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    TRUNEWS 04/06/15: Gerald Celente & Rev. William Lindholm

    in News

    Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente says the top trend he following in 2015 is the madness of world leaders. It’s vintage Celente on Trunews today. Later in the program, Rev. William Lindholm tells Rick about persecution against Amish families in Wisconsin.

    Monday April 6, 2015 [Download] 

    Gerald Celente | Trends Research Institute

    National Committee for Amish Religious Freedom

    Read more at http://www.trunews.com/?p=49968#prBLiwoXQ0hUqLxG.99

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    Every Day Angels with your host Marie Elisa ( Lacy Weston, Fitness Trainer )

    in Spirituality

    Blogtalk LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with Host Marie Elisa, welcomes Lacy Weston, Private Fitness trainer, Founder of Private Fitness By Lacy Weston (La Canada, CA) author, motivational speaker, three time Mr. Natural America, Mr. Natural Universe, NASM Certified Trainer. Lacy has over 25 years of experience as a professional fitness trainer where his client base includes some of Hollywood’s leading personalities. His personalized approach addresses each client holistically- mind, body, and soul—to establish a connection with all that seek his support to transform their lives.

    During the show Lacy will discuss how to transform your life through physical fitness. He’ll share how to find the right fitness trainer for yourself, the body building industry, Lacy’s ability  to inspire and meet his client’ s needs is uniquely different. He will share how he overcame a difficult childhood and transformed his pain into person excellence.
    Contact information for Lacy Weston – Private Fitness by Lacy Weston
    Facebook: Private Fitness by Lacy Weston
    Website: www.lacyweston.com
    Book: Transform Your Reality, available on Amazon.com or www.lacyweston.com
    Telephone: (818) 790-8063 or (626) 522-4140


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    Every Day Angels with your host Marie Elisa ( Clarity by Mimi )

    in Spirituality

    Blogtalk LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with Host Marie Elisa, welcomes Clarity by Mimi, Intuitive Life Coach. As a young child Mimi was able to sense the thoughts of those around her. She often knew what they were thinking before they spoke. Her gifts were strong, but her understanding of them has been a lifelong discovery. Due to her desire to help others she became a nurse only to realize she wanted to do more before a person was ill, which began her quest to become the holistic life coach she is today. 

    Spring has arrived and its time for Spring-cleaning. Mimi will discuss how clearing the clutter from our homes helps us to manifest our dreams. Whether it’s de-cluttering our closets, storage units, our garage, or the car we drive the act of removing clutter signals a void to be filled with new positive energies and abundance. Nostalgia and just plain hoarding drives us to hold onto the past and limited belief systems. Mimi will provide insights how to begin the de-clutter process and the gifts it brings. 

    During the show Mimi will take callers questions -please ask only one specific question. 

    To contact Clarity by Mimi for an appointment: 




    To call in and listen: 347-838-9862.  To speak to the guest PRESS 1.

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    Ariko rero nzaba nsigaranye 7000 muri Isirayeli batapfukamiye Baali ntibamusome!

    in The Bible

    (1ABAMI 18:18)

    Uwiteka aramubwira ati: Genda usubize inzira y'ubutayu ujye iDamasiko,nugerayo uzimikishe Hazayeli amavuta abe umwami w'iSiriya, na Yehu mwene Nimushi nawe uzamwimikishe amavuta abe umwami w'Abisirayeli, Kandi na Elisa mwene Shafati wo muri Abeli Mehola uzamusukeho amavuta abe umuhanuzi mu cyimbo cyawe, Nuko uzaba yarokotse inkota ya Hazayeli, Yehu azamwica,uzarokoka iya Yehu,Elisa azamwica.


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    Every Day Angels with your host Marie Elisa ( Tony Coxx , Psychic/Medium )

    in Spirituality

    Blogtalk LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with Host Marie Elisa, welcomes Tony Coxx, Medium, Psychic, of the former Tony Coxx Blogtalk LPS radio Show. Tony will talk about his life and what is like to be a gifted a medium.  He will take callers questions during the show. Plan to call in and experience his great sense of humor while imparting information to you.

    Contact information for Tony: 540 - 840 - 6646
    To listen to the show click on the link below:

    To call in and listen: 347-838-9862.  To speak to the guest PRESS 1.


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    Health is Wealth Mastermind: Become a Purpose-Driven Health Coach!

    in Self Help

    Elisa Haggarty is a Certified Integrative Health Coach and Sugar Expert turned impact success business coach for purpose driven wellness entrepreneurs. Elisa founded and runs Culinary Farmacy, which is a global nutrition-consulting program that has helped thousands of people in both private and group online coaching. Elisa specializes in mindset mastery (what money blocks?), authentic marketing and of course, creating leverage so your business fits into your ideal lifestyle.

    Free VIP offer expires May 16th at midnight!  

    Take action today and get the coaching you need to take your health coaching business to the next level!



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    May17@10pmET Candid Frank Live Hockey Talk: Hockey Gold Today,NHL Conf Finals

    in Hockey

    Western Conference Series Ducks lead series 1-0 over Hawks
    Game 1: 4-1 Ducks
    Hampus Lindholm, Nate Thompson and Jakob Silfverberg each had a goal and an assist, and the Anaheim Ducks opened the Western Conference finals with a 4-1 victory over the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday. Frederik Andersen made 32 saves and Kyle Palmieri also scored for the Ducks.

    Eastern Conference Series Rangers lead series 1-0 over Lightning
    Game 1: 2-1 Rangers
    Dominic Moore scored with 2:25 to play and the New York Rangers defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-1 in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals on Saturday. The game-winning goal came just 30 seconds after Moore stepped out of the penalty box and it capped another nail-biter for the Rangers.

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    in Education


    WIN Learning presents  Kentucky educators Sandra Baker and Elisa Brown on "Career and College Readiness" at the Green River  Regional Education Cooperative

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    EVERYDAY ANGELS with your host Marie Elisa (Celine Koropchak , Serenity )

    in Spirituality

    LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with host Marie Elisa, welcomes Celine Koropchak, research scientist and successful blueberry farmer. Celine will share divine messages she has received for the 2015 New Year. Her messages will offer guidance on how to live joyfully and in peace while great shifts in consciousness are taking place all around us.


    Celine’s childhood was marked by her unique gift of sensitivity. As a child she articulated the experience as the presence of imaginary friends she named “Tovarysh,” the word for friend in the Slavic language.  These divine messengers have remained a benevolent presence throughout her life. With a biology degree from Bucknell University, Celine pursued a career in medical research at Stanford University Medical Center and Duke University Medical Center. She has over 30 publications in infectious disease, biochemistry and cardiovascular scientific journals. Ten years ago, Celine realized a lifelong dream when she became a blueberry farmer. She started with 600 tiny starter plants, now yielding over a half a ton of blueberries each season, supplying local universities, corporate cafeterias, and farmer’s market.

    Her book, One With All of Thee: Growing Your Sacred Connection, available on Amazon in paperback and eBook, is a collection of messages Celine received and assembled as a practical tool to help others with awareness, serenity, and greater purpose.

    Sessions with Celine: http://thetovaryshconnection.wordpress.com/

    Email: onewithallofthee@gmail.com

    Facebook: One With All of Thee

    Blogtalk radio number: 347-838-9862, press 1 to speak to the guest.  

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    Every Day Angels with your host Marie Elisa ( Bonnie Jean , Healer/Psychic )

    in Spirituality

    Blogtalk LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with Host Marie Elisa, welcomes Bonnie Jean, Healer and psychic.  As a young child Bonnie’s mother recognized her daughter’s gifts and began to work with her in order to develop her abilities. As an adult Bonnie has gone on been trained in several modalities of healing including Reiki and Golden Rose training.


    Bonnies believes that, “Everything is energy; including illness. The illness could be mental illness, emotional illness, or physical illness. When we have old thoughts, feelings, and emotions within us, they make us ill. When we allow other people’s energy to stay in our body, chakras, and aura, it makes us ill.” She is an energy healer who addresses your areas of concern, which allows more energy to flow into your intentions. Your life opens up in so many ways once energetic blocks are cleared. 

    During the show Bonnie will discuss how to harness the energy that surrounds us and balance our chakra systems. She will take live caller’s questions.

    Contact information for Bonnie Jean: (443) 759-1043

    Facebook: Psychic Bonniejean

    Website: http://www.psychichealerbonniejean.com

    Email: ninkifox@gmail.com

    Blogtalk Radio show: The Empowerment Zone-see Bonnie’s website for more information on her weekly show that features healers and psychics.

    To listen to the show click on the link below:


    To call in and listen: 347-838-9862.  To speak to the guest PRESS 1.

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    Every Day Angels with your host Marie Elisa ( Tom Ledder , Selenite Swordmaker )

    in Spirituality

    Blogtalk LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with Host Marie Elisa, welcomes Tom Ledder, Selenite Swordmaker. Tom’s lifelong interest in crystals led him to develop energetically healing swords made of Selenite that channel the powerful energy of Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron and other Ascended Masters, which makes them the perfect tool for healers of all modalities.  The sword is a tool that can be used to assist healers and as well those who are seeking support during these times of ascension and acceleration of energy on the planet. The swords help open up and balance chakras, clear energy our bodies, stimulate meridians, magnify intentions and dynamically increase the overall power and accuracy of any healing modality.

    Tom travels within the United States and internationally presenting workshops and how to effectively use the swords while balancing the chakras, and connecting with Arch Angels. His years of deep meditation and service to others are at the core of the creation of these beautiful tools of light. Swords can be custom made in size, color of handle, and specialized invocations that are sealed within the sword.
    Contact information for Tom Ledder: 970-227-1198; or 970-484-2038
    Website: http://www.seleniteswordmaker.com/seleniteswordmaker/Home/index.cfm  
    Email: Tomledder@msn.com   
    To call in and listen: 347-838-9862.  To speak to the guest PRESS 1