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    Virginia Quake And Elenin Connection?

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    We will be broadcasting tonight with the question: Was the Virginia Quake caused by Comet Elenin?
    Viewers Call in..
    11:00 PM EST

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    Elenin update with Terral

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    Tonight we'll be talking again with Terral to discover what new information has been discovered regarding Elenin. Is it still considered a threat? We'll also be discussing the video NASA put out regarding Elenin a couple days ago and talking about what keys reverse speech may or may not hold. Discussion on Elenin and the many different theories and news stories that have been appearing lately. Also talking about the new JPL diagram of elenin's orbit.

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    Comet Elenin – Will It Crumble or Explode?

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    Your Own World Radio with Marshall Masters
    Panel: John DiNardo, Richard Shaw and Ed Douglas
    On the 3rd of August, the Minor Planet Center posted the latest observation data for Comet Elenin plus this one rather curious footnote.  “The recent observations of C/2010 X1 (Elenin) are discordant, presumably due to the lack of any obvious condensation. It is probable that this comet is disintegrating.”

    The operative word here is “probable” which is not to be confused with “has.” Nonetheless, previous announcements that Comet Elenin would disintegrate were spun by the media to appear as though it actually had.  Consequently, this misleading spin was very effective in deflating public interest.

    The serious conversation now taking place, is about whether Elenin will disintegrate.  Recent elongation and dimming are physical signs of that possibility.  Therefore the real question, which Leonid Elenin constantly addresses these days, is whether or not it will explode.

    Lacking clear imagery of the nucleus, Leonid Elenin predicts that Comet Elenin will crumble and not explode - presumably, to quell public concerns.  However, prophecy predicts that our worst nightmare could be realized with an explosive disintegration or violent outburst.  

    In this interview, the panel will address these issues in terms of the science available and the significant amount of prophecy now converging on this comet.  Then compare all that with current Earth changes.

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    Elenin Nibiru Warnings for This Week

    in Religion

    Elenin Nibiru Warnings for This Week
    Join John and Kenneth for a "last minute" recap of all the Elenin / Nibiru claims and events surrounding this next week.  
    From enormous FEMA drills in Denver and claims of "elite" traveling to Denver, to the September 26th Elenin alignment with the Sun and Earth crossing the ecliptic plane, to the Feast of Trumpets occurring this week, everyone is pointing to this week as being "huge".  We will also touch upon the November 11-11-11 alignment of Elenin as well.
    We will also discuss remaining sober (1 Tim. 1:7)  and ready for anything, while touching upon some of the common misunderstandings that might add to the confusion of this exciting period in time.
    Remain excited, remain ready.
    God Bless You All

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    Elenin and your questions.

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    Tonight and back by popular demand, Terral will join us again. Tonight he will be taking your questions and comments regarding comet/planet Elenin. Our call in number is 760-683-2624.  Is this going to be an extinction level event? Who is Leonid Elenin? How do you know this isn't a comet? What is the latest news? What are the most safe areas?   Tonight Terral will be on and answering questions like these. Open Lines. 

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    Elenin, Nibiru and the Trumpet Judgments

    in Religion

    Elenin, Nibiru and the Trumpet Judgments
    Join John and Kenneth for a recap of information associated with Elenin and Nibiru and how these cosmic objects potentially relate to the forthcoming Trumpet Judgments.
    We will also discuss any new information that surfaces between now and show time.
    God Bless You

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    Nibiru Elenin Planet X

    in Entertainment

    Your Divine Roots Radio Show   Host:  The Zion Zeus   Topics:  Nibiru Elenin Planet X   Zions--Secure your Mindset   Guests:  CJ  from the Enlightening of free thinkers Facebook Group.   Tune in and Stay Awake and Aware   Contact Zion   Radio Website  Zions Exciting Channel  Zions Face Book   CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR BLUEHOST.COM

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    Comet ELENIN and State of affairs discussion..

    in Paranormal

    We will discuss the current status of Comet ELENIN and what we may see happen in the coming months.

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    Comet Elenin - The Woman and the Dragon

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    PLANET X SPECIAL REPORT with MARSHALL MASTERS: Comet Elenin - The Woman and the Dragon
    GUESTS: Richard St. Laurent and Richard Shaw
    Free 21-page Elenin PDF (View-only) - Password will be annouced.
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    The Comet Elenin buzz on the Web today, all essentially boils down to one question. “Just what the heck are we looking at?” A good question as some believe this relatively young comet, possessing a fraction of the brightness and mass of a great comet such as Hale Bopp or Halley's Comet, is actually a brown dwarf sun entering the core of our solar system.
    In our last Comet Elenin show, we looked at the correlations between the Hopi Blue Star prophecy and Sumerian and Hebrew Accounts. In this follow-on interview, we explore a striking correlation between Revelations and Hopi prophecy. These two prophecies cover the same harbinger event from different world views, but fit together like the pieces of a great puzzle.
    In this next installment in what has grown into a series, Yowusa.com researcher Richard St. Laurent and Watchers 2 producer Richard Shaw of PinLight.com conduct a purely secular comparison of the Hopi Blue Star prophecy with the Book of Revelation Chapter 12, Verses 1-4.

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    9/11 WTC and the ELEnin Timeline

    in Entertainment

    Your Divine Roots Radio Show
    Host:  The Zion Zeus
    Blockbuster Show Topics:  Nibiru / ELEnin Timeline Update -CMEs Earthquakes Solar Storms-- 
    9/11 the day that changed America forever.
    Guests:  CJ  from the Enlightening of free thinkers Facebook Group.
    Tune in and Stay Awake and Aware

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    Comet Elenin - The End Times Harbinger

    in Paranormal

    PLANET X SPECIAL REPORT with MARSHALL MASTERS: Comet Elenin - The End Times Harbinger of Sumerian, Hebrew and Hopi Prophecy?
    GUESTS: Richard St. Laurent and Richard Shaw
    In his article Is Comet Elenin a Decoy?, author and host Marshall Masters raised the possibility that Comet Elenin could be a decoy for the elites, but now there is yet another theory that goes deeper into explaining the possible motives for these decoy manipulations.  That the true nature of Comet Elenin is being heavily suppressed by ruling elites because it is the end times harbinger predicted by ancient Sumerian, Hebrew and Hopi prophecy!
    According to Yowusa.com researcher Richard St. Laurent, there is a clear and dramatic convergence of prophecy with Comet Elenin. One that reveals it as the Hopi Blue Star Kachina that precedes the dreaded Red Kachina.  The versy same object we're warned about in newly revealed Torah Codes.
    Yet most chilling is the warning of the ancient Sumerians according to the translations of Zecharia Sitchin. That its appearance will mark the beginning of the next Middle East war, if not World War III, and that it will begin with a briefly absent moon.  The coincidence here with the stunning lunar equinox video in Richard Shaw's latest Pinlight.com production of Watchers 2 is disturbing to say the least.
    It is as though this great mystery could only be deciphered by the many roads leading to it and in this groundbreaking interview, Marshall and his guests will travel across these roads together.