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    Lez Elegance Promo show, kick off to Season 1 Sunday 01.04.15

    The panel discuss comprehensive list of LGBTQ terms and definitions, to include the impact they have on our community.

    Music rotation, indenpendent artist, R&B, House, Hip-Hop from around the world.

    The Poetic Soul Artistry, Exclusive: P*ssy Therapy (Rated R) by Don the CEO

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    LEZ ELEGANCE RADIO: The Traffic Jam - HipHop Music Section

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    GET READY TO CAST THOSE VOTES: Playing music from some of the hottest hip hop artist in the LGBTQ community nationwide.

    Lez Elegance Radio Music Awards 2016 was created to honor the LGBTQ's most popular recording artists nationwide. The Lez Elegance Radio Music Awards are presented on merit and voted on by the public. The Awards are a true reflection of the most talented LGBTQ artists. Nominees and winners are determined by fan votes.

    Lez Elegance Radio accepts new music and poetry submissions in MP3 format via email ONLY. All material must be copy written prior to submission. Music must be considered “radio quality”, professionally produced and mastered in a professional studio. All music must be properly “edited” for broadcast. Profanity and sexual content must be properly censored in order for airplay consideration.

    Email music to information@lezeleganceradio.com   Subject: Music Submission or Poetry Submission

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    LEZ ELEGANCE RADIO: Ty's To The MOB Cast & Crew Interview

    in Entertainment


    Ty's To The MOB Writer and Director Nicole Washington along with the cast and crew. A urban thriller about a young woman with a troubled past who tries to settle old scores and discovers that friends have become enemies and enemies develop into friends.


    Will be dicussing our upcoming 2016 Lez Elegance Radio Music Awards which was created to honor the LGBTQ's most popular recording artists nationwide.


    Independent artist Hip-Hop, R&B, House Music, have your music put in rotation by emailing a MP3 track to contact.us@lezeleganceinc.com





  • The beautiful elegance of Spirit

    in Spirituality

    I'm back! I had my show here, on blogtalkradio, before. But had to come back to it, as life threw me some curve balls. A little about myself: I am a artistic, fun loving psychic-meduim with clairaudient, clairsentient, and clairvoyant ablities. These ablities were very vivid when I was little, and have been honed, now as an adult. My show is about helping others, through intuitive conuseling. There's a lot of fun, alot freedom, and a lot of faith to be had here! So join me, and if you have a question, just call in! Blessings! 

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    LEZ ELEGANCE RADIO: Are you in a Relationship or Situationship ?

    in Romance

    Good "SEX" can stretch a "BAD" relationship out for years.

    Are you in Relationship or a Situationship?


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    LEZ ELEGANCE RADIO: The Birth of New Beginnings 2015

    in Entertainment


    Sheri Johnson, StudvilleTV's Executive Producer & Co-Writer, You don't want to miss this radio interview as she drops the tea about the new season, new direction , and new cast members for Season 3 of StudvilleTV. Bring in the new year with the Tomfoolery, a web series about dating from a studs point of view.

    Blaq Phire A.K.A. Onyxx, Poet, Author talks about how her writing turned into the book "Birth Of A Mitress" and discuss her videos "Notations of a Nappy Gryl".


    The panel discuss high profile social media relationships, would you date someone that was in a prior high profile Facebook or IG relationship?


    Independent artist Hip-Hop, R&B, House Music, have your music put in rotation by emailing a MP3 track to contact.us@lezeleganceinc.com


    Featured poets, Paradigm, Hope and Spaceman, open mic every Sunday night, call in # 347-850-1907 press #1 the night of the show to get on the list.


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    Your Success in 2016: Create Miracles & Learn Elegance on Read My Lips Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Happy 2016!  Read My Lips Radio is pleased to bring you another year of converstions with interesting, smart, passionate authors.

    My January 4, 2016 guests offer insights on how you can start the new year with a fresh perspective both personally and professionally.

    Asoka Nimal Jinadasa, PhD, "Flying Penguin: How to create miracles in your life using the six dimensions of success". His holistic model of success = Heart, Mind, Body, Passion, Focus and Health. Success is an elusive prey. Many of us devote our lives to tackling its complexities. Dr. Jinadasa argues that anyone can navigate his or her way to success using his proven and tested method. He develops workshops for unleashing human potential using modern science and oriental wisdom. LINK

    Andreas Buergi, PhD, "Elegance: Create Inspiring Success with Upside-Down Wisdom".  Andreas says, "Elegant solutions may seem simple at first, but don't be deceived! This type of simplicity is rich, complex, and deeply satisfying." Learn how you can stop self-sabotage, make better decisions that lead to satisfying success, and increase your leadership presence. Andreas has coached and trained 12,000+ business leaders and sales execs in advanced international negotiation techniques and conflict resolution methods worldwide. LINK


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    Danna Lewis | What if Following is the Elegance of Luscious Leading

    in Self Help

    What if Following is the Elegance of Lusciously Leading?

    Danna Lewis, Global Change Facilitator, is a best-selling author and speaker. She considers herself an ambassador of consciousness. She has a magnanimous amount of caring, inspiration and empowerment. She is a creator of magnitude. A fanatic of fabulous food, a seeker of joyful bliss, a curator of delicious moments. She chases the sun and sultry swimming pools, is a lover of the city and a mistress of nature. Danna lives in San Francisco, California and invests her time collaborating, creating and playing with clients, her lover, family and friends.

    Luscious Leadership is a richly satisfying and enjoyable space of guiding, influencing and directing with empowered effectiveness. Does that seem expansive, challenging, or possibly even unattainable for you? Where do you begin? What creates the shift? What if the key ingredient to this delicious space is hidden in the following?

    We use the tools of Access Consciousness on the show, which includes the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement.  You can find more information on the Clearing Statement at www.theclearingstatement.com.

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    LEZ ELEGANCE RADIO: Strap On - Strap Off, Do Femmes Strap up?

    in LGBT

    It's not about the strap, it's about the person behind the strap.


    Discuss the Myths: About why lesbians use the strap-ons
    Discuss the most asked question, " If lesbians are going to use a strap-on why not just be with a man?


    Independent artist Hip-Hop, R&B, House Music, have your music put in rotation by emailing a MP3 track to contact.us@lezeleganceinc.com

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    LEZ ELEGANCE RADIO: Eye Candy, Does body weight matter when dating?

    in LGBT

    What is Eye -Candy to you?


    What is your preference when it comes to body weight?
    Discuss 2 words we dislike which are "Fat & Skinny"
    Talks about how important are physical attribute when choosing a mate?


    Independent artist Hip-Hop, R&B, House Music, have your music put in rotation by emailing a MP3 track to contact.us@lezeleganceinc.com

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    Elegance is Sexy!

    in Women

    From the website of Treasure Her Elegance:   "DRENCHED IN elegance, ADORNED IN pearls AND CREATED IN love, THIS EPIC MOVEMENT OF SISTERHOOD AND WOMANHOOD WILL BE ONE TO  remember! IT IS HERE, WHERE WE WILL BEGIN TO SEE THE GAP BETWEEN OUR legacy AND OUR destiny BEGIN TO DIMINISH."   Terry has proudly launched "Treasure Her™" A Celebration of Our Legacy's Elegance!™ that will be held May 3-5, 2013 at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel in Durham, NC. More than 1000 Women and Girls ages 7-17 will convene in one magnificent setting of elegance, beautifully attired, celebrating the truest spirit of Our Legacy™ that is abundant with love and rich in history! Bring your Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Friends, Networks, Daughters...EVERY Woman and Young Girl special to you in this Pre-Mother's Day Inaugural Signature Celebration! Visit the website and REGISTER TODAY!   Join Tina B. and this week's guest Terry Spicer as they discuss the ELEGANCE of women today and yesterday.