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    Kama Speaks with Jai Ray

    in Entrepreneur

    About Jai

    Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.

    This is the US Army mantra, which Jai Ray’s Dad instilled in him from a young age. Throughout a 22 year Army career, Jai’s dad took his family around the globe. But instead of sheltering them at Post, he immersed them in the language, culture and commerce of their surroundings. In short, they learned to ADAPT.

    While living for five years in Germany, Jai became well-acquainted with self-made men and women who proved that an entrepreneurial worldview is critical to success. Jai adopted this view long before the reality of adulthood crushes most dreams and funnels you into the hum drum dead-end jobs that many are stuck with.

    Jai learned that being your own boss was the fastest way to achieving ultimate freedom:

    Free with your time, money… and freedom from debt.

    For more information, please go to http://www.renewfinancialmap.com/jaison-ray.html

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    Freedom Speaks - Justice for Josiah

    in Education

    Freedom Speaks is a part of the National Network in Action (NNIA), founded by Dr. Jean Kennedy and Dr. Floyd Harris Junior. Author and Activist Anita Wills is the show Host.  The show covers the American Just Us System! Our discussions encompass the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC), Mass Incarcaration, Wrongful Convictions,  Unjustified Police killings,  Gun violence in Inner Cities, and the system of Plea Bargains. It seems like a lot but all of the above mentioned are connected to the Racist Selective System of Just Us, here in America.

    The killing of Antonio Lopez-Guzman by San Jose Police is our episode for today!


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    Kama Speaks with L. David Patterson

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    Tune in as Kama Speaks with L. David Patterson who is running fo city council for the city of Hawthorne. 

    L. David Patterson:

    Current Treasurer of the city of Hawthorne
    Financial Advisor for over 12 years
    Real Estate Broker 
    Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from the University of Southern California 
    Master's Degree in Pyschology from Capella Univeristy

    L. David Patterson is committed to: 

    Fixing the city's budget
    Increase in reveneue
    Economic Development 
    Public Saftey
    Clean Streets

    A little more on L. David Patterson

    A native of Southern California, David has spent the last 15 years in service to his community and fellow man. David has been actively involved in the city of Hawthorne, volunteering his time to such organizations as the Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce, the Hawthorne Economic Development Council, and Hawthorne Teen Center. In November 2013, L. David Patterson became the first African American to be elected City Treasurer of the City of Hawthorne.  David was officially sworn in December 10, 2013....please visit his site http://www.ldavidpatterson.com for the entire bio. 


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    Kama Speaks with Maria Allyne

    in Entrepreneur

    Maria is a proud Air Force brat who attended high school in Germany while traveling extensively through Europe with her family. She credits that priceless education for enhancing her innate ability to connect soul to soul. After high school, she studied fashion marketing at The American College in London, England . After returning to the United States, she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Communications and later her teaching certificate. At the age of 46, she obtained her Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology and Leadership from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia, Pa.

    She is married and the mother of three feisty girls. She feels that coaching women is her calling and is grateful for the ability to do it as a profession. She is known for successfully working with midlife woman who are struggling during this life stage and partnering with them to build the life of their dreams.

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    Kama Speaks with Julian Kelly

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    Tune in as we discuss the documentary "Almost Family" by Julian Kelly.

    Julian Kelly was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1983 and was placed for adoption shortly thereafter. She has been searching for her birth-family officially since age 18, but had been searching on the internet since age 12. Her adoption has deeply affected every aspect of her life, which led to the formation of the documentary film “ Almost Family”.

    While filming the documentary “ Almost Family” Julian was able to find some of her birth family through DNA testing, but has not yet confirmed the identity of her birth-parents. Making the film was cathartic for her, but she emphasizes that adoption reunions are not for the faint of heart. Julian firmly believes that having basic and accurate ancestry information is a basic human right. Her documentary explores many facets of adoption that are often ignored by mainstream outlets. 

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    Kama Speaks with Damon Rawls

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    About Damon 

    Damon Rawls is the Principal Strategist at DRC Business Consulting.  At DRC Damon advises, educates, and brainstorms with his clients to produce practical results in their businesses and in life.  Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs gave Damon the background and flexible mindset needed to become successful in business. Like most professionals, Damon entered corporate America with high ideas and aspirations but found that the corporate environment neither suited his free spirit nor provided the limitless opportunity he sought. After this realization he soon left corporate America in search of a brighter tomorrow, and never looked back since.


    Damon Rawls began his first successful company in 2001 and during the decade has gone on to start and partner in 2 other companies. While many business gurus advocate "get rich quick" ideologies that have proven to be unsuccessful time and time again, Damon Rawls is set apart from the rest, as his philosophies are built upon the philosophy of personal change and growth.  At DRC Damon doesn’t just give advice; He helps his clients find the answers from within themselves that will lead to their success.

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    Kama Speaks on the Home Buying Process

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    Tune in as I discuss the Home buying Process! 

    First time home buyers get excited about purchasing a home, but they don't know what to expect. You will find out the answers to the following questions:

    What are the cost involved?
    What is escrow?
    What the sellers are obligated to pay for?
    How long does it take to close escrow?
    What are other fees involved?

    Those are questions I get often. Make sure you call in with any questions or email Kama@kamaspeaks.com for more information or to get your questions answered. 

    Home buying is one of the biggest purchases you will make in a lifetime. Make sure you understand what you are purchasing and feel a little more comfortable about your purchase. 


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    Culture Freedom Radio presents....ALLBLACKEVERYTHING

    in Culture

     ALLBLACKEVERYTHING tonight will be dedicated to Sis. Tiffany James and all the other sisters who have lost their lives to the constant and relentless assault on the black woman.


    On tonight's episode we will take a long hard look at the global assault on the Afrikan woman. Why is it she goes unprotected throughout the world. What does this mean for the future of our people ? What are some solutions? 


    Also tonight ABE will launch its BOB ( Black Owned Business) spotlight !!! Tonight we will be joined by bro. Andre Lovelace founder and owner of The Nubian Experience, a clothing line celebrating our culture for our people. He will share with us his vision and give some advice for those of us looking to do it for ourselves.


    Join Sista Tria and Bro. Kuji along with the entire Culture Freedom Family as we talk about the issues that matter to us. The time 9 pm est. The call in number is 347-850-8030. Call in this is our discussion our time Our voice ...We All We Got . Abibifahodie!!!

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    Kama Speaks on First Time Home Buying

    in Entrepreneur

    Purchasing a home can be scary for some and exciting for others. However, you may have others that may say that it's impossible or hard to do so. 

    On this episode we spoke on the importance of speaking to a Realtor, the professional and also why you need to began to prepare now for a home, if you are looking to purchase in the future. 

    BY THE WAY, we LOVE referrals! :) 

    Kama Burton ~ Pro-One Investments ~ 01471540



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    in Self Help


    Innersight means FREEDOM,advocates for the disabled


    Frank Perino-Host

    Suzanne Tarazi-Ferraro-Co Host

    Joseph Arian Endineer

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    in Self Help


    Innersight means FREEDOM- advocates for the disabled

    Frank Perino- Host

    Suzanne Tarazi-Ferraro- Co Host

    Joseph Arian- Engineer