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    Announcing the Winners of the GF Cookie Swap! The Gluten Free Voice with Jules

    in Food

    Each year cookie baking hopefuls from around the country compete in the Gluten Free Cookie Swap. The winners are chosen after the top 10 cookies compete in a taste-off. The winners will be announced here!

    To review the hundreds of dollars in fantastic prizes up for grabs, go here: http://gfjules.com/cookie-swap/.
    To view the cookie recipes submitted to the Gluten Free Cookie Swap, go to Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GlutenFreeCookieSwap/ or Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/gfJules/2015-gluten-free-cookie-swap/.

    Many many thanks to our sponsors of this year's Gluten Free Cookie Swap:  Zojiurushi, Cuisinart, Silpat, Le Creuset, Pascha Chocolate, Earth Balance, Enjoy Life Foods and my company, gfJules.

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    A Yummy GF Thanksgiving, with guest author Colette Martin--The Gluten Free Voice

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    Preparing for Thanksgiving when you're gluten free can seem daunting. Gluten free expert Jules Shepard & her special guest, gluten free author and food allergy expert Colette Martin will take the stress out of it for you!

    Jules has written the book on how to have a safe and tasty gluten-free Thanksgiving (ok, technically it was an e-book), and she and Colette have both published cookbooks full of delicious gluten free recipes to make this holiday as delicious and special as it should be. Join these accomplished gluten free bakers as they tackle your gluten free and food allergy fears and help you to enjoy a worry-free holiday centered on family and friends ... and of course great food.

    Colette Martin's first book, Learning to Bake Allergen-Free: A Crash Course for Busy Parents on Baking without Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Soy or Nuts (The Experiment, June 2012) features detailed explanations, methods, and crash courses to take both experienced and inexperienced home bakers into the world of baking with alternative ingredients. Her newly-published second book, The Allergy-Free Pantry: Make Your Own Staples, Snacks, and More without Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Soy or Nuts (The Experiment, September 2014) features classic treats and pantry staples that can be made easily and affordably at home. Read more about her titles here.

    To read more about Jules' cookbooks, her highly acclaimed book, The First Year: Celiac Disease and Living Gluten Free, and her many e-books (among them her Gluten Free Thanksgiving e-book) hop to her site here.


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    Queens Talk Radio Episode 20

    in Entertainment

    Why is it that once you've gotten into a relationship with a new person that the mother or father of the child attempts to cause drama in the relationship? Do they hate that you've moved on? What's your suggestion on resolving this? Should the BF/GF step in and talk it out with the other?

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    Straight From The Hip We're Talking Football

    in Sports

    Play Book Talk Radio presents STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP with Coach Gerald "Boo" Mitchell. 

    Play Book Talk Radio presents STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP with Coach Gerald "Boo" Mitchell.  

    Due to the in-climate weather, Coach and Jay will not have a guest as they risk life and limb to get to the studio at GF PRO to do the show!  THE SHOW MUST GO ON!  We need YOU, the listeners, to CALL IN with your questions and comments for the show this evening!  As usual, Coach Boo will have his DAILY RANT early on in the show, so TUNE IN EARLY so that you do NOT miss it!!!

    Call in to listen to and/or participate in the show by dialing 347-850-8025 or join us LIVE on TWITTER @PlayBookAthlete.  WEDNESDAY NIGHT, JANUARY 20, 2016 at 8:00 PM

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    Bill Martinez Live-America´s favorite Mexican who loves Old Glory First

    in Politics

    Michael Daugherty-is author of Devil Inside the Beltway & President & CEO of LabMD, The book describes his experience as he personally witnessed a government power grab and intimidation that, if not for the fact that it is all real, would make for an a brilliant novel.

    Alex Kincaid-"Second Amendment Guru" is founder of Alex Kincaid Law whose specialty is firearms law. .

    GF Watkins-Author of the The Alpha Male and the Women Who Get Them. Think Gen. George Patton, John Wayne, Coach Vince Lombardi, Teddy Roosevelt, Moses & Noah.Men, every man has a level of Alpha Male in him.

    Bob Beauprez-former dairy farmer & former congressman of Colorado's 7th congressional district. 

    Tom Borelli-Contributor with Conservative Review ?& frequent guest on ?O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, Glenn Beck?, ?and Fox and Friends.

    Caleb Kaltenbach-Author of Messy Grace: How a Pastor with Two Gay Parents Learned How to Love Those Who are Different Without Sacrificing Conviction. When he was in high school, he joined a Bible study to learn how to disprove the Bible, but ended up following Jesus instead. Currently Lead Pastor, Discovery Church.

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    The Problem With Hillary, Reality TV Politics? McConnell's Omnibus Giveaway

    in Politics

    Ed Klein-“UNLIKEABLE: The Problem With Hillary”- New York Times bestselling author Ed Klein exposes how Hillary Clinton’s arrogant, nasty, untrustworthy, and calculating character could derail her bid for the White House.  

    Julianne Thompson-Has 2016 Become The Year of Reality TV Politics?  The founder of the Free America Project , an organization to mobilize the grassroots and build coalitions to keep the focus on victory next November, asks the question.

    Tom Borelli-McConnell’s Omnibus Environmental Surrender & betrayal of coal miners. Dr Borelli is a contributor with Conservative Review and is an authority on energy policy and crony capitalism.

    GF Watkins-The founder and Senior Pastor of Powerhouse Church and Jordan Ranch Leadership Retreat in Katy, Texas talks about his latest book, "The Alpha Male And The Women Who Get Them." 

    Dr Michelle Brody-This experienced couples therapist uses clever illustrations to show couples 'the big picture' of those patterns and proven strategies to help break the cycle to build a healthier, more lasting relationship. All part of her new book, Stop the Fight!

    Marie Armenia-"How To Make A Meatball - Recipes for Living My Mother Taught Me." Meet Molly Bruno - the woman The Kendrick Brothers refer to as "the real Miss Clara." 

    Phil Hotsenpiller-Senior Pastor & Co-founder of Influence Church in Anaheim Hills, CA says God's promises must be tested.

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    The ThinIce Show - Rare UFO/Alien/Demons Edition - Taking Calls = More

    in Hip Hop Music

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    VOC Wrestling Nation

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    This week King & CHris discuss the WWE World Title Tourney, The Brothers Of Destruction vs the Wyatts, Ronda Rousey's Lube shaming & her as your crazy ex gf, caller Rob walks down memory lane in the Northeast indies, Sasha Banks expresses displeasure with the way she is being used,  Austin's reply to being beer shamed by Goldberg, ROH & TNA Impact ratings, The Boogeyman gets a Legends contract, Angle VS Shamrock in MMA?, & The Young Bucks ROH contract details.

    Wrestling talk: WWE, Ring Of Honor, Global Force Wrestling, TNA, Lucha Underground. If there's a 3 count we are on it. 

     Follow VOC Nation @vocnation Visit VOC Nation on the web at http://vocnation.com, simulcast on http://thebradyhicks.com The VOC Nation Radio Network traces its roots back to 2009 in suburban Philadelphia. Bruce Wirt took over the afternoon shift on the Voice America Health and Wellness Network and proclaimed himself, “your new ‘Voice of Choice’ in afternoon radio.” The V-O-C in VOC Nation was born. Over the next 3 years, Wirt took his act to Philadelphia radio, eventually settling in at independently owned WNJC 1360AM. The VOC Nation Radio Network spun away from WNJC in October 2012 and took to the “cloud”, using their solid fan base to instantly become one of the most listened to mediums on the Internet. In 2014, VOC Nation merged with Brady Hicks' IN THE ROOM Internet Radio Network, giving the combined medium over 50,000 monthly listeners. VOC Nation Radio streams live programming 7 days a week. VOC Nation has nearly 100,000 twitter followers and has consistently ranked in the top 1% of downloadable podcasts as ranked by Podomatic, and in the top 5% of live streaming programming as ranked by Stitcher Internet Radio. Considered "The Mothership" of VOC Nation VOC Wrestling Nation is now hosted by @KingDavidLane & @ChrisBest99.

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    Gluten Free Halloween Treats: guest Alison St. Sure with Jules-Gluten Free Voice

    in Food

    Gluten-free expert, author, coach and celiac advocate Jules Shepard hosts The Gluten Free Voice radio show offering news, interviews with intriguing guests, gluten-free baking tips & otherwise lively conversation.

    This week Jules highlights gluten-free Halloween treats that will bring a smile to any child's face! She'll also introduce you to Alison St. Sure, celiac blogger & food allergy mom who annually publishes the list of GF/Allergy-Friendly Halloween goodies that Jules trusts most. Alison will share tips for contacting food manufacturers about ingredients & contamination, & her tips for a safe & tasty Halloween! (Link to Alison's 2015 list here: http://surefoodsliving.com/2015/10/halloween-candy-ingredient-guide-2015-for-gluten-food-allergies/) 

    Alison will share how she adapts her family's food to be not only gluten-free, but also dairy, soy, egg & nut-free. Alison documents her family's food adventures on her blog, SureFoodsLiving.com, which was one of the first gluten-free blogs. In addition to writing,