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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with She Writes Press Author Irene Allison

    in Writing

    So excited to welcome to the #courageous #living podcast, She Writes Press author, Irene Allison of the upcoming non-fiction book, Stay, Breathe with Me. We'll be talking about the theme of courage as it relates to her work and upcoming book, Stay, Breathe with Me. 

    As she writes over at the She Writes blog, "it takes courage to share your writing with the world because everyone has something to say, sometimes in ways that nurture, sometimes in ways that scorch."

    Serious, incurable illness is a drama of body, mind, and soul where symptoms and suffering cannot be separated from the person who is ill. Yet that is what happens in our modern medical system, a system so focused on technology and cure, it loses sight of the person behind the illness. The result is cruel and needless suffering. In Stay, Breathe with Me, the authors make the argument that it’s time to revive the art of care. If we fully embrace the human side of illness, if we remove the false barriers separating caregivers from the seriously ill, we can meet in that space of shared humanity and universal human needs.

    This is the space of heart and compassion, where healing hands can be guided by the wisdom of the patient and where suffering can be eased. Informed by the voices of the seriously ill, their families, and the lifelong experience of a pioneer in palliative care, Stay, Breathe with Me illustrates how to bring heart back into healthcare and compassion for those who need it most.

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with She Writes Press Author Patti Clark

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    Patti Clark's new non-fiction book This Way Up: Seven Ways for Unleashing Your Creative Self and Transforming Your Life is just as dynamic and courageous as her publishing journey which required a ton of courage!

    We're going to have a blast really digging into that moment of courage that changed Patti's writing and publishing journey and ultimately her life.

    This Way Up: Seven Tools for Releasing Your Creative Self and Transforming Your Life


    This Way Up is a story of healing for women who yearn to lead a fuller life, accompanied by a workbook designed to help readers work through personal challenges, discover new inspiration, and harness their creative power...

    Women spend so much of life nurturing and giving to others that when they find themselves alone—because of an empty nest, the end of a marriage, or the death of a partner—they often struggle with feeling purposeless.This Way Up provides a step-by-step way out of this sense of loss and into a life filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and joy.

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    Open your Door to Success on the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    Jesus said in his word, Behold I stand at the door and knock, Open the door, hear the knock, be there.  don't miss your blessing.  Don't shut the door,  Don't ignore the voice.  He is calling for you for your ministr.  You have the power to open the door and do a work for the Lord.  He has come thaat you might have life and more abundant life.  Get up and open the door.  Get up and tune in to the Voice of Joy,  Open your blessing today.  Your best is released today.    Something good is about to happen if you will open the door.  Our guest speaker for today is Rev Bohall and his message is Open the Door.

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with She Writes Press Author Garinè Isassi

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    Garinè Isassi's debut novel Start with the Backbeat, is about being true to yourself while stepping out of the stereotype that others might put you. It takes courage sometimes just to be yourself, when others try to pigeonhole you into something. We'll be talking about these stereotypes and the courage it takes to stand up to them. 

    We'll also talk about... get this ...one of my favorite topics around courage... the courage to stay the creative track when everyone around you think you're just wasting your time writing especially when you are not making a buck from it. Garinè Isassi calls it 'under-the-radar courage.' Come and hang out with us creative and courageous people!

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Author J.A. Wright

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    In this interview, I'll be interviewing J.A. Wright author of the novel How to Grow an Addict, which mirrors a lot of Wright's life story growing up as full blown drug addict by the time she hit age 26. 

    Listen to this immensely powerful interview with an author who was able to change her attitude and life before drugs took her life way and how she was able to give voice to her compelling story. 





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    Finding Your Financial Voice

    in Finance

    Thank you for listening to Finding Your Financial Voice. I give you financial wisdom each Friday right here.


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    A Chat With Angela Somers - Voice Coach

    in Christianity

    Meet one of the top vocal coaches in the DMV area, Angela Somers... She has worked with artists, songwriters, contestants and more.  Angela has been a successful voice teacher for over 25 years, and is known for her gift of bringing out the best of her students through her unorthodox way of teaching and developing voices. 

    Originally from Norfolk, VA, Angela majored in Music Education with an emphasis in Voice at Norfolk State University.  She received additional training in the arts at Norfolk Academy of the Arts and has performed as a professional singer with the Virginia Opera Association, musical productions, gospel artists and several bands.  She has a passion for singing and developing others in the gift of song. 

    Some of her professional credits include the Drama Instructor for (SEVAA) South Eastern Virginia Arts Association and Musical Director for (CAPAC) Creative and Performing Arts Center.  She has a desire for giving back to the community through the arts. 

    Angela's inspirational and vibrant coaching covers all genres and will concentrate on healthy singing, vocal technique, style, live performing, the audition process, tour preparation and more. She has given master classes and choir workshops to various churches. Based in Northern Virginia (Near Washington, DC), Angela also offers vocal lessons at A2G Music in Woodbridge, VA.

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Lucinda Cross

    in Business

    Research shows that people who have a vision supported by goals are more likely to achieve their goals than those who do not. Lucinda Cross knows what it takes to reach high heights of success and how to navigate this journey with courage. Tune-in for an informative chat with Lucinda on the in-s and outs of what it takes to have the courage to stay the course of faith.

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Author Theo Nestor

    in Writing

    In this episode of Giving Voice to Your Courage, I'll be speaking with Theo Pauline Nestor, author of Writing is my Drink (A Writer's Story of Finding Her Voice and How You Can Too.) about the lessons of courage and how they can be applied to everyday living. 

    Theo Pauline Nestor is the author of Writing Is My Drink: A Writer’s Story of Finding Her Voice (And a Guide to How You Can Too) (Simon & Schuster, 2013) and How to Sleep Alone in a King-Size Bed: A Memoir of Starting Over (Crown, 2008), which was selected by Kirkus Reviews as a 2008 Top Pick for Reading Groups and as a Target “Breakout Book.” She holds and MA in English Literature from San Francisco State University and an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from the University of Washington. Nestor also produces events for writers such as the Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat, Bird by Bird & Beyond, and the Black Mesa Writers’ Intensive, featuring talks by literary leaders such as Anne Lamott, Cheryl Strayed, Julia Cameron, and Natalie Goldberg.

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Ernie Boxall

    in Writing

    In this episode of Giving Voice to Your Courage, I'll be interviewing Ernie Boxall who is penning his book about his visit to Israel. We'll be discussing some of the lessons of courage he experienced and how they've transformed him as well as impacted his ability to live courageously and what it means for writing a memoir. 

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    “Get Your, It Together!” presents ADAMA, Heraldess of The Eternal

    in Spirituality

    Let’s welcome ADAMA, Heraldess of The Eternal on “Get Your, It Together!” live on April 2, 2016 @ 10:00am est. / 9:00am cst. She will be speaking to issues of salvation, deliverance, liberation and resurrection in the here & now! ADAMA is an Inspirational Lifestyle Change and Holistic Wellness Consultant, that consciously works towards the total integration and resurrection of the whole being through physical, mental, and spiritual consultation, counseling, and readings. She provides practical support with cellular cleansing, renewal and regeneration with reversing disease using Mother Earth’s Blessings, Health & Beauty Products.  ADAMA, hosts a monthly forum entitled “Step In To More of Your POWER” empowerment session, every 3rd Sunday in Decatur, GA. The next installment will be on 4-17-16, beginning at 3:pm est. ADAMA is a radio talk show host, and producer for more than 16 years with the production of “The Meeting of the Inner Circle,” on WRFG 89.3 FM (www.wrfg.org ) Atlanta, Mondays midnight to 6:am and Thursdays midnight to 3:am est. This program offers inspirational, motivational, life-supporting, life transforming, informational messaging with music. Contact her, 678-760-9299, www.AdamaSpeaks.com or adamaspeaks@gmail..com . As we affirm that we’re all activated seeds of consciousness, continually animated by The Divine Spirit of ALL That Is! 773-897-6555 & press 1 & to listen www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit .