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    WE believe the while socialism will not wipe out racism completely, a foundation will be laid.  When we change the structure of bourgeoisie society; when we transform the structure into  a socialist society, then we’er one step toward changing attic;uses.  The people then will have control of the mass media, radio, television, newspapers, and there are part of the mechanisms the shape attitudes. We know that the concept of cultural lag will probably run true to form.  While the structure changes the attitudes will lag behind because values take some time to change.  But we say that the only way to start changing the racist nature of the society is to revolutionize or transform the institutions. So we would like to reiterate our support for the Palestinian people.” Huey P. Newton

    After this the people of the Zionist movement tried to say that the Black Panther Party was anti-Semitic.  This could not be future from the truth as all of the parties Lawyers were Jews.  All the representation and funding for the trials were of African American, Hispanic American, and Jewish American. So the statements the followed us till this day are not true, but our stance is still the same. WE STAND WITH ALL OPPRESSED PEOPLES OF THE WORLD. THERE IS NO ONE MORE OPPRESSED IN THIS WORLD THAN THE BLACK MAN WHERE EVER HE IS. We must side with those people who are suffering as we are and not those who cause their victimization.  The Zionist are not true Jewish peoples and are of no mixed blood but have stolen the name of a people who's religion they practice.  If a person is a Muslim it does not give them the right to say they are Arab unless they can prove it by blood lines.  Tell me can any Zionitst prove to me that their blood is other that White Germanic or  Slavic Blood?  They speek Yidish not Hebrew becuse they are not truly Hebrews and they know this, they learn this language as converts.

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    Runes cause ruin..................

    Many of the letters of the English alphabet come directly from the Germanic Runes which were used for magic and spell casting and for causing 'ruin'.

    Do some of the letters of the English alphabet contain within them a blueprint for the control and possession of our spirits?

    English has Germanic origins and it is likely that the english letters have their roots in the Germanic runes which were used for magic and casting spells.

    Runic divination, "runecasting", is not "fortune telling". Runecasting works deeply with the subconscious. The rune pouch with its runic symbols represents the entire universe. As one poses a question, one's entire conscious and unconscious mind is focused toward that question, so that the runelots selected are not truly random selections, but rather choices made by the subconscious.


  • The Holy Koran - Circle 7 Study Group Part – 7

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    Greetings Beloved Moors.

    This week we will start with Chapter X (10):  Yeshuah Ben Yusef [called Jesus] Speaks on the Unity of Allah and Man to the Hindus.

    Etymology: man (n.) Old English man, mann "human being, person (male or female); brave man, hero; servant, vassal," from Proto-Germanic *manwaz (cognates: Old Saxon, Swedish, Dutch, Old High German man, German Mann, Old Norse maðr, Danish mand, Gothic manna "man"), from PIE root *man- (1) "man" (cognates: Sanskrit manuh, Avestan manu-, Old Church Slavonic mozi, Russian muzh "man, male"). 

    Sometimes connected to root *men- "to think" (see mind)

    Come join us.

    Peace and Love

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    Norse Goddess Magic with: Alice Karlsdóttir

    in Spirituality

    Alice Karlsdóttir has been involved in the Germanic Heathen revival for nearly 40 years, both as a student of Scandinavian and Northern European mythology and folklore and as a practicing Norse Pagan (Asatru). She is a Master in the Rune Gild, an initiatic organization for the teaching and research of runelore and runework, and has been a priestess in several kindreds. She has contributed articles to a number of publications, including Gnosis Magazine, as well as given workshops and presentations on runes, tranceworking, and ritual at various festivals. She lives in Houston, Texas.

    Here websites are: http://mad-alice.blogspot.com/ & http://www.innertraditions.com/Contributor.jmdx?action=displayDetail&id=1919

    For More Soul Talk Episodes: http://www.soultalkradio.org



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    The Helios Biblios Hour: Christianity + Judaism + Islam = New World Order

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    The planetary evolution from pluralistic paganism towards religious oneness began in Egypt in 1350 B.C.

    At this time that an entity known as Akhenaten took power.

    Assuming the throne as Amenhotep IV...this pharaoh changed his name to Akhenaton (reminding one of the name changes carried out by modern-day revolutionaries like ‘Lenin’ or ‘Stalin).

    And ‘Akhenaten’ (like all Illuminati)  WAS a revolutionary.

    He attempted nothing less than the elimination of ancient Egyptian religion and its replacement by the ‘one god religion - “Aten” - the Sun God.”

    (The ‘sun disk’ of Aten as well as sun worship continues to be well represented in Masonic symbolism today) Is it mere coincidence that shortly after Egypt’s failed experiment in monotheism, a monotheistic cult departs Egypt to establish itself elsewhere?Israel, was the first monotheistic nation in history.In the end, the Roman Empire not only adopted Christianity, but spread this new religion of oneness (ultimately by force) throughout the Empire in Europe and the Middle East.Following the fall of the Roman Empire, Christianity was again spread (by force) through the Germanic inheritors of the the religion of oneness, such as Charlemagne and the future Popes of the Vatican.The last of these religions of ‘one’ was Islam in  600 AD.If you step way back and you take a long panoramic look at history, you see the systematic attempt to rid humanity of the many gods and replace them with the One God. the new Islam of the future will have no more to do with true Islam than the Medieval Christianity had to do with original Christianity. The Holy War is , of course, a major preoccupation of the Beast.

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    Activating Compassion Radio - Evolution of Humanity In Astrology

    in Spirituality

    Jesse Interviews Stephen Lewis - Analytic and Financial Astrologer.  Stephen practices a hybrid of modern spiritual and Medieval Judicial astrology based on Germanic and Celtic paganism, Romano-Christianity and Arabic/Islamic Science.  He considers himself a normal guy with an insatiable inquisitiveness; who appreciates the ironic, the contradictory, and the downright bizarre.  He likes to explore metaphysical questions using techniques of occult microscopy and occult macroscopy, the microscope and the telescope. Because myriad infinities exist, both invisible and immense.  He feels that we can understand what is likely to come to be through exploring what has been; while standing in the present.  We will be looking at Stephen's work in Astrology as has surfaced by exploring the writings of different cultures and times.


    Website:  www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com

    Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jesseann.nicholsgeorge

    LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/spiritualadvisorjesse

    Clare Hedin:  www.clarehedin.com

    Shimshai:  www.shimshai.com

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    The English word for “God” has become a source of confusion for Christians since at least the Anglo-Saxon era.  Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary says that the origin of the word ‘god’ comes from a Germanic word ‘gad,’ pronounced as “gohdt.” The following information on the origin of the word ‘god’ will help to understand why we use it in our vernacular.


    GOD - The English word God is identical with the Anglo-Saxon word for “good,” and therefore it is believed that the name God refers to the divine goodness. (See Oehler's Theol. of Old Test.; Strong's and Young's concordances.)  (From New Unger's Bible Dictionary)  (Originally published by Moody Press of Chicago, Illinois.  Copyright (C) 1988.)

    In the Hebrew Old Testament, proper names consist of a single word, a phrase, or a sentence.  These proper names function as one word, whether the breakdown of their component parts consists of a single word, a phrase, or a sentence.  Each word has a very specific meaning and its vocalization is subject to the phonetic laws governing Hebrew as a spoken language, including the accents that govern the word. 

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    The Imperial Church -- Constantine, Part 3 (The History of Christianity #82)

    in Christianity

    Our History of Christianity Scripture verse today is Psalm 37:37 which reads: "Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace."

    Our History of Christianity quote today is from Joseph Addison. He said: "The Christian religion made its way through Paganism, unassisted by the force of human power, and as gentle as the triumphs of light over darkness."

    Today, in the History of Christianity, we are looking at "The Imperial Church - Constantine" (Part 3) from Dr. Justo L. Gonzalez's fine book, The Story of Christianity (Volume 1).

    "It may well have been during his campaign against Licinius that Constantine became aware of the strategic value of Byzantium. That city was at the very edge of Europe, where it almost touched Asia Minor. Thus, it could serve as a bridge between the European and the Asian portions of the empire. Furthermore, if properly fortified, Byzantium would control the Bosporus, through which all shipping had to pass in its way from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. A peace treaty made with Persia several decades earlier was about to expire, and the emperor felt the need to establish his headquarters near the Eastern border. But at the same time the Germanic tribes on the Rhine were always a threat, and therefore it would not be wise for the emperor to settle too far from the West. For all these reasons, Byzantium seemed the ideal location for the new capital. Constantine's choice - for which he took no credit, claiming that he was following instructions from God - proved to be most wise, for the city that he founded would play a strategic role for centuries to come."


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    "Even the stork in the sky Knows her seasons; And the turtledove and the swift and the thrush Observe the time of their migration; But My people do not know The ordinance of the LORD. "How can you say, 'We are wise, And the law of the LORD is with us'? But behold, the lying pen of the scribes Has made it into a lie. "The wise men are put to shame, They are dismayed and caught; Behold, they have rejected the word of the LORD, And what kind of wisdom do they have?…      Jer 8:7-9

    "My people are fools; they do not know me. They are senseless children; they have no understanding. They are skilled in doing evil; they know not how to do good."   Jer 4:22

    A most important and gratifying discovery was made in the beginning of our century. Thanks to the knowledge of Sanscrit, due to English scholars at Calcutta, German philologists, especially M. Bopp, have laid down sure principles, by means of which it is shown that the ancient idioms of Brahmanic India, the different dialects of Persia, the Armenian, many dialects of the Caucasus, the Greek and Latin languages, with their derivatives, the Slavonic, German, and Celtic, form one vast family entirely distinct from the Shemitic group, under the name of Indo-Germanic, or Indo-European.


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    BeauGrchNzunNo(Black Lotus Civilization) B.L.C. Radio and co host Omo Sango

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    Visigothi, Wisigothi, Vesi, Visi, Wesi, or Wisi) were branches of the nomadic tribes of Germanic peoples referred to collectively as the Goths. These tribes flourished and spread during the late Roman Empire in Late Antiquity, or the Migration Period. The Visigoths emerged from earlier Gothic groups (possibly the Thervingi)[3]

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    "Table Talk" Study Hour - Episode 42

    in Education

    Ray Goodwin and Carolyn Yeager read and comment on the June 28-July 3, 1942 lunch and dinner table monologues by the German Leader, as taken down in shorthand by aide Henry Picker. Included in this episode:

    The Danube is a German river that needs be under the control of Germany for the "new Europe" to work;
    The welding together of Europe has not been accomplished by statesmen, but by force of arms;
    Hitler says war is the current inspiration for artists, and questions the value of the academies for art training;
    Responsibility of the family for individual members' bad behavior - Japanese are a model;
    A warning about half-castes, that Germany cannot afford to burden its blood-stream with foreign elements;
    Collapse of British domination in Egypt - Hitler correctly predicts their propaganda will downplay it;
    The fall of Sebastopol brings comments on the Turks and Japanese, who are cunning diplomats;
    Hitler compliments the Habsburg monarchy for upholding the Pan-Germanic ideal, and calls Jean d'Arc a great heroine in the cause for freedom.
    As predicted, Britain writes off the loss of Egypt, saying it's a bigger difficulty for the German High Command than for themselves;
    Churchill survives a censure motion in Parliament.

    The edition of Hitler's Table Talk being used was translated by Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens, published by Enigma Books, New York, and can be found as a pdf here.

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