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    How to Eat at Restaurants When You're GF -- The Gluten Free Voice with Jules

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    Gluten-free expert, author, coach and advocate Jules Shepard hosts a weekly show offering news, interviews with intriguing guests, gluten-free baking tips and otherwise lively conversation.

    The ever popular conversation about how to eat out with gluten and other food sensitivities is the topic of this week's show. Joining Jules are two gluten-free dining gurus to discuss how to eat out safely.

    Jennifer Harris (gfgotoguide.com and @gfgotoguide) works as a consultant to restaurants wanting to offer gluten-free dishes to their diners. Jennifer is also the Atlanta Gluten Free Food Examiner and has worked as a chef in a corporate kitchen and a gluten-free buyer for a health food store. A gluten-free diner herself, Jennifer brings many perspectives to dining out, gluten free.

    Sandi Gaertner (fearlessdining.com @fearlessdining) is a Bay area consumer dining advocate. She and her family share in a gluten-free lifestyle which she blogs about. She has also compiled a database of over 500 Bay Area restaurants which highlights what the restaurants do to practice safe gluten handling practices.

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    re-record conscious gf

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    rerecord per above.

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  • jurassic park movies

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    on world finest where going talk about the most famous movies of all time. cause in june jurassic world comes out. so where going be talk about the first 3 movies and how this new one going tie in with first 3. and where it picking up after what happen in the other ones. but every time i watch the first one i gives me chills and tears. with the second one i just keep cracking up with jeff lines. and third one i am glad they brought back dr gant and his former gf. but it went off track to me. now with the 4th one it seems there back on track with this one. so call in and tell us what was your favorite one and gives us your ideas on the 4th one and who is chris aka star lord might be playing in the 4th one.

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    Yute Vybz

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    On Yute Vybz tonight our young people react to the alleged marriage proposal in the Transport Centre.

    And in Yute Trendz this week we want to know ‘What would you do if your bf/gf proposed to you in the middle of the HWT Transport Centre?’

    We of course have Yute Spotlight, this week we’ll be joined by internet sensation Eli Di Viner! You don’t wanna miss that.

    Yute Vybz is live tonight at 8pm

  • Author Beth Hillson on The Gluten Free Voice with Jules Shepard

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    Gluten-free expert, author, coach and advocate Jules Shepard hosts a weekly show offering news, interviews with intriguing guests, gluten-free baking tips and otherwise lively conversation.

    Friend, mentor and colleague at Gluten Free & More Magazine, author Beth Hillson is one of the gluten-free greats. Beth returns to the show as Jules' guest again this week to talk about gluten-free holiday baking and Beth's new book, The Complete Guide to Living Well Gluten Free. Beth has been living with celiac for more than thirty-five years and raised a child with it, and in her newest book, she shares her hard-learned tips for surviving happily while living GF. Jules and Beth will talk Hanukkah and Christmas treats, recipe advice and of course, cookies!

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    Episode 23


    A Radio Talk show about Love, Sex, Relationships, & Serious Topics no other would dare to touch. Tune Every Sunday from 7-9pm with your host Ladie Roc & Michelle Kiyoko. Post your questions & your experiences at the following: IG: @thebottomline845; FB: thebottomline845; Twitter: @bottomline845 or you can e-mail us @ thebottomline845@gmail.com!


    Today We will be having some of the members from the band "The Year Off" and B-Love aka Bryan, tattoo model, coming in. We are going to talk about the upcoming performances for "The Year Off" and the special feature B-Love just got with new Tattoo magazines. Also will be talking about the funny things that happen when you bring your new bf/gf around the family for the first time. The holidays are near .... Is your new love interest inviting you to meet the family or nah lol.


    Call in during Live hrs @ (602) 753-1767


    & Thats The Bottom Line

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    Episode 3

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    Adderall uses for tests

    is it ok to use it for those purposes 

    Dead beat dads

    Are there justifications for it?


    Everyone lies but what's too much?

    Relationships and loyalty

    Everyone knows this is the foundation of building a relationship, but why is it so hard?

    One night stand… gf material?

    How to know if your in the friend zone

    Our best pick up line

    When we pick up a girl how do we approach them.

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years

    AP beating his kids, discipline or abuse

    What we like in females 

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    The Big Brother Report w/ AJ Burman, Derrick's Wife Jana & Donny's GF Kristine

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    Welcome everyone to The Big Brother Report. Just because Big Brother ends on TV doesn't mean the fun has to end. Every Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday Night join us after Big Brother goes off the air for the Big Brother Report. Hosted by Cammy, Shady, The BB Fan Panel, BB Alumni, Get Real LoL, TBBR & the Fans! Come join this one of a kind show that will add to your Big Brother Experience all season long!

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