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    Cancerous Stories, Part 3: Cure and Prevention

    in Psychology

    In today's story we will continue with the metaphor of cancerous ideas spreading throughout a society and its body politic. The murder of innocents in France, Denmark and other world capitols supposedly bastions of democracy frighten me. I feel increasingly hopeless with the rise of anti-semitism and religious hated in general, the increasing deradation of women, and the general failure of political leaders and citizens to theorize as to the cause and cure of these cancers as well as suggesting ways of meeting them except by surgery provided by military activity. I despair as authoritarian regimes fail and are replaced by totalitarian demogagues demanding total obedience to their hate filled ideologies. I cringe as science, free inquiry, abstract thought, respect for facts and individual creativity are replaced by concrete thought and destructive fantasies accepted whole and literally. I watch in terror as education is demeaned and scapegoats are sought on who can be blamed for the problems created by poverty, hopelessness, social injustice, rank materialism, and our general fear of facing monumental environmental degradation. I cannot sleep nights as I have come to believe that political democracy (my beloved America in particular) the surest immunity against the spread of cancerous fantasies is in retreat and decline. I do this podcast to give myself hope and to live up to the ideals that I still believe in.    

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    Welcome to Operation Jericho Project Radio.  The Educational solution to Common Core and Government Controlled Education.  We will be blowing the HORNS of TRUTH in order to bring down the walls of the government indoctrination system we call "public education". Join us Thursday, July 17th at 12 noon PST with Operation Jericho Founder and Host, Christina Michas. I'm joined by my co-host and Operation Jericho Project Leadership Team Member, Angela Bean.. We will be joined today by our guest, Debbie DeGroff, a children literature researcher for over 28 years. We will discuss what has been and is happening with childrens literature books that have been and are currently in your child's libraries. There is truly an agenda behind the perversion of literature books and we will discuss this and much more on our show. I know many parents say, "this is not in MY child's school".. Trust us, it IS and has been.. no child is safe and no school is unscathed. You WILL understand much more after this enlightening show. The very morality of our children and our nation are being destroyed in the libraries.

    Operation Jericho Project believes that we must "RESCUE OUR CHILDREN"!  Listen and find out why this a CLARION CALL and how the churces, Pastors and Community leaders can help OJP accomplish this Biblical mandate. Parents, it's time to learn what really goes on  when you put your child into the government controlled schools.

    OPERATION JERICHO PROJECT RADIO  - WHERE TRUTH TRUMPS LIES!! Join us each Thrusday to hear exciting guests that inform and inspire..  SHARE THE PODCASTS WITH MANY AND HELP SPREAD THE TRUTH.. 

    Operation Jericho website:  www.operationjerichoproject.com:  




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    Why Don't I Just Get Started - This Feels Good

    in Self Help

    Motivation to Get Started and to Keep Going - Despite delays and obstacles, despite discouragement, it feels good to keep moving forward!

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    Letters Of Courage!!

    in Religion

    Guest: Paula Guenon- Producer/Media Consultant.

    Join Kristyn and Paula as they discuss letters sent to Kristyn from courageous people who left polygamy and are standing up against the abuse with their words and voices to educate.

    One of the letters Kristyn will read is from a young woman about her father. Her father was severely abused, ran away, was homeless and yet was able to end that cycle and be a great father. She was so grateful for her up-bringing and that it wasn't in polygamy.

    Other discussion is how diffcult it is for people to break these cycles, and the plyg thinking.  That in truth is not about choice.





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    LIVE from the Batcave: On location at "The Wildlife Conservation and Ed. Ctr"

    in Pets

    Join Danny & Andy LIVE as we broadcast from the "BatCave" at the Wildlife Conservation and Edcuation Center in Ridgefield Park, NJ.  We'll be chatting with owner Joe D'Angeli and learn more about some of the deizens that dwell there.  We will be bringing awareness to Joe's Campaign to help move into a larger facility and continue to educate thousands of children annually!

    Listen in live as we explore the center and learn why we need great educational facilities like this to help save the future!

    check out www.NJBatMan.com for more information and to contribute to the fund to help make the new and improved batcave a scuccess!

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    Miserable and Loving It.....

    in Self Help

    Motivation to Get Started and Keep Going - Miserable and Loving It.  Why hard times are sometimes good times!!!!


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    Neighborhood Talk Show Live And Turned Up!!!

    in Entertainment

    Comedy,Economy,Education,Entertainment,Music Promotion,Promotion,Making Money From Home,Making Money Online,Politics,Relationships And More...

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    A.Rauel & Mahoghani Dawn Let's Talk About It!

    in Education

    A.Raquel and Mahoghani Dawn will talk about the latest trending news and provide a particular point of view — political, religious, or otherwise that will contribute to the increase of life for listeners. Also, entertainment and celebrity blogger Ray Cornelius (www.raycornelius.com) will stop by the café with the latest out of Hollywood.    

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    Just a Fad Diet? Raw Dog Food for Thought

    in Pets

    Just a Fad Diet? Raw Dog Food for Thought Feeding a raw diet for pets has been a recent heated debate. Learn science based and researched information from this interview with  Kim Matsko.
    Kim Matsko earned her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the University of Illinois. As part of her educational experience, Kim served a nutrition internship at the Nestle Purina Product Technology Center in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Thereafter, Kim worked at the Norfolk SPCA as well as other veterinary clinics where she worked with outstanding veterinarians who advanced her knowledge in veterinary medicine. Kim's passion for holistic medicine and nutrition solidified when she managed the Cared for Canine in Southern Pines, North Carolina.  Kim currently resides in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she is the owner of Natural Pet Essentials., a store which features quality foods, supplements, and products, and where Kim is the voice for pet nutrition. Kim is also a professor at Kenyon Canine Institute.
    Dog Talk is Sponored by: Kenyon Canine Institute Kenyon Canine Institute provides higher edcuation for canine careers.  

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    All Fired Up-Military Monday w/Host Betty Kilbride

    in Military

    Lets talk Civic Responsibility and American History with Special Guest Sean McGowan. McGowan was a former History and Civics Teacher for the Fairfax County School System outside Washington, DC, as well as the Charlotte NC School System. This should be an interesting show, so don't miss it. Host Betty Kilbride gets all fired up when someone attacks our military. Listen in as she brings the truth to the airwaves of their bravery, accomplishments and the travesties that befall them

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    We support the community

    in Computers

    Lamar Wilson of T-Mobile will come and talk about how they are involved in our children's edcuation and the community.
    We will speak with the owner of The Cake Bar Shani and learn about her passion behind her business as well as an upcoming tasting.http://thecakebarcake-a-nista.blogspot.com/
    Author Veronica Blakely will come and talk about Depression is a T.H.I.E.F. This week will cover 'H'ealth. What affects depression has on your health. www.depressionis ATHIEF.com