you own is in your posession. Crash – I don’t know. Be ready for a public reaction. Interest rates are the greatest factor controling the Derivative market. This could be violent.

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    THE ROOM with Special Guest Hunter Tylo

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    Take 2 Radio Music chats with The Room on May 31st at 3pm EDT about their career, tour, projects and the story behind the song "Screaming Through the Noise" with special guest speaker Hunter Tylo from the Bold and the Beautiful. Hunter and lead singer, Martin will discuss their journey through Retinoblastoma. Both of them have children affected by this disease.    The Room are a Crossover Progressive Rock band hailing from the Southeast of England. Formed in 2010 the band finalised their line up in 2011.  Vocalist Martin Wilson and guitarist Steve Anderson from progressive rock band GLD were joined by Andy Rowe on Bass, drummer Andrew Rae and Steve Checkley playing keyboards.        The five band members bring together a broad range of musical influences which has helped form The Room’s distinctive style. Smart songs with great melodies are the essence of the bands material.   Four highly successful launch shows were played in October 2011 to coincide with the release of a promotional single “A Casual Believer” / “A Multitude of Angels”. Inspired by the reaction to the shows, the band turned to writing and recording their debut album.   Florida based label Melodic Revolution Records signed the band in 2012 and released the critically acclaimed album “Open Fire” in December of that year. In addition to a number of warm up shows, The Room play three festivals this year and are currently booking gigs ane support slots around the UK.     

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    Chris Duane Explains Why Silver Confiscation Won't Happen--06.Apr.2012

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    FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com presents:

    Chris Duane has just finished a new video about silver confiscation and why it's not going to happen. Many people are concerned about the ever-expanding government. We fear that eventually our silver will be confiscated, just like gold was in the 1930's. This is a highly unlikely occurrence, as there are too many large, attractive confiscation candidates, such as: COMEX, GLD, SLV and the other major dealers. Going house-to-house to seize physical holdings of precious metals is just not practical and could lead to violent backlashes.

    Chris and I also discussed why Homeland Security needs 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammunition and 20,000 cleaning kits. It sounds much more like a lucrative corpratist giveaway that the government has become so expert at over the years. That's not to say you shouldn't be concerned, but rather there are much more important matters right now that need your attention, like building your financial survival plan.

    Go to FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com for the latest info on the Economy, Markets and Precious Metals.

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    Ed Steer of CaseyResearch Gives You More Golden Reasons–01-04-12

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    Ed Steer the produces Gold & Silver Daily for CaseyResearch.com. This is a free publication that is vital to anyone who is watching the controlled demolition of the global financial system. Most nights, he starts writing around 7pm and hits the send key 5am the following morning. Ed's been a long standing member of GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) and has a unique understanding of the manipulated financial and precious metals markets. He's extremely wary of the primary ETF's (Exchange Traded Funds) GLD and SLV and believes that CEF, GTU and the Sprott funds are much safer and secure alternatives, especially because their metal is not stored in the United States.

    Ed is appalled at the United States's decline. He says that the upcoming election is merely a contest of puppets who will ultimately be controlled by the financial power elite. He's extremely wary of the future and believes that a financial implosion is rapidly descending upon us. And the only safety in an unsafe world is clearly gold and silver.

    For more information about Ed and his publication go to www.CaseyResearch.com/gsd.

    Feel free to write us at kl@kerrylutz.com or call 347-460-LUTZ.

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    Winning On Wall Street Radio

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    The affluent baby boomer generation is drowning in information but starving for knowledge on how to invest and win on Wall Street. “Winning on Wall Street,” a syndicated financial talk show, addresses this knowledge gap by providing timely and independent market analysis and guidance for the motivated listener who demands an in-depth perspective to help make successful investment decisions. The show, aired Monday through Friday during afternoon "drive time" in national markets, provides the new and emerging investor with the education, tools, and resources to navigate the maze called Wall Street. 

    Radio Program Highlights

    Winning on Wall Street offers timely information and guidance for the motivated listener who demands an in-depth perspective to make successful investment decisions.

    - In-depth interviews with CEO's and other stock market experts

    - Daily Stock market analysis and commentary

    - Winning investment strategies and concepts

    - Successful investment ideas

    - Crystal Ball stock chart readings and technical analysis

     Marc Mandel, the Wizard, attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania where he received his Bachelors of Science in Economics degree. He was Senior Vice President of one of the largest Wall Street Investment Banking firms and has been active in the financial services industry since 1975.  

    Email the Wizard at:


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    Buckshot Survival hour

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    Bailouts Postponed, But Can't Prevent the "Greatest Depression," Gerald Celente Says
    Celente argues his dire predictions would have come to fruition if it had not been for an unprecedented set of bailouts that continue today. Most shocking to Celente was the disclosure, in late 2010, that the Federal Reserve lent hundreds of billions to foreign banks to bail them out during the height of the crisis in 2008 and 2009. "Absent those kind of schemes, if capitalism take it's course, at some remote level it used to be, we see the crash," he says.

    Here's how he puts it in his Top Trends of 2011 release:

    "In 2011, with the bailout funds and arsenal of other schemes to prop up the economy depleted, teetering economies will collapse, currency wars will ensue, trade barriers will be erected, economic unions will splinter, and the onset of the 'Greatest Depression' (a trend we forecasted before the massive bailouts existed) will be recognized by everyone…"

    The only way to avoid the coming disaster is do what we did coming out of the Great Depression - start manufacturing quality goods the world wants. "You can't print your way out of this," he argues.

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    We use a method of evaluating securities by relying on the assumption that market data, such as charts of price, volume, and open interest, can help predict future (usually short-term) market trends. Unlike fundamental analysis, the intrinsic value of the security is not considered. We believe that we can accurately predict the future price of a stock by looking at its historical prices and other trading variables. Technical analysis assumes that market psychology influences trading in a way that enables predicting when a stock will rise or fall. For that reason, many technical analysts are also market timers, who believe that technical analysis can be applied just as easily to the market as a whole as to an individual stock.

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    Tape Talk Radio Episode 6

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    Q breaks down the current run and where we are in relation to where we have been. Callers fire up the lines asking about such stocks and ETFs as Dendreon (DNDN), Silver (SLV) and Gold (GLD)