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    The Bay: Come on And Slam

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    Predictomania is here NXT Takover: Dallas & Wrestlemania 32.  Come on and slam.  And welcome to the jam.

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    Poetry Slam & Artist Showcase

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    6:30pm EST, 5:30pm CST, 4:30pm PST

    Poetry Slam: To join? dial: 347-989-1201 10mins before showtime, have your poem ready to read because Sammi will select you by saying the last four of your telephone number.

    Artist Showcase: we select an indie artist submissions from around the world, bring them on the show for a 10min chat and listen to there music.


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    Prosperity Wrestling Radio Presents PWR SLAM!

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    OK folks, it's time for your midweek fix, PWR SLAM! is back! Tonight we talk to a bear, a thief and an author, two of which are the same person.

    First up will be our friend Herb Simmons from SICW in the Southern Illinois/St.Louis area. They will have two events this weekend, one in Illinois, one in Missouri. As always, SICW will present a loaded card of action with possibly some more surprises. We'll try and pull what they may be out of Herb. Since he's been in Vegas at Cauliflower Alley maybe we can order him a few drinks and get him to talk.

    After that, we will talk to a man that we have had on before, but he's still a lot of fun to talk to. Barrington Hughes, the big man from Florida is calling himself "MILFs Favorite Wrestler". We'll catch up with what he's been up to, including wrestling and the ladies.

    When people heard "Yo yo yo, yo,pop a 40 and check your Rollies" everyone knew what time it was, CRIME TIME! The tag team that claimed Brooklyn as home had a lot of fans, especially when they would come out into the arena with the contents of some poor unsuspecting wrestler's bag, selling everything to the fans.They actually were also rather successful, spending a total of four years under the WWE banner. Tonight, we talk to one half of that team, JTG. We will discuss his early years, his influences in the business, OVW, RAW, and his book, DAMN! Why Did I Write This Book?. This should be a lot of fun.

    Have a question? We always like to let our listeners talk to the wrestlers, within reason. You can post your questions in our chat, call via Skype or by phone at (347) 850-8033. Katie, Steve and Sean are ready for tonight, do YOU have your valuables locked up?

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    Prosperity Wrestling Radio Presents PWR SLAM!

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    Tonight PWR SLAM! interviews an up and coming second generation star currently working the Midwest independent scene which is a long way from home and a big guy on the West Coast who is making quite an impact himself.

    Cody Jones grew up in Texas, the son of Southern wrestling star Tom Jones. His Dad was a trailblazer, opening up the doors for many other Black wrestlers.Cody has chosen to follow in his Dad's footsteps and has worked in many areas of the country. We'll discuss growing up as the son of a trailblazer and how he is trying to keep the legacy of his Dad alive.

    Over on the West Coast, Jeff Cobb, also known as Mr. Athletic, is a monster. This youngster has been tearing up the West Coast wrestling scene in his short time in the business. He has made such an impression that he is on one of the top wrestling TV shows. Due to confidentiality we can not use the ring name he uses but you have seen him. We will ask certain questions that will not compromise that confidentiality but will still allow you to get behind the scenes of that program.

    We will also be joined by Brian Blade from Midwestern Wrestling Alliance who will be running two cards this week in Illinois. We look forward to speaking to him as well tonight.

    Again due to confidentiality agreements we will be screening all questions for Jeff but we do invite you to post your questions in our chat or by calling us either via Skype or by phone at (347)  850-8033. We hope you will enjoy tonight's show.

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    Romance Slam Jam In Detroit -- Write Stuff -- 3/8/2016

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    Anyone who had listened to this show long enough know that I am a lover of romance. I used to read a lot of secular romances and now I have gravitated toward edgy Christian romance. It's not a surprise that romance is one of the biggest, if not the biggest genres to sell year after year.  With that in mind, I wanted to take the time to talk about the Romance Slam Jam that is coming to Detroit from April 28-April 30th 

    The Romance Slam Jam is an opportunity for African American romance authors of various genres to meet and greet new and old fans, participate in workshops, and celebrate the stories that describe and display Black and multicultural romance stories. 

    With me to talk about the Romance Slam Jam is coordinator Elaine Overton as she gives more detail about what the RSJ is, it's history, past events and more. You can listen in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download the Stitcher app on your mobile device. Or, click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/8347327

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    PWR SLAM! Presents It's All Good, I'll Make You Famous

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    Tonight's show will be "All Good" and if you say the right things, maybe we'll "make you famous". 

    We will begin with our Promotion Spotlinght which tonight will be East Coast Pro Wrestling. They have some interesting events coming up and we are looking forward to having them for their first appearance with us.

    Our first guest tonight is a young (22) up and coming star who is being seen by a national audience thanks to our friends at Paragon Pro Wrestling. He was originally trained for the business by Spike Dudley. He started out as a referee (there you go Steve) and turned into an active wrestler four years ago. In addition to Paragon, where he has been not only a singles wrestler but has also teamed with our friend The Gentleman Brawler Eric Right, whom Anthony has renamed R-Dizzle (we may have to get Eric on to speak on this) he has also appeared for Tommy Dreamer's House Of Hardcore, Chaotic Pro Wrestling, New England Wrestling and many others. 

    Brian Winbush came to our attention not just for his being part of Lucha Underground, but because he trained at the famous Santino Brothers Wrestling School. He maybe has some Joey Munoz stories he can tell us. In addition to Lucha Underground he has been involved in Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Lucha VaVoom, NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, Freakshow Wrestling and many more. He has also won several titles throughout his career. He also has a connection to Jim Cornette so we'll have to see if he has any stories about him.

    Steve, Katie and Sean will be ready for your questions via chat, Skype or phone at 347-850-8033. We hope you will enjoy our show.

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    EWA Radio Proudly Welcomes PWR SLAM! #98 Featuring C. Red & ???

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    It’s midweek and time for your weekly dose of PWR SLAM! Tonight is a rather special night for Steve as one of the people involved in his last match will be our special guest tonight. During the week Sean Young is your average guy. He’s a Chicago schoolteacher, parent and helps his elderly Mom take care of herself. However, on the weekends, he becomes the flamboyant, boisterous sartorially resplendent manager and occasionally wrestler known as CRed. Why is he known as CRed? You’ll find out tonight. CRed has been a mainstay on the Chicago wrestling scene for many years. Starting with Windy City Pro Wrestling and its offshoot, Urban American Pro Wresting, he eventually went out on his own along with his cohorts, Acid Jaz, Willie Da Bomb Richardson and Marshe Rockett. They have appeared in a number of promotions, including Chikara where they have appeared in their King Of Trios tournament. We’ll talk to him about how wrestling has changed, including the Chicago scene, working for Chikara and other promotions and his take on how blacks are used in wrestling.  We invite you to ask your questions either in chat, by using Skype or by calling us at 347-850-8033. As always, calls are screened and questions will be allowed based on content and time.

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    EWA Network Presents PWR SLAM! Episode 100

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    Who would have thought we would reach this milestone? Tonight we celebrate our ONE HUNDRETH EPISODE! While we've had our ups and downs it's been through the dedication of not just our hosts, but you, our listeners, that we have kept this going.

    Tonight we are bringing back our Spotlight and welcoming back our friends from PWA in Springfield, Il. They have another great event planned for central Illinois this weekend that they will talk about. We are very happy to have them back with us.

    We don't completely know who may join us however, we do have two people who are slated to join us;

    2 Cold Scorpio has been a household name in this business since the 1980s. Debuting as Ron Simmons partner on a WCW "Clash Of The Champions", the man who brought the Hayabusa 450 splash to the U.S. was a mainstay for WCW and ECW and spent some time in the WWF in the early days of its national expansion under the name Flash Funk. 

    What can we say about Kenny "Starmaker" Bolin that hasn't already been said, probably by him? Kenny is always one of our most popular guests and has no problem speaking his mind about the state of the business which we know all of you love. This is also a special occaision as this is Kenny's birthday. We're not saying he's old, but you've heard Katie tell Steve he went to high school with Moses, Kenny graduated with the prophet Isaiah! 

    We love for you, our fans, to take part in the celebation. Just ask your questions in our chat, Skype us or call in at 347-850-8033. Thanks for making the first 99 episodes fun, we hope you'll stay with us for the next 100!

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    Prosperity Wrestling Radio Presents PWR SLAM!-Ladies Night

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    Not only is it 4/20 (did you leave cookies and buds for Santa Snoop last night) but it’s also our monthly Ladies Night. We have some great guests lined up for you tonight.

    We start out with our spotlight, which will be a mixed bag. Covey Pro Wrestling out of Berkeley Springs, WV, are having a two-night blowout before they close their doors forever. All Or Nothing 10 will be this Friday and Saturday. We’ll talk about the show and why the promotion is shutting its doors.

    Next, it’s the ladies, and we have a couple of winners. Hixson, Tn. is where Sheena Lane was born. As a youngster she was planning on becoming a drag racer. One night in Georgia changed that. As Rock-n-Roll Rock-C she is tearing up Tennessee and the South.

    If Kyoko Nakamura, also known as Fallen Flower Kyoko reminds you of someone don’t be surprised. This native Californian bears a strong resemblance to Japanese Superstar Bull Nakano. She’s also just as tough as Nakano and has been across the ring from some of our past guests.                         

    We welcome your questions via chat, Skype or at (347) 850-8033. Join Sean, Steve and Katie tonight.