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    SITM's 2014 NBA Draft Special w/ Moe Ager; 97.1's Dennis Fithian on Pistons & UM

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    The @a2iwheels/www.a2iwheelandtire.com guestline presents Maurice (Moe) Ager and Dennis Fithian during Tuesday's 2014 NBA Draft Special on Sports in the Mitten with Adam Biggers and John Gustin. 

    One of Michigan State's all-time greats, Ager joins SITM to discuss the potential of Gary Harris and Adreian Payne, who should be MSU's first pair of first-rounders since Ager and Shannon Brown were in 2006. We'll also hit on Keith Appling and Michigan's trio of Nik Stauskas, Glenn Robinson III and Mitch McGary. 

    Fithian, a mainstay on Detroit's 97.1 The Ticket, hops on the line to talk about the Pistons' draft needs. Will Joe Dumars go big or fall short. Also Adam and Dennis share their love of college football and predict the Win-Loss for the 2014 Maize & Blue squad. 

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    Heck No! Joe D Must Go!

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    I was fishing around on Yahoo recently (like I always do...sometimes for topics & news for this show), & I happened to come across a report that stated Joe Dumars was on his way out of the Pistons' front office. If this is true (& most Pistons fans probably hope so), then so be it. It may be time for both parties to move on. Things just haven't really been the same these past 5/6 years. Sounds like it's indeed time for a change. But here's the question: Should this happen? The man did some phenomenal things for the organization as a player & as the team president/executive for nearly 30 years. It's been a very disappointing season to say the least, & to be honest, it needs to be discussed...& we will talk about this & more on another installment of "The Rocket Sports Breakdown". Rocket Nation, get ready for a power trip. BANG!!

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    Detroit Pistons Draft Lottery, SVG w/ 97.1's Dennis Fithian, Mark Cuban Comment

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    LIVE 3-4 PM ET

    The www.a2iwheelandtire.com/@a2iwheels guestline presents 97.1's Dennis Fithian and TV 12's Ryan Slocum during Thursday's power-hour episode of Sports in the Mitten. (Due to technical reasons, Slocum wasn't able to join--we'll get him on in the future). 

    Fithian joins the program at 3:10 to discuss the latest rumblings regarding MoTown's former Bad Boys and his thoughts on the first-rounder who got away during the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery selection show. 

    We talk about Stan Van Gundy, Mark Cuban, LeBron James and hit on a few Michigan State- and Michigan-related topics. A transfer from Cleveland State has his eyes on the Spartans, while Michigan continues filling its football recruiting class with solid talent.  

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    "We got your rubber"

    Spring is here. Get in gear at A2i Wheel and Tire. 

    Visit the shop at 1904 Cedar in Holt, or call Adam Stevens' crew directly at (517) 214-1044. 

    Osmun's Landscaping (www.OsmunLandscape.com)

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    The Knee Jerks: Detroit Sports with Eno and Big Al

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    The Knee Jerks return after a short hiatus to talk all things Detroit sports, including:

    The Detroit Red Wings are knocked out of the 1st round of the NHL playoffs by the Boston Bruins, losing the series 4-1.
    Johan Franzen, scapregoat.
    Is Jimmy Howard the answer in goal for the Red Wings?
    Mike Babacock is the best coach in the NHL.
    Michigan's Mitch McGary declared for the NBA draft because he tested positive for pot and would have been suspended by the NCAA for a year. A YEAR FOR POT? Blow up the NCAA, please.
    Joe Dumars steps down as Detroit Pistons' GM.
    The Pistons franchise is a mess, lacking leadership when major roster decisions soon need to be made.
    The juxtaposition beween ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary of the Bad Boys Pistons and the current state of the team was eye-opening. The Bad Boys still have each other's back, while the current Pistons all but pointed their fingers at Josh Smith as the blame for many their problems.
    LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling is caught on tape making vile, racist comments.
    Ndamukong Suh does not participate in Detroit Lions' voluntary camp, fans and sports talk radio take offense over what really is much ado about nothing.

    There's all that and more, including "Whose Birthday Is It?" and our "Jerk of the Week!"

    Long-time Detroit sports bloggers and podcasters, Greg Eno (aka the man who knows a lot of things about a lot of things), and Big Al Beaton are The Knee Jerks! Eno and Big Al's podcast is released every Monday on the Sports Geeks Radio Network!

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    The infamous SEC Bagman story....the dirtier the the better??....any honor amongst thieves??...who's the real victims???....How much power should college athletes have when it comes to coaching decisions...ask Minnesota State?....NFL is only 3 weeks away and the rumors are spreading like wildfires....should your favorite team trade up/down...stay put???.....NBA playoffs...are you even paying attention until round 2...Joe Dumars is gone, who should be next in line to lead the Pistons...is Grant Hill a serious contender??

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    2014 NBA & NHL Playoff Previews

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    & now, we have come to the end of the rainbow (not figuratively speaking), but we've just about reached the end of both the 2013-14 NBA & NHL regular seasons. Who's going to win their respective championships? Will there be any upsets? Which player(s) come alive in these tournaments? We'll preview both competitions & more on "The Rocket Sports Breakdown". Also, Joe Dumars has finally stepped down, Aldon Smith's torubles continue, & Michael Phelps is coming back (only a matter of time...not surprising). So strap yourselves, pull up a chair, & call in to make YOUR predictions. 7pm is SHOWTIME!! Rocket Nation, get ready for a power trip. BANG!

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    Talking Sports with the 12th Man

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    General Sports Talk with your hosts Robert Ford and Andre Peterson.

    Show Topics
    1. Recap Championship Game last night
    2. NC State's TJ Warren declares for the draft. Where will he land in NBA Draft?
    3. Should UConn be in the same breath as traditional blue bloods - UCLA, Kentucky, North Carolina, & Duke?
    4. Do you think DeSean Jackson should have been at the start of Redskins workouts?
    5. NFL Mock Draft Coverage
    6. What position & player should Tampa Bay target with #7 pick?
    7. Joe Dumars stepping down at end of season as Pistons President.

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    UConn wins the NCAA Men's Final 4!! NY Mets and Yankees open 2014!!

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    1- MLB


    1A- Boomer Esiason apologizes to NY Mets 2nd Basemen Daniel Murphy and his family after his remarks about Murphy's paternity leave.


    1B- NY Mets and NY Yankees 1st week review.


    2- Boxing/MMA


    2A- Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley preview


    3- NCAA


    3A- Shabazz Napier of the Uconn Huskies claims he goes to bed at night as a student/athlete hungry.


    3B- Uconn beats Kentucky for the NCAA Mens Basketball Final Four.


    4- NFL


    4A- Suny Cortland president Erik J. Bitterbaum sets up a petition to ban NY Jet QB Mike Vick from attending Jets training camp which is held at SUNY Cortland.


    4B- NY Giants spend over $100 million in the off season. Will they get a return on their spending?


    5- NBA


    5A- Alonzo Mourning and Mitch Richmond voted into the Hall of Fame.


    5B- Joe Dumars set to resign as team president of basketball operations of the Detroit Pistons.


    5C- The Mark Jackson situation in Golden State. Will he be fired? How far can they go in the playoffs??


    5D- Indiana Pacers are not looking like an elite team.

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    DSR Podcast -- February 20, 2014

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    Tonight's DSR Podcast features Michael Bochenek and Jeff Moss. We will talk about the Pistons failure to make a trade deadline deal and potentially the Tigers reporting to Lakeland.

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    How to fix the NY Knicks the ITP way. Darren Sharper face life in prison.

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    1- MLB

    1A- Should the NY Mets bring Noah Syndegard up this year and place him in the rotation if he pitches well this spring training??

    2- NFL

    2A- Richie Incognito is placed in a psych hospital. Was this a ploy for sympathy, a ploy to get another NFL job or does he really need help??

    2B- Darrelle Revis and his dilema. Will he be cut by Tampa Bay?? Will Tampa Bay trade him?? If he stays can he play in Lovie Smith's defense??

    2C- Darren Sharper is fired by the NFL Network and faces life on rape charges.

    3- NBA

    3A- Isiah Thomas could possibly replace Joe Dumars in Detroit??

    3B- OKC signs Caron Butler. Does this help OKC?

    3C- The LA Clippers sign Glenn "Big Baby" Davis and Danny Granger, will their additions help the Clippers??

    3D- How to fix the NY Knicks? Who goes and who stays??

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    Hoops Hardwood & Gridiron Dilemmas

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    Although Michael Sam and Marcus Smart are generating interest world wide for non sports reason there is still a sports elements that continues to get largely ignored and overlooked.is the sports element ie March Madness and the NFL Combine.

    In light of the latest incidence the aftermath is where the biggest storie resides. Will Oklahoma State's losing streak continue? Will the selfishness of Smart cost the Cowboys a bid in the tournament?

    Wih the NFL Combine only two weeks away the initial concern may be the interviews but the real story comes  once he is selected and reports to training camp.

    NBA All Star week is around the corner the their are a few truths that must be accepted: 1. Lebron won't dunk 2. D Wade is running out of excuses why not to play 3, Kobe is not playing this season and 4. Joe Dumars needs to be fired


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