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  • 01:17

    I almost forgot to schedule the podcast

    in Sports

    With the NFL Wild Card weekend over The Big Jack and Dan the Man are here on Sports Time Radio to discuss the winners losers and the fallout from the Cincinnati/Pittsburgh nightmare. You'll also find out who had the best record picking the game winners over the weekend as well as Dan the Man making hid dialy picks. There's always more than football going on as the NHL is just past the halfway point of the season and there are some solid teams with chances to win the Stanely Cup.


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  • 00:57

    141: Should Auld Grumps Be Forgot

    in Technology

    Sending out 2015 and ringing in 2015 2.0 with robot birds, leaving it at the office, suing Spotify, stealing art, crowdfunding intellectual properties, Uber, legislating not-hoverboards, voter record hacks, crazy McAfee, saving Matt Damon & Star Wars.

    Show notes at http://grumpyoldgeeks.com/141

  • 00:16

    Going Out on Top

    in Sports

    A rant on SB 50 and Cam newton. Plus 2 topics that i COMPLETELY forgot to address....

  • 02:06

    01/04/2016 - Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot? Yes.

    in Comedy

    The BYC Boys are friends, of course, but they're like long distance friends who live 20 minutes apart. You'd think they'd see each other more often. They don't. They suck.



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  • 02:10

    Ancient Aliens / Close Encounters / The land that time forgot / E45

    in Science

     Welcome to you all.. I am your host Clarence Mitchell,also an Admin for the Facebook group "Ancient Aliens"..Tonight we will talk about how much history we have uncovered,but still can not tie it togather..How much has been lost??Do you think we will ever find it?? Call in at (347) 989 - 1008 and join in on the conversation..Please dont forget to hit the Follow Button to hear this and all past shows,,Thank You All..

  • 01:57

    Oops I forgot! 11/16/2013

    in Comedy

    BlogTalk Radio fucked up again!

  • 00:33

    How Not to Get Sucked Into the Social Media Vortex

    in Business

    You get up, switch on the computer and just “check” Facebook. Suddenly, two hours have passed and your family is running riot in the kitchen. You’re still in pyjamas and the dog has piddled on the floor because you forgot to take her out.

    Join The Projects Angel, Elizabeth Jackson, as she reveals luscious tips, tricks and behind-the veil-insiders-only info on how YOU can harness the power of social media to grow your fabulous spiritual or holistic business, and make it fun too!

  • 02:17

    Blacks are berated and killed by Whites to suppress wealthy history

    in Music

    Had I not started to read some history of human civilization, the knowledge of it would stay in hiding from me. Here is a piece of background that tells a little of the Negro prominence ages prior to whites nascent emergence on the scene of Europe. The following is told in the context of authentic history; “The World and Africa” by W.E.B. DU Bois.  A barrage of denial were made that caused Mr. Volney to change his conclusion Egyptian is Black, though their reasons never based on further investigation. But the change was based on fixed scientific public opinion in the nineteenth century. Reisner unearthed a civilization of black folk in Ethiopia, hastened to declare that they were not Negroes!  But you see Reisner was born in sight of Negro slavery in America and never forgot it. Flora Shaw wrote of blackest men of the Sudan and their brilliant civilization, but warned her readers that they were not Negroes! So here in Ethiopia, “Land of the Black,” country of the “Burnt Faces,” we are continually faced with silly paradox that these black folk were not Negroes. It tells you that criminals have hijacked the the  principle of factual human existence.

  • 00:30

    UN forgot about the cost of Sustainable Development Agenda

    in Politics

    As we can see according to the UN and the Liberals just like all democrats and those republicans that happen to agree with the liberals and democrats love to not use any form of budget, for all budgets happen to be the thinking of a true conservative; whereby we conservatives love to work with a budget whereby if we have the funds to work with then we know that the budget will not be in the red. Working in the red is  the communist, liberals and democrats and those republicans love to do so that they can raise taxes for foolishness like the UN Sustainbale Development Agenda is.

    This even more real hard evidence that the UN is no more than a communist type of government system that everyone around the world will have to live under like in China, Russia, North Korea, Veitnam. Cuba, and poeple like Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the liberal along with the democrats and communist like everyone to do.

  • 03:00

    Alien Contact Org Presents Bret Sheppard Lunar Anomalist Researcher

    in Entertainment

    Bret C. Sheppard (Founder of the Lunar Anomaly Research Society)

    In 1982, Bret Colin Sheppard was 15 years of age and an aspiring art student, when he was asked to stay after school with another art student and view a slide show presentation of some very strange art. The woman who showed him this art was from SRI, Stanford Research Institute and Bret felt a strange sense of deja’ vu as he was shown the images and he never forgot the experience. Bret went on to have a professional career in art, his art style being of a surrealistic type, a dream scape of the mind.

    Years later, Bret is strangely compelled to pursue research into space images of the moon. He founds the Lunar Anomaly Research Society and, along with other anomalists, peruses lunar imagery looking for structures, unnatural architecture and other types of anomalies. Then, he is confronted with an image that stirs his memory and he is seeing an image that he remembers seeing as a teenager in that darkened room. This sends him on a quest, looking for more of this surreal, embedded imagery that is found in hundreds of space mission photography. Over time, Bret becomes convinced he is seeing what may be extraterrestrial or extradimensional (ET/ED) beings in contact with humanity by embedding imagery into space photographs using advanced holographic technique. He has not created the imagery but rather finds it and highlights it as a unique art form. He discovered the subject matter this art is based on, visualizes it, and then colorizes it to share with others. At first, he shares this with his Lunar Anomaly Research Society (LARS) cohorts. Now this fascinating imagery is available in this volume for others to enjoy.


  • 00:30

    New Year, New Hope, Renewed Vision

    in Christianity

    Well how is your New Year of 2016 going so far? Have you stayed firm and comitted to the task at hand or have you found yourself giving up because of the difficulty and hard work it takes to finish what was started?  Feeling a bit discouraged from falliing short of your New Years goals?  Perhaps its a good time to re-examine those goals, along with hopes and dreams to see if anything could be out of order. Perhaps you lost your focus on Christ. Colossians 3:2 says "Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth". Maybe you turned your gaze onto other things, wants or desires not of God, and forgot your purpose. Well, be encouraged your not alone, we have all been thru this at some point and time in our lives, and its at these times of frustration, trial and testing that we discover where we really are, and asking God to help get us back on track to moving our hearts once again towards Him.