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    GACfamily Radio - Top Three Headlines and GAC Quiz

    in Paranormal

    GAC Family unite! Karli and Bryan talk about all things Ghost Adventures. From news, games, upcoming events...get your GAC fix here on GAC Family Radio!

    Unfortunately, our gest Dave Richey will not be able to make tonight's episode due to his work schedule. He will let us know when he has a Friday off. To make up for that, Karli and Bryan will still be going over the top three headlines this week, but we will be playing a new game as well....more details on this game when Karli and Bryan go LIVE!

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    GACfamily Radio - Top 3 GAC News, Overland, and Rapid Fire

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    GAC Family unite! Karli and Bryan talk about all things Ghost Adventures. From news, games, upcoming events...get your GAC fix here on GAC Family Radio!

    On this episode, Bryan gives us the top three GAC news going on this week. Then, Karli and Bryan talk about the crazy lockdown that happened last week at the Overland Hotel and Saloon in Pioche, Nevada. Finally, four lucky callers will get the chance to play Karli and Bryan's new game "Rapid Fire"!

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    GACfamily Radio - Top 3 GAC News and Rapid Fire

    in Paranormal

    GAC Family unite! Karli and Bryan talk about all things Ghost Adventures. From news, games, upcoming events...get your GAC fix here on GAC Family Radio!

    On tonight's episode, Karli and Bryan talk about the top 3 news going on in the GAC universe and Karli and Bryan play their new game Rapid Fire with four lucky callers contestants. 

    Karli and Bryan will be taking your questions by calling in and asking them through our NEW Facebook and Twitter pages!

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    Straight from the Hip with Gerald Boo Mitchell

    in Sports

    Play Book Talk Radio presents STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP with Coach Gerald "Boo" Mitchell.  This week's guest will be one of the best QB Coaches and Trainers in the entire country.  He coaches several of the top young QB's in the Metro-Atlanta area including GAC's Davis Mills, Grayson's Chase Brice, and Hillgrove's Harrison Bailey. TONY BALLARD will be our guest in the studio this week.  We will also be talking about the first round of the GHSA Playoffs and look at some of the match-ups around the State for this week!
    Call in to listen to and/or participate in the show by dialing 347-850-8025 or join us LIVE on TWITTER @PlayBookAthlete.  WEDNESDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 11, 2015 at 8:00 PM!

  • Loretta talks to Celebrity CEO PR & Marketing Strategist Jules Wortman

    in Entertainment

    Loretta McNary Live, The Radio Show is the internationally syndicated "go-to" show bringing together some of the world’s greatest visionaries, change agents: best-selling authors, empowerment speakers, leading-edge technology influencers, eco- friendly advocates and educators, world-renowned spiritual leaders, gospel performers, filmmakers, artists, and professionals and lay persons that encourage and support individual and community growth.

    Our guest today is Celebrity Publicist Jules Wortman.

    Jules Wortman serves as president and owner of Wortman Works Media & Marketing based in Nashville, TN. Jules is a veteran public relations and marketing strategist who has developed a number of national campaigns for record labels, brands, developments, authors, music, sports entertainment, special events and many others. She has lead the PR and Artist Development departments at major record labels including Warner Bros. and MCA and Atlantic Records, as well as a top professional wrestling promotion seen in over 100 countries each week. Wortman has served on the board of the Country Music Association (CMA) and has been an active member of Leadership Music Academy of Country Music, The Country Music Association.

    Her clients include or have included lifestyle brands Salt Life and Redneck Riviera, Chevrolet, Country Music Television (CMT), Warner Bros. Records, SouthStar, TNA Entertainment, Third Day, Red Light Management, Big Kenny, gubernatorial candidate in Tennessee, a press secretary for the 2K presidential campaign, Big & Rich, Kid Rock, The GMA Dove Awards, The ACA Awards on Fox, Capitol Records, Sony Music, Time Life Music, Tim McGraw, Deana Carter, Billy Ray Cyrus, The Charlie Daniels Band and many others.

    Jules is a recognized expert in her field, often serving as an expert voice in the media, having been profiled on GAC, CNN and other outlets as an authority on the entertainment space and media relations.

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    Terror Fi Radio-David Omen Owner of The Sharon Tate House as seen on GAC

    in Paranormal

    Join Paranormal Outlaw, Tasha, Melissa, and Michelle as they discuss the paranormal. Tonight's guest is David Omen.  DAVID OMAN (Producer/Creator/Co-Writer) A native of Los Angeles, Oman has been intrigued by the paranormal from his early childhood and has been curious about the Spirit World ever since. In 1999 Oman started helping his father build the house on Cielo Drive, just down the drive from the infamous Sharon Tate Murders aka the Manson Murders – after 2 years of living in the house he created a story based upon his experiences in the home with the activity, titled House at the End of the Drive. He self financed the movie and shot it on location at his home and brought his story to life. Since he moved into the house the activity has been quite apparent so much so that the Oman house has been on seven paranormal reality shows, Ghost Hunters, Dead Famous Live, Searching for Satan, My Ghost Story, in July 2013 he was on History Channel 2 show, Haunted History and SyFy's, Paranormal Witness. February 15th 2014 the season 9 premiere episode of Ghost Adventures aired and it was the highest rated episode to date, it dealt with the investigation at the Oman house. Recently David was on Ghost Adventures After Shocks on March 28 2015. He has also been featured on Larry King Live, EXTRA and TMZ. His house has also been visited by Lisa Williams and James Van Pragh and they have had wild experiences here as well. Recently David has open up his home for private ghost investigation/tours with a paranormal research group to give people the chance to go on a real life ghost hunt just like the shows and your along for the ride of your life investigating one of America's most haunted locations. David said, “I wanted to give a few people the chance to experience a real life Paranormal Investigation like those on TV but we go all out with 14 infrared cameras canvassing the home and my team is made up of seasoned investigators to help out.

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    GAC.... DJ Inferno... Billy Tolley talks to YOU!

    in Paranormal

    GAC's Billy Tolley joins coHost Nina DeSanto and myself for an exciting evening on Renee "LIVE"!The phone lines will be open for you to ask your questions. (909)265-9116 Press 1 to speak with us.  Sunday, October 7th, 9pm EST. Questions from the chat room are asked to be sent in a private chat to Renee, so they may be answered.
    Follow the Renee "LIVE" ParaFamily Team on Twitter...
    @ReneeLIVERadio @EPPS_Nina @MrNY291 @DrSpectre
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    PSHRadio Discuss Apache Junction and Ghost Adventures

    in Hobbies

    Join Sam and Caroline as they Discuss there most 5 Favourite Episodes as well as discuss the Apache Junction Episode as we as some other things about the show would you like your thoughts on this you are more than welcome to ring in or even tweet us @PSHRadio

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    Forrest Gump

    in Marketing

    20 years ago Forrest Gump won the Academy Award for Best Picture. No Twitter, No Facebook, No Selfies. Great ideas often yield great results. 

    For Credit Unions, GAC is the Academy Awards of the Marketplace. So what better time to preview GAC and talk about the big news in the CU Marketplace with superstar guest Sarah Cooke from the CU TImes. Join us for a show that is informative and entertaining. Because your last webinar was not......

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    Qumain Black, East Central, DB - NFL Draft Podcast

    in Football

    A total of 11 East Central University football players have been honored by the Great American Conference for the 2014 season.  Three were named to the All-GAC First Team, two to the Second Team and six to the Honorable Mention Team. One of the players' that landed honorable mention team accolades was sophomore senior Qumain Black.

    Black is a NFL sized defensive back looking to make his impact over the next several months that results with him being in a NFL training camp this summer. Go one-on-one with Black on the College2Pro.com Players' Platform Show. 


  • Demonology Reality: Exorcisms/Deliverance and Demons

    in Paranormal

    Today we will discuss Demonology, Exorcisms and Deliverance and the History of how this all came together.

    Grab a notebook and learn about what it's like being a Demonologist and Deliverance/Exorcist.


    Dr. Jerry Williams