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  • Out of the Fog: The Sacred Ego with Jalaja Bonheim

    in Spirituality

    Why have we failed to create the happy, peaceful world that we all want? Are we even capable of it? And if so, what must we do? For more than thirty years, Jalaja Bonheim has explored these questions in her work with women healers, leaders, activists and spiritual seekers from around the world. Jalaja joins us to talk about the path to making peace with ourselves and with our world and how we can learn to build a new relationship with our sacred ego. This interview originally aired on Empower Radio. 

    Founder and director of the Institute for Circlework, Jalaja Bonheim, Ph.D, is one of the world’s foremost experts in the use of circle gatherings as a tool for empowering women. A uniquely skilled facilitator, Jalaja has trained hundreds of female circle leaders from around the world and is internationally known for her groundbreaking work with Israeli and Palestinian women in the Middle East. Growing up German and Jewish in post-war Germany, Jalaja struggled to make sense of the events that had left both the German and Jewish people deeply traumatized. This struggle guided her work and led to new views. Now an internationally acclaimed author and speaker, she shares stores, insights, and hope—grounded in decades of practical experience—with her global audience. Find out more about Jalaja and her work at jalajabonheim.com.

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    Out of the Fog EXTRA: Trust Your Intuition with K the Intuitive Specialist

    in Spirituality

    You asked for her ... and K the Intuitive Specialist is back! Tune in to learn how you can begin to trust your intuition ... and join us LIVE for on-air readings. Do you feel like you're getting information from your guides or from Spirit, but you're not sure whether or not to act on what you receive? K is a widely acclaimed clairvoyant, author, speaker and spiritual teacher, and she's an Out of the Fog fan favorite. Call in to join the conversation and receive a short reading from K and Karen Hager!

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    8-26-15-Dr. Hildy: Dr. Vallianatos, POISON SPRING; Carol Van Strum, BITTER FOG

    in Environment

    Wednesday, August 26, 2015, 1:00-3:00PM Pacific
    (2:00-4:00pm Mountain; 3:00-5:00pm Central; 4:00-6:00pm Eastern)

    In the 1st hour, Dr. Evaggelos Vallianatos will share with Dr. Hildy about his book Poison Spring which documents the EPA's corruption and misuse of science and public trust. E. G. Vallianatos, who saw the EPA from the inside for more than two decades with rising dismay, reveals in Poison Spring how the agency has allowed our lands and waters to be poisoned with more toxic chemicals than ever. No one who cares for the natural world, or for the health of future generations, can ignore this powerful exposé.

    In the 2nd hour Dr. Hildy will welcome Carol Van Strum  author, A Bitter Fog: Herbicides and Human Rights, a true story of people living in the forests of Oregon fighting to protect their families and environment from Agent Orange poisons sprayed on them from the air. A Bitter Fog puts human faces on those who defied profiteering corporations and indifferent government agencies.

    MUCH MORE HERE >>>  https://onecellonelightradio.wordpress.com/2015/08/26/dr-hildy-dr-vallianatos-carol-van-strum/

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    Out of the Fog: Reclaiming the Wild Soul with Mary Reynolds Thompson

    in Spirituality

    Join me for a conversation with Mary Reynolds Thompson, author of Reclaiming the Wild Soul. Come on a journey into Earth’s five great landscapes and explore them as aspects of our deeper, wilder selves. Where the inner and outer worlds meet, we discover the silence and simplicity of deserts, the mystery of forests, the flow of oceans and rivers, the inspiration of mountains, and the regenerative spirit of the grasslands. These are “soulscapes” revealing the beauty and magnificence of our own true nature, providing us with a path of personal transformation aligned with the healing of the wild Earth. This interview originally aired on Empower Radio. 

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    THE FIBRO SHOW | Interview with Jenn C of Fibro Figherz

    in Self Help

    On tonight's episode Haullie & Stacy will be interviewing the inspirational Jenn Corter. Fibromyalgia Survivor, Activist, Writer, and the founder of the most amazing Fibro Inspired facebook page 'FIBRO FIGHTERZ". Her web site and facebook page have become a beacon of light and hope to thousands who visit her community every day and is one of the very first fibromyalgia related facebook pages ever created. She has dedicated years to self-taught research, inspiring and empowering others, creating projects and campaigns to keep people moving forward and shares a personal approach to discussing topics related to her condition so that others do not feel so alone in their painful struggles.   SHOW TIME ZONES: 7:00pm (PT) | 8:00pm (MT) | 9:00pm (CT) | 10:00pm (ET)   Visit FIBRO FIGHTERZ online at: http://www.facebook.com/fibro.fighterz

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    Out of the Fog: Dancing Forever With Spirit with Garnet Schulhauser

    in Spirituality

    If you experienced a spiritual awakening, how would you change your life as a result? Garnet Schulhauser’s transformative experience began when he was confronted on the street by a homeless man who turned out to be a wise spirit in disguise. Garnet was taken on a far-flung spiritual journey, revealing answers to his deepest questions. Hear how his life was transformed from lawyer to messenger, bringing us important information about the health and well-being of our planet. Garnet’s hope is that we will create a better world by casting aside our negative emotions to embrace the light of spiritual awakening. This interview originally aired on Empower Radio. 

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    Out of the Fog: Feeling Great with Kelly Johnson

    in Spirituality

    Feeling great is all about putting your life in order and remembering who you really are. It’s an authentic way of living from the inside that will sustain you through life’s challenges. Kelly Johnson, coauthor of Feeling Great: Creating a Life of Optimism, Enthusiasm, and Contentment, joins Karen to provide practical tools for feeling great! This interview originally aired on Empower Radio. 

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    Out of the Fog: Practical Conscious Creation with Jackie Lapin

    in Spirituality

    Most of us are familiar with the principles of the Law of Attraction and using the power of positive thought to direct and improve our lives. But do we remember to apply it? And if so, how often…maybe once a month? Jackie Lapin, author of Practical Conscious Creation, joins me to share ways to apply Conscious Creation Principles on a daily basis to anchor our practice and speed the manifestation process. She’ll teach us how to charge each day with this powerful form of inspired thought in all actions, decisions, and routines. This interview originally aired on Empower Radio. 

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    THE FIBRO SHOW | Fibromyalgia is a "headache."

    in Self Help

    Tune in to a special episode of The Fibro Show with your host Haullie Volker as she discusses the "headaches" and migraines behind the invisible illness Fibromyalgia as well as her own personal tips and tricks that she uses to tame the headache/migraine beast and calm the pain.

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    Out of the Fog: A Soulful Awakening with Stephanie Banks

    in Spirituality

    In August 2012, Stephanie Banks experienced her life and the universe from another perspective when she collided with a rock wall and fell into a crevasse while on a biking trip in the Canadian Rockies. Forced to sit and be still, she began to put the words she was hearing in the pages of her journal. Stephanie’s extraordinary experience, chronicled in her new book, A Soulful Awakening, will encourage you to re-examine your approach to life. You’ll be inspired to your own journey of self-discovery, re-aligning with who you really are. This interview originally aired on Empower Radio. 

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    Dr. Datis Kharrazian: Insomnia, Brain Fog, and The Depression Connection.

    in Health

    Dr. Datis Kharrazian -- author of Why Isn't My Brain Working? -- reveals his clinical perspective on what exactly is causing depression and what to do about it. Topics include:

    * Why there’s more to correcting mood disorders than just boosting neurotransmitter levels with amino acid supplements. A lot more! 

    * Why traumatic brain injuries often show up as depression ... years down the road.
    * How chronic gut inflammation can cause brain inflammation, leading to depression.
    * What the “other symptoms” presenting with depression (anxiety, insomnia, blood sugar problems, and brain fog) can reveal about its cause.  

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