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    Erica Elle Show

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    Erica Elle and Co/Host Dj Legacy chit chat about Nashville

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    Erica Elle Interviews Raz B

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    Raz B is a 24-years-young music mogul on-the-rise. As founding member of the multi-platinum/film-star group B2K, and solo artist, Raz B is an award winning celebrity. With finely tuned skills in record production, recording artistry, songwriting, film & TV acting, plus wielding a dominating presence in concert, Raz B is a multi-faceted artist with a growing worldwide fan base.

    Bouncing #1 R&B with their eponymous debut album, “B2K,” they also went #1 on two charts with their hottest single, “Bump, Bump, Bump.” The triumphant release of B2K’s second blow-out album, “Pandemonium,” and the stunning world tour behind it, catapulted the group to the top of the recording game. To cap it all off, their historic film debut in “You Got Served” boasts over $60,000,000 in receipts worldwide. These iconic commercial ventures garnered them numerous prestigious awards from BET, Nickelodeon, Soul Train, Billboard, American Choreography, and others internationally.

    Now, a new mix-tape CD product is due for release soon. To start it up, Raz B released a viral video through Yahoo and AOL, titled “Thinking About You”, garnering rave comments and over 150K views over an expanding network of web platforms.

    With appreciation and respect for MJ’s “We Are the World”, whom many refer to as our father mold; Raz is ready to present something new with a very similar concept. As Raz B states, “It is time to re-visit the past and sprinkle it with the present. The compilation will feature collaborations with a host of young, evolving super star and many of his close friends, such as Nick Cannon, Jesse McCartney, Chris Brown, Paris Hilton, Mario, 3LW, Raven-Symoné, Lindsay Lohan, Ray J, other members of B2K, and more.

    Artist Administration:
    206-888-8185 Email: RMI.MANAGEMENT02@GMAIL.COM

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    Why men don't respect women in the Entertainment Industry

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    Erica Elle and Jesse james discuss the entertainment industry and why women are not treated equally.

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    Artist Spotlight

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    uinton E. Otis, otherwise known as IceMan (or Tony "Black" Soprano) was born in Ca$hville, TN. to Terrance Otis and Kim Dillard. The tragic death of his father when he was just ten years old, forced his mom Kim to move Quinton to low income housing in the inner city. It was with the inspiration and help of Lake that his entrepreneurial flair was first exhibited through a successful math project, that he added his lyrical talents to and later sold for profit to his classmates. This dynamic duo would come to form The Desert Eagles. Sadly before their debut album could be released Lake took his own life by way of suicide. The loss of his best friend coupled with the death of his grandmother, sent Otis into a downward spiral that he would sit in for many years vowing "never to rap again". It wasn't until the birth of his son, Otis would find a new guiding source and inspiration. With his son as new motivation, he found new focus and set out to give the rap game something it had been yearning for, a true hip hop artist, and from Nashville, TN non the less. With his right hand men, Nazdaq, Raw, and manager J. Rich (Two 3), Otis formed U. N. T. ., where he has produced several mixtapes, and a debut album called "IceMan: The Diary". While Otis works to secure a record deal, he continues to discover, underground artist, such as Eric Staten, known as Raw, newest member Mystery from Philly. IceMan along with Raw & Nazdaq has released the mixtape Grand Theft Audio III: Don't Become A Statistic Summer 2006 and Memorial Day: Ice City (2CD set solo mixtape) 04-10-07. Ice also released Ice City III: In Too Deep February 5, 2008 If that was not enough IceMan also released a 5 song EP free for download online that has a very heavy rock influence called The Code Blue Experience on 05-09-2007. R&B Gangsta will be released as a double album with the full length Code Blue LP on 04-14-2009. The Lake Theory Mixtape will be released 05-28-2009.

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    Power Women Wednesday

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    Erica Elle & Jesse James Interview Memphis Mogul Kapri '' Umma Carter" about her blog site and her Marketing and Promotions Business

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    Co/Host Jesse James returns

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    Co/Host Jesse James returns to dish the dirt on celebrity gossip and give his opinion on Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim situation

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    Erica Elle Interview Boys In The Hood Jody Breeze

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    Jody Breeze is a southern spit-fire best known for his contribution to Block Entertainment’s landmark group, Boyz N Da Hood, and a solo artist on Shonuff Records. As a native of Griffin, GA (a small town outside of Atlanta), Jacoby White a/k/a Jody Breeze began exploring his athletic side at the early age of 4, splitting his time between playing basketball and football. Once Jody reached adolescence he focused solely on basketball throughout high school. While athletics was an important part of his life, the lure of the streets began attracting Jody to alternate pastimes. Jody soon found it difficult to perform a balancing act between maintaining his grades, staying on the basketball team and running the streets. Unfortunately, his grades dropped and he gave up basketball and school all together. Without basketball or the desire to further his education, the street life dominated his existence. Through several trials, Jody realized he needed to make a change and decided to return back to high school and graduate. Post-graduation, Jody discovered his gift for putting words together effortlessly to describe occurrences in his daily life amongst his classmates. This skill soon developed into a smooth and natural lyrical flow that attracted his peers, making him a neighborhood favorite.

    Jody’s life took a successful turn into the mainstream when he met Russell “Big Block” Spencer, CEO of Block Entertainment. Big Block was putting together the southern version of the rap group NWA with the newly formed, Boyz N Da Hood. The group consisted of Jody Breeze, Big Gee and Duke. Block later added Young Jeezy to round out the group, and a month later they were signed to Bad Boy South. Jody, the youngest member of the group, was able to exercise his writing ability on the album including the anthem “Dem Boyz,” which skyrocketed to the top of the Billboard charts in 2005.

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    Artist Spotlight Camrin

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    Camrin W. is not your average 23 year old. She was raised in Southern California by a woman, her mother, named Mary Lyn Dias. Mary is a singer/songwriter herself who has had the honor of writing for people such as Marsha Thornton and singing back-up for Hoyt Axton. Camrin spent a lot of time traveling with her mother and father, for Mary appeared on The Gong Show and You Can Be A Star back when Camrin was under 5. Camrin's aunt, Kathy Westmoreland was also in the music biz as a back-up singer for the one and only Elvis Presley. Camrin's uncle, Duncan Mullins has also produced and played bass guitar for some well known country artists as well. With that being said, Camrin has been influenced by music since before she was born and is now venturing into the business herself. She surrounds herself by the right people such as and especially a talented and well known writer, singer, producer, Mario Moore, "Rio", who is helping her with her project. With a voice between Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, she hopes to one day influence and be a role model for others with the same dream. "I'm not in it for the fame, I just have a passion for singing into a microphone".....

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    Erica Elle Interviews Darquan

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    They just assume that someone as silly as me doesn’t do anything productive outside of the booth.” Anyone who thinks this is 100% WRONG! Besides being a recording artist, Darquan does all of his graphic design, all of his promotion, sets up his own photo shoots, and also engineers some of his music. “I went to school for graphic design, and I’ve always been a real artist, so it was never a big deal to me. I do SO many things, I just happen to rap.” Darquan’s work and name can be found stamped on many of your favorite artists web pages, Myspaces, flyers, album covers and clothing. “That’s how I eat, and how I plan on eating for a long time. I’m extremely serious about that part of my life.”

    As the music industry slowly changes into an independent artist’s dream, Darquan gears up to take over the world with his next project. “Crazee” WILL be the best album of the year, PERIOD. I don’t care who you compare it to, big or small,” he states with confidence. “Seriously there will not be one product to top ‘Crazee’. I got two of the most talented producers in the game with Street Symphony and Dunlap Exclusive. I can’t be beat!!” Darquan’s album is set to be released in early 2010, that is of course if he can hold on to some of his sanity.

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