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    Actor Edvin Ortega stops by Conversations LIVE

    in Motivation

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes actor Edvin Ortega to Conversations LIVE to discuss not just what it has been like to see his dreams come true but what bigger dreams he has for himself. Already landing roles with Blue Bloods and Orange is the New Black, Webb and Ortega will discuss the film The Jersey Devil and what's to come.

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    Edvin is the New Boy – Part 1

    in Comedy

    Episode 156 “Edvin is the New Boy – Part 1″ John’s back and juggling cats, and we talk death, unexpected life changes, the impact of social media on tragedy, and insufficiently answered emails. A classic improv game “What If…” reveals how balloon animals and time travel could have saved Abraham Lincoln. Elsie’s got a prank food for End of Show Food. Plus an interview with entertainer Edvin Ortega on dodging bullets, an impromptu dance-off with his idol John Travolta, working on “Orange is the New Black”, taking on comedy with the Devil, and boy bands galore!

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    Edvin Is the New Boy - Part 2

    in Comedy

    Episode 157 “Edvin Is the New Boy – Part 2″ A confusion leads to training for parallel parking using gymnastics equipment. World Cup indifference leads to plans to spice up sporting events (hint: paintball guns, tazers and ice are involved). Inspired by absurd PDA in the subway, Marc and John trade “21 Rapid Fire Things That Annoy Me” and a round of the Hollywood-themed improv game “Recycled Movie Pitch” features eight-legged tap-dancing and an alcoholic-fueled inferno.  Elsie stops by with an unexpected spicy new sweet treat for End of Show Food. Plus Part 2 of an interview with entertainer Edvin Ortega on dodging bullets, an impromptu dance-off with his idol John Travolta, working on “Orange is the New Black”, taking on comedy with the Devil, and boy bands galore! 

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    Introducing the Most Valuable Person on Earth (Think & Grow Rich)

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       Today in my radio show I am going to answer the question "who is the most valuable person on earth?" if I had gotton the opportunity to see in person and ask you that same question you may give the following intelligent answers. (1) may be it is Bill Gate who has the net worth of $76 billion dollars, (2) may be the President of United State America, (3) may be Oprah Winfrey, or (4) Carlos Slim Helu who has the Net Worth of 72 billion dollars, or (5) you may say that it is Amancio Ortega who has the net worth of $64 billion dollars, or (6 )you may say that it is Warren Buffett who has the net worth of $58.2 billion dollars, or (7) you may consider Larry Ellison who has the the net worth of $48 billion dollars, lastly may be someone you know and love to be your model in live . But you will be surprise to hear in my show tonight that they are not.

        I will reveal to you who the most valuable person on earth is, which I will want you to reach out to, make him your friend and become successful in this life. Jesus Christ the greatest Teacher and Master of all introduces this person to me.

        Friends! tune in tonight by 7:30pm  New York eastern time.Thanks to all my friends all over the world who sent me birthday wishes yesterday.------ Bishop Emmanuel Udoeyo (The regional 3 Bishop of the Ambassadors Ministerial Fellowship, USA).

    Radio link : www.blogtalkradio.com/winnersbroadcastingradio

    Website link: www.johncmaxwellgroup.com/emmanueludoeyo  for speaking appointments and coaching invitation



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    Health Talk w. The Health Boss

    in Self Help

    We will be discussing how domestic violence affects the health of victims and their families Our Guest: Yvonne Ortega

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    BOAA831: Tony Ortega

    in Paranormal

    Investigative journalist Tony Ortega joins BoA:Audio for an in-depth discussion on his research into the controversial Church of Scientology.  We'll find out what insiders have revealed about the notoriously secretive religion as well as the nefarious methods that Scientology uses to suppress critics and disaffected former members. More info on Tony Ortega can be found at http://tonyortega.org

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    Exit Coach 1M Preview: Business Coaching - Juan Ortega

    in Management

    Host: Bill Black. 

    Juan Ortega explains business coaching, why it works, and why your company should consider it. 
    Audio library: www.ExitCoachRadio.com. New content daily - check back often!

  • The Free Oscar Lopez Rivera Campaign and the 'Millions March' Protest

    in News

    Tonight on Latino Rebels Radio we will have Dorian Ortega, who is heading the campaign to free Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera. Dorian will be discussing the case with us and telling us what her campaign is doing on January 6. 

    Then we will share an Latino Rebels Exclusive about Puerto Rico you don't want to miss.

    Finally, our co-host Sharis will talk about the December 27 "Millions March" protest in Los Angeles. Sharis was on the ground that day and will share her impressions. Join the convo and dial 347-308-8633!

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    Scientology reveiled with Tony Ortega

    in News

    Rex Bear welcomes Tony Ortega.

    Tony Ortega is an American journalist and blogger who is best known for his daily blog about the Church of Scientology. He is currently executive editor of The Raw Story. Previously, he had been the editor-in-chief of the Broward-Palm Beach New Times from 2005 to 2007 and the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice from 2007 to 2012.

    Tony Ortega first reported on Scientology in 1995 while working at the Phoenix New Times and continued covering the subject throughout his career under various media outlets.

    After leaving the Voice in September 2012, Ortega began writing a freelance blog entitled The Underground Bunker that is focused solely on Scientology.

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    PRW Radio Episode 120

    in MMA

    Our frist guest tonight will be Kelly McGill (1-0) who is set to take on Maegan Goodwin (0-0) at Invicta FC on November 1st. We will get Kelly's thoughts on the bout, predictions, thoughts on fighting for Invicta and more.

    Next will be Rachael Smith (0-1) who will face Mary Ortega (0-0) on November 22nd for Shamrock FC. We will talk to Rachael about fighting a pro boxer in her MMA debut, thoughts and predictions for the fight and more.

    Finally will be Stephanie Skinner (3-5) who is set to Face Kyra Batara (1-1) on November 7th for RFA. We will talk to Stephanie about the fight, thoughts, predictions, getting to fight at home for a big promotion and more.

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