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    Business of Food and Drink w/Rana Lustyan of Edoughble Hosted by Erica Collins

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    Since 2008, Edoughble has been perfecting our recipes, finding the best suppliers, refining our manufacturing, and building a product and brand we're thrilled about. At the end of the day we're a small business with big passion around our edible cookie dough product and we want to get it just right for you. Whether you devour Edoughble cookie dough by the spoonful, as an ice cream or froyo topping, as a mix-in for brownies or milkshakes or in some other creative way, they hope for just a moment in your day you stop, taste some amazing cookie dough, and crack a sweet smile before getting back to that 40 item to-do list. http://www.edoughble.com

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    Erica Shepherd

    in Christianity

    Erica Shepherd

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    I Am Just Erica Show - I've Been Cut for a Purpose

    in Christianity

    Have you wondered why you go through certain things in life (ex. Relationships...Career...Ministry... Family)? Why has God Hand Picked you to be stripped of somethings in your life. Well today we will try to help you see that "You have been Cut for a Purpose" greater than you know. Listen in Live at 1pm today as we discuss the Topic "I've Been But For A Purpose. Call In : (347) 989-0652 and Listen Live!


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    Episode 2980 - Come Clean with God - Dr Erica Shepherd

    in Paranormal

    Episode 2980 - Come Clean with God 
    Dr Erica Shepherd www.tedline.com
    Recorded 11-11-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Erica Shepherd

    in Christianity

    Erica Shepherd

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    Episode 2953 - Chase the Money Changers out of the Temple - Dr Erica Shepherd

    in Paranormal

    Episode 2953 - Chase the Money Changers out of the Temple
    Dr Erica Shepherd www.tedline.com
    Recorded 11-4-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Erica Joseph Shepherd The Little Skunk Children's Introduction to Deliverance

    in Christianity

    I am reading the little skunk the book that I use for Children's Deliverance and have been for about 12 years it is wonderful and I was asked to share it.The Little skunk can be purchased at Impact Christian Books online." The little skunk Children's Introduction to Deliverance is a very gentle introduction to the Biblical subject of deliverance for children. There are no scary words in it at all. Neither deliverance, nor demons, is even mentioned as such. However the important principle of parents praying with their children to free them from tormenting bondages and fears is lovingly covered. Sexually-abused children, emotionally abused and scarred children, a dyslexic child unable to do math, a diagnosed schizophrenic and suicidal children have all been set free and are functioning normally today as a result of God's power manifested to them through the truths revealed in this book and its companion, Deliverance for Children and Teens" Sue Banks. I personally have witnessed and experienced 1,000's of children freed from demonic bondage through using this book. Jesus is our deliverer! Thank you Mrs Banks

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    Episode 3012 - Ain't nobody mad but the devil and the witches - Erica Shepherd

    in Paranormal

    Episode 3012 - Ain't nobody mad but the devil and the witches
    Dr Erica Shepherd www.tedline.com
    Recorded 11-18-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

  • Anna and the Angels with guest Erica Longdon

    in Spirituality

    Join me for another show where my guest is the wonderful healer, psychic and author Erica Longdon where we discuss relationships, spiritual awakening and the power of sound!

    Erica Longdon began working in television and radio in the 1970s heralding a career which spanned three decades. A major car crash in the eighties started her on an alternative path to holistic healing and energy work, and awakened her gifts as a healer and psychic. She now works and teaches as a psychic advisor on 12Listen.com, broadcasts her weekly radio show: Breakfast With Erica on 12Radio.com; has her own healing practice in Kent, England; and is the author of Starscopes, her monthly horoscopes, which are published internationally online via 12Listen and Xperience magazine, and also in Kent’s Verve Magazine.

    In Pursuit Of Perfect Timing is her début novel. 

    More about Erica






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    Erica Shepherd

    in Christianity

    Erica Shepherd

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    The Ultimate International Business Experience Radio Show with Erica A Murray

    in Entrepreneur

    Ultimate International Business Experience Radio Show will cater to the needs of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises globally. Erica will show you how to be a successful entrepreneur, who can own and operate your own business have a positive cash flow. The UIBE Radio show will provide you with International News, Informative Talks on Business, Women Business Spotlights, and More. Each week Erica will take you around the world as well as in your own back yard to understand the power that following your dreams and making them happen plays to all entrepreneurs no matter where you are.

    Sponsors:  MWHY Mag   TBAIMS     Rita Ricks     Off The Vine  Healthy Wealthy and Wise RVA Expo

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