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  • Get Real! with Mark and Kally - Six Foundational Steps to Healing Your Body

    in Health

    Naturopathic medicine is an approach to health, wellness and healing that recognizes the amazing whole body.  It treats the whole person.  Naturopathy supports the body to do it's job, it treats the whole person.  Wellness and prevention are the keys; while disease is treated through stimulation, enhancement and support.  Treatments are chosen to support a person's vital energy with respect to the natural healing process.

    There are many different healing modalities that fall in this catagory and include things you can do at home like nutrition, meditation and exercise to acupuncture and herbal medicine that you may want to consult with someone about.  The 6 fundamental principles are:  1) Health power of nature, 2) Identify and treat the cause, 3) Do no harm, 4) Treat the whole person, 5) The physician is a teacher (or should be) and 6) Prevention is the best cure.

    Join us to find out simple things you can do and to get a better understanding of Hippocrate's real medicine.

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    Author | Certified Fitness Trainer | Motivational Speaker Pamela M. Turner is a highly respected fitness professional and an expert on showing people how to have fun and get moving! Pamela is the owner and president of TurneRound Fitness, LLC, and certified by ISSA. She educates and motivates her clients through her unique style of coaching. Pamela is dedicated to promoting health and fitness to people of all ages. She is one of the most sought after personal trainers in the Tri-State area. Ms. Turner is a workingwoman and entrepreneur who thrive by meeting the needs of her TurneRound Fitness, LLC Clients. Experienced and goal-oriented for herself and her clients, Pamela offers custom training regimens for a diverse client base. "

    ABOUT THE BOOK In her inspiring new devotional, GET YOUR LIFE BACK, Certified Fitness Trainer Pamela M. Turner provides you with a resource to push, pray and praise your way through everyday obstacles you face as you pursue living healthy. Each day's devotion was designed to encourage you to stand firmly on God’s word trusting and believing that whatever you face He is there to help you. Pamela provides a practical way to raise health consciousness through prayer and supplication. God's called you to treat your body as His temple and to trust in him in your time of trouble. We have to believe and apply His Word in everything we do. Living healthy will not happen if we don’t put in the work – So where do you begin? You have to start changing your mindset and the rest will follow. We all need help making healthy choices, overcoming what’s impeding our progress and keep a willing attitude to move forward. Using this devotional, readers will be equipped to pray, push and praise GOD for the breakthroughs they will encounter along the way. Let’s begin this journey.



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    Get Your Body Into Balance Ageless Essentials

    in Health

    Isagenix home business opportunity offers not just wealth but health too. Ageless Essentials™ with Product B® IsaGenesis® is a foundational product for your best health, wealth and longevity. The more people with whom you share the Isagenix business opportunity and the Isagenix Ageless Essentials with Product B, the healthier and wealthier you’ll become.  The Isagenix Ageless Essentials™ with Product B® IsaGenesis 30-day health wealth system includes superior healthy aging and whole-body nutritional support. Featuring 4th generation Product B for greater cellular and telomere support, a full spectrum of vitamins, two mineral sources, diverse and balanced omega-3-6-9s and antioxidants for complete whole body nourishment.

    These efficacious natural plant derived science based ingredients:

    • Target the root causes of accelerated aging

    • Combats aging at the cellular level*

    • Specifically formulated for men or women

    • Provides nutritional support for total-body health*

    • Easy-to-use A.M. and P.M. to go packets

    Twenty Seven Scientist aren't wrong.





    Thanks you,

    Michael & Theresa Rothberg



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    Get unstuck and make your dreams your reality

    in Women

    Today's guest Nicole Zaagman is the creator of the Discovering Your Brand Story® Program, founder of LUX CHIX™ and host of the LUX CHIX™ Radio Show. When she experienced a health crisis in her early twenties, she was left feeling alone embarrassed and no longer beautiful. She set out not only to heal herself but to discover what she was here to do. Her mission is to help women discover their special gift and impact the world in a bigger way. The majority of NICOLE’s work is focused on women in empty nest transition, asking: "who am I?", "what's next in my life?" and "what is my purpose?" LUX CHIX focuses on sharing products, luxury events, and programs that help women end their frustrations and discover their purpose.   www.LUXCHIX.com

    Your host Antiqua Lisha is a visibility coach and founder/CEO of Your Own University a business where women help women live powerfully.  She works with coaches and thought leaders who have shows and lead workshops at Your Own University to create, market and launch an empowering vision to the world.  She works with entrepreneurs, visionaries and rebels who are ready to see themselves and share their message to be seen by a global audience. As the 2011 America’s Premier Expert in Self-Care, weekly host of SHINE radio a  bestselling author and  regular contributor to many magazines, speaker and coach. Her unique program Rising Star Master Plan is her system to take you from letting your past rule you, to letting it serve you and that you can take all the way to the bank.

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    Get Your Body Into Balance for the New Year 2015

    in Health

    Host Michael and Theresa discuss Isagenix CBS system of wellness.

    Cleanse (whole body cleansing)

    Balance (balancing your organs, hormones and mitochondria)

    Support (nature sleep and healthy immune function) 

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    Get Your, It Together! presents Dr. Delbert Blair, author of "The World Within."

    in Spirituality

    Please welcome back Dr. Delbert Blair to “Get Your, It Together!”4 YIN Energy Saturday, 9-19-15 @ 10:am est. Hosted by GodIs L aka and REVELATION aka. Master teacher, scholar, and prolific historian was born a psychic. World renowned iconic elder, master teacher, lecturer, researcher, engineer and metaphysical guru will inspire us with his pearls of wisdom. He has written a new book, “The World Within.” This latest installation of journeying through the mind, body and spirit, will explore the dynamics of the various levels of vibrational resonance. His impressive body of work spans many decades and can be viewed on the many DVD's, CD’s over 200 forums and a plethora of YouTube videos chronicling his evolutionary development over time, shown the world over. He asserts that ELF (Extra Low Frequency) waves emanating from electronic devices and the mind altering chemical trails, inhibits one's abilities to head the inner call succinctly. He can now be reached at 888-969-6465 & web site, www.themetacenter2.com is full of products, services and holistic substances geared toward enlightenment spiritual growth, health and all forms of healing the whole being, heart, body and mind. He also, host a radio show forum every Tuesday night from 7:p - 9:p cst., and to call in 605-562-3140, code 255792. This widely acclaimed historian will challenge our current paradigm of consciousness, so we encourage your questions and/or comments by pressing # 1 on your key pad. Remember, we’re all activated seeds of consciousness, animated by The Spirit of The ALL That Is! So, let’s all embrace and activate our Spiritual Conscious Awareness in the here and now! Call 773-897-6555, www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit



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    Get Real! with Mark and Kally - The Key to Good Health is in Your Gut

    in Health

    One of the keys for good health is a healthy digestive system.  Digestive complaints cost Americans $50 billion each year in medical bills and absence from work.  It is fairly easy to correct.  Tune in and find out how.  Most people, including doctors, don't know that digestive problems can lead to allergies, autoimmune diseases, depression, fatigue, and even ADHD.  Your digestive tract is THE KEY to whole body health.  It is the first place I start when working with people.

    You'll learn why one of the top OTC and prescription medication is interferring with your bodies ability to digest and absorb nutrients and doesn't really solve the problem your taking it for in the first place. 

    Check out our website at www.wellnessandtoys.com.  You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.  Keep up with our show and tell us what you think on our FaceBook group page.

    Photo Credit:  Stuart Miles, dream designs, marin, and David Castillo Dominic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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    How to Really Get Publicity For Your Business

    in Business

    Denise Griffitts interviews digital marketing strategist Susan Baroncini Moe.

    Award-winning digital marketing strategist Susan Baroncini-Moe is the author of the bestselling book, Business in Blue Jeans: How to Have a Successful Business on Your Own Terms, in Your Own Style.

    She is an executive coach and a marketing consultant with over a decade and half of experience working in the trenches of digital marketing.

    Susan and her businesses have been featured in Redbook Magazine, USA Today, MSN Living, Investor’s Business Daily, Yahoo Finance, the Indianapolis Star, the Chicago Tribune, and American Express Open Forum. She has appeared on ABC, and in 2012, she broke the Guinness World Records® title for the longest uninterrupted live video webcast.

    Visit Business in Blue Jeans here.

    Please join us in the chat room as we broadcast live and you will also be able to listen to the episode on demand after the broadcast is finished, as well as find us in iTunes.

    Susan is going to discuss:

    How to get publicity (easiest ways, choosing a query, positioning, fitting into a story)

    How to handle the media when you do get a story (do's and don'ts)

    How to create a blog post that includes sources (one great way to build traffic and why that's the case)

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    Are You Ready To Get Your Influence On?! - Get Your KII®

    in Business

    The Building Your Xtra-Ordinary Business Radio Program!

    Are You Ready To Get Your Influence On?! - Get Your KII®

    My guest this Wednesday is Dr. Karen Keller, who is author and creator of the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®). She is a clinical psychologist and Master Certified Coach specializing in influence and human behavior. Dr. Keller develops programs, materials and resources relating to the Art of Influence. Her latest influence report, SOCR®, incorporates a person’s Seven Influence Traits® as related to 5 Organizational Competencies.  Dr. Keller speaks to groups around the globe about the impact of influence in business and relationships. Some of her clients are American Express, PepsiCo, Pizza Hut, Lear, and Wabash National.

    The Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®) is the first influence assessment designed to help people understand the exact influence traits it takes in order to create the change they want to see, both in their personal and professional lives. The KII® is a scientifically, validated assessment that accurately measures a person’s capacity to be influential. Once a person takes the KII® they receive a 50 page report that offers scores and goes into detail about these 7 traits: confidence, commitment, courage, passion, empowering, trustworthiness and likeability. It provides an overall score called your K-Factor® is a benchmark of where the person currently exists with regard to each of these traits.

    Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 7:00 pm EST. Find Out The Reasons Why You Must Become Your Most Influential Self - Dont Miss This Second Show!

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    Get Out of Your Own Way w/Rashida Gaye

    in Self Help

    Her name is Rashida Gaye and she lives to EMPOWER YOU!

    As a child Rashida Gaye, who was raised in the inner city of Philadelphia, felt like she had no control over her life. She said she felt like things just happened to her. All the people around her were living in poverty, misery and making dysfunctional choices. She internalized the madness and struggled with crushing insecurities and low self-esteem in her twenties and thirties.

    Rashida said, "No amount of money, unhealthy relationships, clothing, fancy cars, or other stuff could give me the lasting happiness that I so craved." And then something happened that changed EVERYTHING. Rashida, now a certified NLP life coach, registered clinical hypnotherapist, reiki practitioner and a happy wife and mother, is now living the abundant life and is passionately teaching others how they too can change their beliefs, get out of their own way and live the life of their wildest dreams.  

    Tune in to She Struts Radio on Thursday, September 24, 2015, 6:30pm ET/5:30pm CT to find out how you can Get Out of Your Own Way and start living the life you desire and deserve. Bring your comments and questions. Please follow SSR. 

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    Evolution FEST: Cut the Karma and Get On With Your Destiny

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and co-host Erin Diedling share their insights on Evolution FEST: Cut the Karma and Get On With Your Destiny

    Tuesday, May 5th  10am PST

    Erin Diedling, M.Ed., is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor based in Chicago where she is Director of Trauma Treatment at the Awakening Center. She specializes in treating trauma, eating disorders, couples counseling, artists and performers. She completed a three-year training in Somatic Experience Trauma Healing techniques. In addition, Erin is an intuitive reader, healer, body worker and spiritual coach.