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    Trunews December 21, 2012

    in News

    Rick talks with Marshall Foster about the first Bible in America, the Geneva Bible and why King James did not like it. Later in the show, Patrick Henningsen talks about the cashless monitary system.

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    Is there something more??

    in Lifestyle

    This is a question that can be asked by both believers and non-believers. The question of "Is there something more?" can be asked by those who do not have their faith in Christ referencing this life. Those who do have their faith in Christ can ask this question in regards to the way they are living their life for Christ.
    Understanding the Gospel is crucial for those who do not have faith to understand what more there is. Understanding how to share the Gospel is crucial for those who do have faith in understanding how to grow tremendously in their relationship with Christ.
    Tonight we learn what the Gospel is and how to share simply and effectively.

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    Prophetic Impartation - LIVE

    in Spirituality

    Call in and let the Lord minister unto you.