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    Archangel Michael and Understanding The Transition From Duality To Unity

    in Spirituality

    Here we are at the end of January and I am sure that you are feeling the sense of time accelerating.  Things are happening so quickly.  One of the things you may be feeling is the return to unity.   We are realizing what Jesus has always taught us - We are all one. This is why the golden rule is so important and why it is important to forgive your enemy.  In doing so, you forgive yourself.    What would this world look like if everyone understood this?  How different would our day to day lives be?  Please join as we discuss this very important topic.

    There were several new shows lined up this January to help assist you on the road to ascension.  If you missed any of the shows, please check them out in the archives.

    Here was the schedule for January:  

    Jan 3    -  2016 Kick off with predictions, energies, and themes of the year.
    Jan 10  -  Angel Readings and Multi-dimensional healing with Archangel Raphael
    Jan 16  -  Heart Centered and honoring the sacred heart
    Jan 17  -  Responsibility:  Honoring our commitments both individually and collectively
    Jan 23  -  Realm Readings:  What Earth Angel Realm Are You From?
    Jan 30  -  Archangel Michael & The transition from Duality to Unity

    About me:  I am an Angel Intuitive, a Certified Angel Card Reader, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Healer, Teacher, and Friend.  It is my desire to use my gifts and abilities to bring you blessings and return you to the path of Light  .For more information about what I do ,or to receive a professional reading, please visit my website:  www.ascensionmagic.com.   I also invite you to follow the show to keep up with new episodes

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    Interview with Sakoya Russell CEO of Sibelle Cosmetics

    in Entertainment

    MDR RADIO will be interviewing Ms. Sakoya Russell Owner of Sibelle Cosmetics, she'll be speaking about her passion in the cosmetic industry and why she loves to formulate and create amazing lipsticks for us everyday women. So listen today at 2:30pm CST/ 3:30 pm EST?. You don't want to miss this. If you would like to order please contact Sakoya at 1-920-415-0837 or www.facebook.com/sibellecosmetics. You can also view her vibrant lipsticks on her website sakoyar.wix.com/sibellecosmetics

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    INK...Cosmetics 2015 - We Are Back!

    in Lifestyle

    Hello listeners! Yes we are back! We are sticking to our roots and have changed our radio name from INK...beautique to INK...Cosmetics! Our show "INK...Inside Out" radio broadcasts will bring you all the behind the scenes action from behind the brand and team lifestyles.  We hope you will tune in! XOXO Besos Celebrity Makeup Artist/Educator Anna Castillo 

    For all our visual folks, please see out blog www.inkinsideout.com

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    Update With Kate Episode 83 Peter Pump-Kin Duality

    in Education

    The updates will be an ongoing clarification of the legal name fraud all of humanity has been duped into being a part of and thus, serving all manner of evil and harm in this reality we call "normal". How incredibly ruthless mirrored only in its' simplicity, legal name fraud is the crux, literally, of all man's woes. It is the only thing that separates you from YOU and thus, all of creation. You can serve only one master, the master of life, truth or, the master of death, legal sorcery. The greatest trick the Devil ever played wasn't convincing you that "he" didn't exist, it was convincing YOU that you didn't exist. Legal Name PROVES you don't exist if you worship this fall-se' I.D.-doll thinking it's you or you're I.D./it.....kate

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    Let's talk About The Duality of Spirit.

    in Higher Education

    If you think the spirit is singular in nature or that you have the spirit of God in you and not the "Other" spirit, come sip from the stream of Reality.

    Everything about you is dualistic, 2 nostrils, 2 feet, 2 eyes, 2 arms 2 hands, et cetera.

    And we can talk all day about you singular mouth or heart, but can this not be dissected in half to produce two identical halves of the whole?

    Day and Night, Male and Female, Up and Down, Left and Right, Love and Hate.

    We all enter this world with two halves of One Spirit and in the end, only One half survives...

    We all exist in a dualistic physical realm, what does that mean for the spirit within me?

    Am I crazy? Is One voice "God" and the other the "Devil"?

    How do I know?

    Join SOT as we discuss this Topic and attempt to linebacker tackle the Truth...

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    Conventional Thought is the Opposite of Quantum Thought: That's Duality!

    in Spirituality

    Conventional reasoning is the quentessential thinking of Life Side reality. It has a ceiling though. And it can only make educated and phiosophical guesses about Infinity and the Source that is emanating this universe that we find ourselves and our very life immersed within. 

    Quantum reasoning, on the other hand, breaks through the Life Side barrier. It ponders with an exploratory willingness that is compelled to understand the Source side of what is actually emanating life, granting life, and motivating life to continue its existence in this REALITY. This extends from our personal life and into the universe as we know it and sense its reality to be, too. 

    These two thoughts undepin our current sciences. We are attempting to find harmony between them. Seeing them as a continuim of consciouseness and intelligence itself opens a door of recognition that can change everything and accelerate our growth.

    We currently tend to position the two thoughts of science as "either/or" and this inclination slams the door of impending awareness expansion shut. It is not one or the other that is correct. They share a duality of Awareness. Transcendence of and immersion within life coexist. Let's get more pragmatic about this relationship and see what reveals, yes?!

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    Do Worship Rituals keep Us Separated or Closer to TRUE Spirit Source- God?

    in Spirituality

    This may be a puzzling question to you, or it may be something you've been wondering about but aren't sure where it will lead.
    The very act of adoring our Creator seems to be integral to being an appropriate way to show our undying love for our Higher SELF, Christos-Spirit, God-Creator, doesn't it?  When was worship not the standard for relating to a Power so magnifient and all-pervading? After all, God is our very Source of existence. How could worship not be part of our relationship?
    Such thoughts are logical, humble and speak to our hearts. The whole worship experience has an emotionally stirring feel-good quality that seems to positively support the intensity and value of worship as ideal ways to relate to our Creator. It is so powerful and the experiences are so deeply moving. This is undeniably TRUE, too.
    Worship has a fundamentally social component that also feeds our souls. So, why would we ask such a question? Of course, there are two aspects to our being, yes? The innate Spirit part and the physical (body-mind) part. The questions that bubble to the surface are these:  Does worship serve the needs of a body-mind?  Does worship serve the needs of Spirit-Essence? 
    This is the primal bottom-line reality that makes us HU-in-man  (Spirit-in-man). We must consider both needs with equal weight. A duality world, as the one we live in, requires that we put the two together for us to have a wholism understanding. If we only consider one side of our Divinely made structure, we will not be able to know what we need to know.  
    This is the very reason we ask this question. TRUTH never fears the exploration, denies the discoveries, or fails to be whole. Join us and share  your interests, questions, and concerns. We support and encourage an open and honest dialog.

    Sharon and Will

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    Twanna Talks GLAM! What's too much and how young is too young for GLAM?

    in Motivation

    We as women know how inportant it is to look great, but what if you just don't feel like it?

    Can the right hair cut or beat face change the way you feel?

    At what age should a girl be allowed to wear makeup?

    Als, we saw o a recent reality show that some ladies we're asked to come to an event without cosmetics. Would you be able to walk out of the house with an all natural face?

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    Messages from Above with Bonnie Thompson

    in Spirituality

    Show Debut!

    Goldylocks Productions Presents the Messages from Above with Bonnie Thompson Show.

    Bonnie is a gifted Fourth Generation  International Psychic, Medium and Healer who specializes in Clairvoyance and Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Angelic Readings and Intuitive Guidance and Spiritual Counseling. Bonnie is a Reiki Master Teacher and has also trained in Maui with Doreen Virtue. She has been a repeat guest on TV and Radio. Bonnie is always providing guidance and helping people find their purpose in their life, as well as comforting clients who have lost loved ones.



    Special Guest: Jessica Nightingale

    Jessica is a gifted Psychic Medium and Spiritual Mentor who delights in connecting with Spirit to convey Divine inspiration, healing, and loving guidance around the world. With a focus on the concept of non-duality and self-realization, Jessica delivers Readings, energy healing modalities, and workshops in her native Ontario, Canada, as well as remotely across the globe.


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    The Changing Face of Beauty - Real & Natural

    in Health

    The benefits of a broader, more inclusive definition of beauty--whether that means using fewer and cleaner cosmetics, loving your body as is, or letting your hair express its natural curl or color--extend far beyond one's own life. They affect families, communities, even the culture at large.  Self-acceptance often leads to accepting others more easily, too, and the world can always use more of that.

    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon as we discuss a few of the ways people have begun to redefine beauty -- and appreciate the natural beauty in each of us.

    Call into the studion with your questions and/or comments: 347-945-7433.


    Cosmetic surgery, injections and fillers, and similar invasive procedures are still popular, of course, but it's clear that clean, healthy, self-affirming beauty trends are gaining ground.