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    The CJ Miller Show, Its time for a Spring Cleaning with Franco DeNicola and CJ!

    in Spirituality

    Have you been feeling how intense the energy has been lately?  Many of us have been going through a great deal of emotional challenges in the last month or so, and sometimes it feels like the challenges will never end!  At times like these, there's nothing better than a dose of Franco to ease your worried mind.  And now with it being spring and a time for things to start anew, there's no better time....It's time for a Spring Cleaning with Franco and CJ!

    As we've been clearing out the clutter and old baggage of the (collective) mind, we can feel it's time for new Loving Oneness energies to enter in.  Welcome to Spring!   Soak up some luscious sunshine and smell the fresh warm air!   Let's play with the fresh air together and call in/write in to ask your questions for Franco DeNicola.  (Please send your questions to CJ Miller at Claudiahelmkemiller@gmail.com, or facebook message me at Claudia Helmke Miller.) 

    And who knows?....We may even get a Clearing from Franco in the process!  No matter what this will  be a Powerul Show, so please BE with US!

    For further information about the wonderful work of Franco DeNicola please visit his website at www.francodenicola.com.  For more information about CJ Miller please visit her website at www.wholeearthhealing.com, or feel free to email her or private message her on facebook.  Thank you and much love to all!







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    Writestream Tuesday with author Franco Antonetti

    in Writing

    Need a little inspiration? Join Writestream founder Dariaanne on Tuesday, January 13 when she welcomes author Franco Antonetti to the program to discuss his memoir I Wouldn't Die:

    This unusual autobiography begins with me looking back on my early life and wondering how it is possible that I lived to see my first birthday.This is my life lived to the fullest,and for some reason I simply wouldn't die.From the first sentence to the last you will wonder just as I,how and why miracle occur.My story and life experiences is about miracles.

    I was born during war torn Rome,and believe me,my near death experiences were not from me attempting daring events, just unusual circumstances that for some reason,I was allowed to live through them. As reviews have stated repeatedly,"A must read for many."

    During the live show, host and guest welcome your calls at (347) 945-7246. Tune on on Tuesday, January 13 at 1 p.m. Eastern for Writestream Tuesday with author Franco Antonetti!

  • Episode 11: Year-In-INTERVIEW with Seth Rogen & James Franco

    in Entertainment

    The HA! pod is the only episodic podcast in existence. Join the boys this week as they interview Seth Rogen and James Franco about their movie the INTERVIEW.

  • 01:30

    Q&A and Open Discussion with Franco DeNicola

    in Spirituality

    The CE Radio team will be joined by Franco DeNicola for a special open discussion. Listeners will be able to ask questions over the phone or via the chat and have them answered by Franco live during the broadcast.

    Franco has been a guest on CE Radio twice before for two very successful Q&A shows and is back by popular demand.

    1st Show - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ce-radio/2012/11/26/talking-with-franco-denicola-ep-1

    2nd Show - http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ce-radio/2012/12/03/talking-with-franco-denicola-ep-2

    Listeners will also have the opportunity to learn more about an upcoming all-inclusive weekend retreat featuring Franco DeNicola being held just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the beautiful Kingbridge Centre. For more information or to purchase tickets please check out the following link: http://www.onenesscentre.ca/event/discovering-you-retreat/

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    #10: Adam Newman RETURNS! Franco Nails Carly, Heather Webber Shoots!

    in Television

    Talk Soap is back with a new episode to talk about the crazies that are loose in daytime.  In Genoa City (The Young and the Restless) all hell has broken loose as Sharon has been outed with her deception of changing the paternity test with Summer and Phyllis has started to bring her crazy self back with her obsession with Sharon. Adam Newman has resurfaced in a mysterious home with bandages all over his face (like Jax/Jason on General Hospital) and the reveal of, now Justin Hartley, is coming. In Port Charles (General Hospital), the wedding of Carly and Franco took off then crashed as Franco revealed all of Carly's lies about Sonny shooting AJ, Carly sleepig with Sonny during their engagement all to Michael.  Heather Webber took out Max, Sonny's sidekick, and then found Carly crying at the docks and aimed a gun at her as Franco showed up.  Meanwhile, Nina and her crazy mother (Madeline) finally got their plan in motion to take Ava's baby (because Ava took Nina'a man, Silas, 20 years ago when Nina went into a planned coma by her mother) and Nina gave Ava a shot to paralyze her then another shot to induce labor and BAM the emotional battle for the baby ended up with Nina taking the baby away with her mother and as Ava is about to get to the door slithering her arch enemy, Sonny, is at the door.  Please join us as we get caught up in the dramas of daytime with The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives.  We will also be talking about How to Get Away with Murder, Revenge, American Horror Story - Freak Show and more!


    http://www.twitter.com/InBedWithRed (Host)

    http://www.twitter.com/KelliBeth (co-host)

    http://www.twitter.com/Claudia_King (co-host)

    http://www.twitter.com/MPGrasso (co-host)

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    Open Book: "The Life of God" by Franco Ferrucci

    in Spirituality

    Suppose God sat down and wrote his memoirs. What would he have to say about creation? About humankind? About notable figures like Moses and Jesus? Author Franco Ferrucci imagines this very thing in his novel "The Life of God (As Told by Himself)," and in doing so, gives us lots of fodder for conversation! Join Lori and Alice as they dive into this sometimes-controversial novel to discuss what God thinks about himself, the source and purpose of evil, how the Old Testament differs from the New Testament, and much, much more.

  • 00:21

    Autoimmunity - Franco

    in Science

    Autoimmunity - Franco

  • 01:38

    Talk Soap: Victoria Has Baby, Nina & Franco Escape, Adam's New Face & More!

    in Television

    This week the co-hosts talk about the latest in daytime from The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beauitful and General Hospital.  This week we will be discussing the unveiling of the new face of Adam Newman and the mysterious connection to Sage (played by Kelly Sullivan) and Constance (played by Sally Kellerman. Also in Genoa City, Maureen locks Victoria in a janitor closet and Stitch & Billy come to the rescue as Victoria gives birth to the baby.  Meanwhile, In Port Charles, Franco lets the hostages go and takes Nina with "her" (Ava's) baby to a new location.  Roger Howarth is taking a small break from General Hospital as he will be on The CW's "The Flash" as a short story arc.  No word if Michelle Stafford will be off screen for a time to record her second season of The Stafford Project. All this and more with a splash of American Horror Story and How To Get Away with Murder.

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    Open Book: "The Life of God" by Franco Ferrucci, Part 2

    in Spirituality

    We return to the often confounding, yet often enlightening, world of Franco Ferrucci's novel, "The Life of God (As Told by Himself)," a faux first-person autobiography of The Almighty. Join Lori and Alice as they discuss the nature of the devil, the causes of war, the plusses (and minuses) of theology, why human beings exist and much more. Challenge your perceptions of who God is and how He works in your life by joining our weekly, on-the-air spiritual book club!

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    Breast Augmentation with Dr. Johnny Franco

    in Health

    Doctors of the USA welcomes Dr. Johnny Franco, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon who is part of the Miami Plastic Surgery team, to talk about breast augmentation. Listen in as he shares who are the good candidates for breast augmentation surgery and the different types of implants available today.

    A graduate of Beloit College with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Dr. Johnny Franco earned his Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

    Dr. Franco served his residency in Plastic Surgery at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. There, he was chief resident from 2010-2011. In 2011, he completed additional training at Chan Gung Hospital in Taiwan with a focus on microsurgery primarily in cancer reconstruction, followed by a fellowship at Gent University Hospital in Belgium where he specialized in breast reconstruction and fat grafting.

    Dr. Franco has an impressive history of publications and presentations and has received many academic achievement awards including the Walter S. Haven Prize, Elizabeth W. Souter Award and the Merck Index Award.

    Originally from Las Cruces, New Mexico, Dr. Franco is bilingual in English and Spanish.

    Visit their website.

    Follow them on Facebook.

    Visit our Doctors of the USA website.

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    A Talk with Michelle Franco

    in Books

    Next Thursday at 7pm MST, Jeff and Howard will have the pleasure of interviewing Michelle Franco, author of Where Will You Run?. We'll get her insights into the nuts-n-bolts of writing and  independent publishing.  We'll also be sharing the winning story from our weekly Writing Prompt contest, as well as reading excerpts from current and upcoming novels.