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    GetAtMeItsTheBusiness Why are spending half a Mill to make people spend $1.29

    in Hip Hop Music

    The music business is ripe with foolishness.  If you take artist, egos, slick people and opportunist and put them all in a room, wel you drama is on the way.  At the end of the day it's stil a business..  The problem is that when you put people's dream and business in the same package usually someone gets distracted and money is either lost or stolen..  Tonight I discuss why are we having to spend so much money to get people to buy.  I mean it's not like their spending $300.00 on a ipad or iphone (which they line up to buy).  Or a pair of Jordans (oh their's that line again), call in tonite (347) 826-7743 and join the discussion

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    GetAtMe ItsTheBusiness HipHop didn't fire you, you fired you

    in Hip Hop Music

    Hip Hop and the music business is a constantly changing industry.  Over the years artist and industry execs alike have either adjusted to those changes or they were replaced.  New music changes about every 4 to 5 years, the fans change and so do the music.  Tonight's show is how some didn't change with the times and therefore they were left out..  The new market came into play and certain artist were playing by yesterdays playbook.  Come join us as we explore this topic (by the currently a change is in place.)  Call in at (347) 826-7743.

    Tonight's NowYouKnow Mojo's "Jump Stomp & Twist