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    Packers/Seahawks Preview; UCLA; Dunkin Donuts; Pick'em RQ's (09-03-14)

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    This week:   We cover UCLA's road to the potential National Championship.  Week 1 - UCLA struggles to beat lowly Virginia on the road.  WHY was their offense so terrible in Week 1?  Cause for concern in Westwood?  PLUS a preview of the Packers/Seahawks NFL opener on Thursday night AND Dave does a taste test of the new Dunkin' Donuts in Santa Monica.  Also in Hour 1: John in CT and Andy in Seattle share their "picks of the week" on our untitled-pick'em segment.  In Hour 2:  Kevin on the Cape and "Random Questions" where we break down a most successful draft for Dave and Kevin's fantasy team.

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        the COOL CRITICS get around to the BLACK FACE/DUNKIN DONUTS AD.  We interview the people behind AFROMAN KID RESCUE a cartoon that is geared for helping children from Kofi Johnson & JahRae - see them on facebook, they give the website and other information on this valuable concept to save our youth of all races.  It's universal - 
         Shellie Z's 911 call on the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin will be discussed briefly.  Let's see what kind of good time we can have in CONVERSATION...
    347-205-9366 with the COOL CRITICS on the JKN.]

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    The Legion of Donuts Vs. Old Hat

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    Deadpool, drinking games, wandering topics, the return of an old classic, and more await you in this mid-week episode of your favorite breakfast-themed villians.  Making up for lost time, a full hour awaits you to listen to today, share with your friends, or spend the weekend with, enjoying its company in a snowed-in cottage in the mountains.  Don't forget to vote on your ideas for #LegionBattles on Twitter or Facebook, and, if you can, please donate to the Legion of Donuts GoFundMe account here.  We do need your help to grow and get better.  Also, try us out on Stitcher, the Podcast Aggregating app.  Give us a Thumbs Up if you like the episode so more people can find us.  The Legion depends on YOU!

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    The Legion of Donuts Vs. ...Something?

    in Hobbies

    In today's episode of Legion of Donuts, Lex Cruller, the Greatest Confectionary Mind in the Universe, introduces a new and powerful ally.  Meanwhile, at the exact same place, discussions are held on Bat-Fleck, DC's recent terrible track record on...  Everything, and their chance for redemtion with the People's Champion, more Deadpool and Kevin Smith Chatter, A 'Nigh-invunerable' hero gets another chance on Amazon Video.  Suits of armor made of office supplies and Al Pachino also are mentioned.  Like and Share us on Facebook, Twitter, and Stitcher (the podcast aggregating app for smartphones).

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    How to Build a Successful Business and Marriage

    in Travel

    The reality for many working professionals is our time is spent more with co-workers and colleagues than with our loved ones (spouse, partner, children, close friends, parents and pets). What if we could shift that reality? 

    Married Travel-preneurs and hosts of the NuAttitude A.C.T.I.O.N.o.w Show, Kenneth and Cynth'ya Reed share their secrets on building a successful business with your partner while strengthing your relationship. In fact, if you ask the Reeds they will tell you owning a business, especially a travel business, with you partner is "Better Than Donuts".

    Be sure to connect with Surge Nation via Facebook or Twitter 


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    The Race Trim MotorSports Hour #27

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    It’s been a few weeks since the guys in the Frat House Sports Garage were together, but as we near end-of-month, it’s all now colliding with last minute inspections, and folks wanting to get their vehicles “road (coarse) ready” for summer-driving during vacation season.

    The guys are looking back at the rain-shortened race at Michigan International Speedway which gave Kurt Busch his second win of the season . . . but, more importantly, this week presents the challenge of the first of only two road coarse tracks at Sonoma Raceway where Jeff Gordon has won five times since 1998 . . . but not since 2006. Could he get his first this season right here . . . right now?

    Plus, we’ve got a bit of nitro drama going on over in NHRA. John Force has had some rather odd and cryptic remarks recently about rival Don Schumacher over at DSR. Is this just “sour grapes” on the part of the sport’s greatest champ, or has this been “staged” to draw attention to the sport? What the hell is going on back there?

    Don’t forget the regular features like Uncle Mark’s Over the Wall; Sidekick’s NASCAR Fantasy picks; and the garage guys’ Eat-My-Dust Picks for Sonoma. Who’s going to make the right turn?

    The Frat House Sports Garage is OPEN on Sunday and the coffee is flowing . . . you BETTER bring plenty of donuts . . . and your phone calls to 347 – 826 – 9964!

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    The Race Trim MotorSports Hour #26

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    The guys in the Frat House Sports Garage are all awake, alert, and smellin’ the coffee; munchin’ on donuts; and, celebrating the big win last week at Pocono Raceway by Martin Truex Jr., his first since Sonoma in 2013! Well, who isn’t celebrating his win? It was cheered nearly NASCAR-wide and the best feel-good story along with American Pharoah winning the Triple Crown.

     But, this week it’s on to the two-mile oval of Michigan International Speedway, a track that in recent years has been owned by Greg Biffle, Jeff Gordon, Denny Hamlin, and Carl Edwards. Is it one of them, or does Kyle Busch get his first win of his young season and put “The Chase” guessing to rest?

    But, there’s also the regular features like Uncle Mark’s Over the Wall; Frat House Mike bringing a NHRA drag racing update with crews just up I-95 in New Hampshire; Sidekick’s NASCAR Fantasy picks; and the garage guys’ Eat-My-Dust Picks for MIS.

    The Frat House Sports Garage is OPEN on Sunday and the coffee is flowing . . . you BETTER bring plenty of donuts . . . and your phone calls to 347 – 826 – 9964! 

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    Beards on MMA with Matt Helm - Bellator 138, UFC 188, more

    in MMA

    On this Beards on MMA, we chat with Matt Helm who makes his professional debut next week at Bellator 138. What's going through his head leading to his pro debut? Will he pick Cutman Matt to wrap his hands? Will he walk out to Danger Zone?

    Then we'll get into a chat about UFC 188. Cain Velasquez returns from his return from return from return from return from injury to take on Fabricio Werdum, who you can never count out of an awkward battle. But does he stand a chance against Cain?

    We'll also talk about the co-main event - Gilbert Melendez vs. Eddie Alvarez. Here's a fight that people have been crying out for for years. Will it live up to the hype, or has it come a few years too late?

    We'll also talk about what else may hit our minds at the time, whether it be something Canadian Jordan and Matt want to make fun of, or donuts, or live commentary of reruns of the Golden Girls. You never know what you get with Beards on MMA!

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    RENAISSANCE RAP'N/KITM/News/Celebrate Robert Brookins /Soul of Sac/AnyHope Left?

    in Radio

        Intelligence when it's positive is a good thing.  It's good for those who are educated, and when received well, it's good for those making attempts to learn - here it is - REN RAP - with brothers Eric & Mark Harris.  347-205-9366.  Call Ya'll - Call you will learn - you will see another angle on things - these guys come correct.


    KINGS IN THE MORNING - get cha coffee - get cha donuts - there is no telling WHAT YOU WILL HEAR on the KINGS show - KINGS in the morning on this Tuesday and Monday through Friday - weekdays.  347-205-9366.

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    The Race Trim MotorSports Hour #25

    in Sports

    We have a big NASCAR race that’s going to be taking place not from us here at the Frat Hour Sport Garage up at the “Tricky Triangle” and Pocono Raceway.

    More importantly however, this race marks the exact second half of the season . . . and, Uncle Mark, Sidekick, and Brandon have their grades – you know like mid-season report card school grades for many of the drivers, the teams, and NASCAR in general. What better time??? Ohhh, THIS ought to be a hoot!

    How would you grade Jimmie Johnson . . . Dale Earnhardt Jr. . . . Jeff Gordon . . . . Brad Keselowski . . . Tony Stewart? Hmmm. THIS could get really interesting and really fun.

    But, there’s also the regular features like Uncle Mark’s Over the Wall; Frat House Mike bringing a NHRA drag racing update with the crew not far from here in New Jersey; Sidekick’s NASCAR Fantasy picks; and the garage guys’ Eat-My-Dust Picks for Pocono.

    The Frat House Sports Garage is OPEN on Sunday and the coffee is flowing . . . you BETTER bring plenty of donuts . . . and your phone calls to 347 – 826 – 9964! 

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    The Race Trim MotorSports Hour #24

    in Sports

    It’s Sunday. It’s Race Day. There’s talk of a “Monster.” Nonetheless, the guys are in the Frat House Sports Garage . . . with the coffee . . . and, the donuts . . . and, they’re talking about everything on wheels.

    Last week’s “Greatest Day in Racing” tops the list as Uncle Mark and Sidekick run around to F-1 in Monaco; the Indianapolis 500; and finally Carl Edwards gets his first NASCAR race win of the season at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

    But, THIS week it’s the “Monster Mile” of Dover International Speedway, and thoughts on whether Joe Gibbs Racing may have ALL of its drivers in “The Chase” as today marks the exact mid-point of the NASCAR season.

    The guys though are also joined by registered NASCAR Media member, Sirius XM Radio announcer, and racetrack PA Announcer Mike Neff. Don’t worry though; they’ll be plenty of time for Uncle Mark’s Over the Wall, Sidekick’s NASCAR Fantasy Picks, and new choices for everyone’s Eat-My-Dust Picks!

    The Frat House Sports Garage is BACK OPEN on Sunday and the coffee is flowing . . . you BETTER bring plenty of donuts . . . and your phone calls to 347 – 826 – 9964!