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    Mothers, Monsters & Memoir with Beth Schulman

    in Writing

    Beth Schulman and host, Crystal-lee Quibell discuss Mothers, Monsters & Memoir, writing about childhood trauma, coming to a place of empathy for those that have hurt us, and the power of sharing your story with the world.

    Beth Schulman McGonagle is a teacher and writer. Beth has devoted her life’s work to creating supportive, creative and literacy rich learning environments for young children. She works with The Penn Literacy Network (PLN) as an instructor and literacy coach.

    Crystal-Lee Quibell is a memoirist, book coach and aspiring author.

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    HIVE - MIND; a memoir ~ organic farming, sustenance and survival.

    in Spirituality

    HIVE - MIND, a memoir by Gabrielle Myers

    Hive-Mind recounts Gabrielle's experiences on a small organic farm in California's Sacramento Valley during the growing season of 2006, as she apprenticed with a female farmer who took her life as the season drew to a close. The memoir begins with Gabrielle's first day on the farm, right after she left her job at an internationally known farm-to-table restaurant, with the intention of taking a long break between cooking full-time and starting graduate school.

    Hive-Mind asks what reasons we give ourselves for our sustenance, while considering how this care of the self and our community can be maintained regardless of life’s challenges and simultaneously compromised through alcohol and drug addiction, romantic loss, and a loved one’s death. Farmer’s decision to take her life after a failed romance runs counter to my embrace of life after a brief affair that didn’t work out as she had hoped. The farm’s acres reflect the divergent answers they each came up with in reply to what they both felt as tragic loss.

    Gabrielle is an Associate Professor of English, writer, and chef living in the Sacramento Valley of California. For over a decade, she worked as a cook and chef for San Francisco Bay area restaurants and catering companies. During the growing season of 2006, she apprenticed under Laura Trent, farmer and owner of Tip Top Produce, an organic farm that specialized in supplying Bay Area farmers’ markets and fine-dining restaurants with heirloom vegetables. Gabrielle, an Associate Professor of English at San Joaquin Delta College, went to graduate school in her early thirties to earn an M.A. in English from the University of California at Davis and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Saint Mary’s College of California.


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    Memoir Into Film with Marie-Rose Phan-Le

    in Writing

    Memoir Into Film: Documenting Your Memoir

    Marie-Rose Phan-Le will discuss her film and memoir, Talking Story: One Woman's Quest to Preserve Ancient Spiritual and Healing Traditions. She’ll share how she travelled the world to document ancient traditions and what she learned as a filmmaker and a writer as she discovered and embraced her creative calling.

    Marie-Rose Phan-Le is a Filmmaker, and Author. Leading as the C.O.O. of a Visual Media Company. She has 25+ years’ experience in film/TV production. Founder of Healing Planet Project and the Chief Operating Officer and Creative Director at High Impact Inc,.

    Crystal-Lee Quibell is a memoirist, book coach and aspiring author.

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    Kickstarting Your Memoir with Drew Harper

    in Self Help

    Kickstarting Your Memoir, How to Crowd-Fund Your Book into Being.

    Author Drew Harper discusses how he used kickstarter to publish his memoir, Space At The Table. He’ll share his experience coming out to his Evangelical Christian parents and how together they overcame the religious barriers to love each other the way they are.

    Drew Stafford Harper is a freelance journalist and actor who splits his time between Portland, New York, and Cairo. Space at the Table: Conversations Between an Evangelical Theologian and His Gay Son, coauthored with his father Brad Harper, is his first book.

    Crystal-Lee Quibell is a memoirist, book coach and aspiring author. 

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    Garbage Bag Suitcase: A MEMOIR (foster care awareness) with Shenandoah Chefalo

    in Family

    Garbage Bag Suitcase: A MEMOIR (foster care awareness) with Shenandoah Chefalo

    Shenandoah's dreams for a stable childhood were shattered: the money she earned working at the local grocery store was taken by her foster parents to "cover her expenses." When she was in the hospital for three weeks due to serious injuries from a car accident, no one came to visit her. She realized she was more alone than before.

    Despite her heartbreaking circumstances, Shenandoah overcame adversities and became part of the 3% of all foster care children who get into college, and the 1% who graduate. Despite becoming a successful businesswoman and having a daughter of her own, she still suffers the long-term effects of her neglected childhood. In "Garbage Bag Suitcase," she shares her story in hope of spurring immediate change that needs to take place within the system, and what we all can do to help these children.

    Shenandoah Chefalo is a graduate of Michigan State University, holding a Bachelor of Arts with a major in interdisciplinary studies in social science, a Core Essentials Graduate from Coach U, a Certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner and a member of the Foster Leaders Movement. She is a sought after speaker on topics surrounding youth in foster care.

    For more information visit: www.garbagebagsuitcase.com

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    OUReality: Common Core ,,, The Making of a Dummy

    in Education

    PLEASE ,,, Join,  Eva along with her co-hosts Michael Conoley and Jimmy Gray as they welcome their guest Teacher Jamie Bennett.  Tonight we will be discussing Common Core ,,, What is the Common Core?

    The Common Core State standards describe learning goals for each grade level in math and English language arts, with a focus on preparing students for college and the real world.  The standards were developed by a group of state education chiefs and governors with the help from teachers and curriculum experts.

    Fourty-three states have adopted the standards and currently implementing them in their public schools.

    Stay tuned for more ,,, Government Shenanigans ... enjoy ;)

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes Culture Shocked!

    in Entertainment

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to Culture Shocked with Culture Shocked host Author Jamie White!! Jamie will chat Author Tricia Pimental regarding her newest release A Movable Marriage: a memoir!

    Tricia Pimental: Born in Brooklyn, New York, Tricia Pimental is the author of two award-winning books: Rabbit Trail: How a Former Playboy Bunny Found Her Way, and Slippery Slopes: a Libby Landis novel. Her second memoir, A Movable Marriage, is now available on Amazon.com worldwide.

    Articles, short fiction, and poetry have appeared in International Living Magazine; A Janela, the quarterly magazine of International Women in Portugal; anthologies compiled by the Florida Writers Association and the National League of American Pen Women, and elsewhere.

    A member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and a former Toastmaster, Ms. Pimental resides in Portugal.

    Contact: https://amovablemarriage.wordpress.com/


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    The Cruz Trump DEBATE

    in Current Events

    Tonight all my friends lets talk out the elections......... CRUZ.......TRUMP.....who do you want...what do we need......WHAT THE HELL IS COMING...... lets talk

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    Author2Author with Abigail Thomas

    in Writing

    Bill welcomes author, teacher, and painter Abigail Thomas to the show. Abigail Thomas was for a time a book editor and for another time a book agent before writing for publication. Her first three books “Getting Over Tom,” “An Actual Life,” and “Herb’s Pajamas” were works of fiction. Her memoir, “A Three Dog Life,” was named one of the best books of 2006 by the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post. It won the 2006 Inspirational Memoir Award given by Books for A Better Life. She is also author of “Safekeeping,” a memoir, and “Thinking About Memoir," and, most recently, the memoir "What Comes Next and How to Like it."

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    Sports Palooza: "Tokyo" Rosenthal & His "A Fauxtographer's Yankee Stadium Memoir

    in Sports

    Welcome to another edition of Sports Palooza Radio! Thank you for stopping by. Today, we know that the start of spring training is just around the corner and soon it will be baseball season!  We thought it was a great time to talk to Arnie "Tokyo" Rosenthal and his amazing story and book "A Fauxtographer’s Yankee Stadium Memoir."

    So just who is Arnie “Tokyo” Rosenthal?  For eight consecutive Major League seasons, this Valley Stream, NY, native (now a resident of Chapel Hill, NC), who envisioned and dreamed of himself as a baseball media broadcaster, beat reporter and photographer, “schemed and tricked” his way into the House That Ruth Built with full access to the Stadium’s field, press box, dugouts, clubhouses and even top level complimentary seats in the stands.  Over that time period, he recorded very few actual player interviews and filed very few stories, but he and his attractive girlfriend/soon-to-be-wife took hundreds of photos of players, managers and coaches that have never been seen by anyone. That is until now.


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    Sharon Begley: A Groundbreaking Collaboration between Neuroscience and Buddhism

    in Self Help

    Our Host: Svetlana Kim, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee and co-author of The Last of the Four Musketeers: Allen Joe's Life and Friendship with Bruce Lee, Speaker, and Consultant. www.svetlanakim.com

    Our guest:

    Sharon Begley is currently the senior science writer at STAT, the life sciences  publication of the Boston Globe. 

    Sharon Begley, one of the most astute science writers, to illuminate the dimensions of our emotional make up and offer cogent and compelling ways for us to grow into more effective and fulfilled selves. (Jerome Groopman, Recanati Professor, Harvard Medical School, Co-Author "Your Medical Mind:" How to Decide What is Right for You.) Sharon has been the science editor and science columnist at Newsweek, as well as science columnist at the Wall Street Journal. She is also the author of the New York Timesbestseller Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain.
    With her gift for making science accessible, meaningful, and compelling, Sharon Begley illuminates a profound shift in our understanding of how the brain and the mind interact and takes us to the leading edge of a revolution in what it means to be human.

    Please visit author's website at: sharonlbegley.com

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