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    Farewell to Encore Living Radio

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    Joyce and Aaron discuss changes to their lives and careers and say farewell to all their listeners as they pause Encore Living Radio for now. Come and join us as we highlight the best of Encore Living Radio!

    Joyce Joneschiet (Jonah-shite) Principal interior designer of Encore Living Interiors and Publisher of Encore Life Magazine hosts Encore Living Radio with her co-host Aaron D. Murphy, a licensed Architect, President of ADM Architecture and Managing Editor of EmpoweringTheMatureMind.com. 

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    This is our Farewell show we are moving up to a national level now . We will still be doing our normal show today with top topics in the Transportation Industry and Top news stories. Then we will be doing our week 18 NFL PICKS ahead of time. As always this will be our last Open forum on Blog

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    Real Talk Presents FAREWELL TO 2014!!!!

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    Real Talk All The Time Presents, Farewell 2014 a year in review. Join us Tonight Tuesday December 30th as we take a look at this past year. We have seen Planes Disappear, Planes shot down, A legal system that does not seem to work and corrupt cops get away with murder. We have said farewell to Robin Williams and Joan Rivers and more. We have watched Kanye and Kim Kardashian. We have also seen a President turn things around, despite huge amounts of opposition. Check us out as we discuss scandals and disappointments. News that rocked the country and the world as we close out 2014 and say CYA again never. Along with our weekly dish on Sports, Entertainment, and Politics we are Real Talk All The Time. 100% Real Unpolished and Unrehearsed. Real Talk for Real People, the call in is 347-637-3010 every Tuesday Night EST. www.realtalkallthetime.com

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    AVE Radio Network Farewell to Blog Talk Radio

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    This will be the final AVE Radio Network program to air on Blog Talk Radio. Hosts Mike and Abigail Summers will take a look back at some of the great memories and moments from their time with BTR.  From "Michael Porter's WrestleShoot" to "What's On Your Mind? with Abigail Logan, the AVE Radio Network has done everything possible to bring you the finest quality programs.  Mike and Abi will be joined by fellow Blogtalkers Paula Jo (co-host and new proprietor of "Michael Porter's WrestleShoot") and Wacko Bob (owner and host of The Wacko Network).  Don't miss this final farewell for the AVE Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio.

    Call-in number: (646) 929-2424.  The chatroom will be open one final time.  Join in the conversation!

    From the AVE Radio Network Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/AVE-Radio-Network/552694354767967):

    "I regret to inform all of my Blog Talk Radio friends that, due to months of inactivity, ongoing financial struggles and plans to advance my careers and family life, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that the AVE Radio Network is leaving Blog Talk Radio. Tuesday, August 5th, will be our final program on BTR with our account being terminated on the 6th. My wife Abigail D Summers and I want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for tuning in to enjoy some fun programs from Michael Porter's WrestleShoot to What's On Your Mind? with Abigail Logan. The door is open for the possibility of coming back, but for now, we must leave BTR. To all of the people who have helped us over the years from Michael Porter to "Wacko" Bob Guercia, we must simply say, "Thank you"! We will post our showtimes later this week. Until then, see you next week!" ~ Michael S. Summers, founder/C.E.O., AVE Radio Network

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    Farewell Wednesday

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    As the UTA moves to it's own BTR account, Ben has decided to take a step back from hosting EFG on Wednesday nights. Join him as he discusses general eWrestling conversation tonight on the Farewell Wednesday edition of EFed Guerillas!

  • Farewell to 2014

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    A Message to reflect in this past fantastic and revealing year of 2014!! 

    Happy New Year Family!

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    #205 Farewell 2014 plus Chakra Attunement Meditation w/Marja West

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    Waking Gods & Goddesses—

    Embodying Divine Wisdom and the Sensual Life

    5 December 2014 2PM Pacific

    Farewell 2014—The Year of Abrupt Grace

    plus, Activate Your Chakra Superpowers:

    Attunement Meditation with Marja West

    Join us at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern as Hostess of the Highest, Marja West, leads us through a journey of honouring 2014 which she calls *The Year of Abrupt Grace.* Feel deeply into your direct experience of 2014, each one of us was gifted by Life ItSelf—something scary, rude, utterly painful, and beautiful all rolled up into one—a personal invitation to dive deeper into the abyss of our respective Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey into and through the dark underworld of preprogrammed mind-controlled existence. We've learned that applying “change” to the disturbing physical symptoms of our collective shared, aggregate reality does not change it whatsoever.

    We are being called to shift our collective aggregate reality by returning to the source of our personalised pain and suffering and erroneous belief in and subscription to Those Big Fat Lies as perpetuated by the powers-that-wanna-be through the media, government, war, hate, violence, and pop culture—one of which is: We are anything but Divine.

    Reclaim your Sovereignty. Marja will then lead us through a Chakra Attunement Meditation that assists us in activating, engaging, and embodying our Divine Superpowers encoded within each chakra.

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    Jean Adrienne Farewell Show

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    It's been a great run with Awakening Zone, and on this final show, I will give my thoughts about 2015 and do readings and clearings for listeners.

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    The Glenda Ramos Radio Farewell

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    On this final episode of The Glenda Ramos Radio Show, Glenda says farewell to the listeners as well as her show.  She announces possible plans on working on small projects and other personal plans and goals.  She would like to thank listeners for listening to her radio show and it's been wonderful working with the show.

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    The Reaction Says Farewell: January 12th 2015

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    Normally, I (Harry) would type a long narrative about good cops and bad cops. I don't feel the need to do so this afternoon. Tonight marks the end of the road for us here on Powerhouse Radio. And while I'm disappointed that it's going, I can't say I didn't have fun while it lasted.

    So rather then tease everything that's been announced for the show tonight (mostly because I've not looked on 411mania to get a preview today), join us as Tony and I say goodbye to the place that gave us the start back in April.

    Tonight, 11:30 PM here on Powerhouse Radio.

    As for us, as Tony would say..."Deuces, bitches!"

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