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    in Women

    Special guests who will be discussing Fashion, MakeUp and skin care.   Yolanda Perry Hayes, Sierra Anita Nikole Spaulding and Sonya Ford Soles

    They were to “adorn themselves in modest apparel” – The word “adorn” gives us the word “cosmetic”. It has the idea of “putting something in order, or to make ready.” The thought here is that women are to arrange themselves appropriately when they come to church.

          “Modest apparel” has the idea of “proper clothing”. Women are called on here to come to church dressed to meet the Lord. In other words, they were to prepare themselves for worship. They were to remember where they were going, what they were doing and they were to come to church with the right attire and the right attitude.  Women are to think about how their attire affects others. The godly woman should feel shame and guilt if her attire distracts others from worship, or if their attire sparked a lustful thought in someone else. The whole point here is that a woman should dress in such a fashion that she does not call attention to herself, or to her body. That is true both within and without the church.


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    Code Connection - Codes and Frequencies With Anahata

    in Spirituality

    Jesse interviews Anahata - After a series of personal losses, Anahata surrendered to the flow of the Universe and straight into the arms of God and the path He has set for her. Divine Interventions lead her to become a Certified Emotion Code practitioner. Her love of the healing abilities of crystals then lead her to ask for guidance which she received as a Divine Download. God spoke to her and shared details of Assisting Frequencies which we all have access to because we are connected to all. Anahata now teaches the wisdom and codes she’s been given to facilitate holistic healing and ascension support. She teaches online Anahata Mastery Courses, facilitates 21 Day Transformative Journeys, and shares many free resources (including the codes themselves) on her website: www.AnahataCodes.com. She selects a limited number of one-on-one clients where she uses The Emotion Code, Anahata Codes, Regeneration Healing, and Blueprint Activation techniques as well as vibration recipes to facilitate a person’s own ability to heal themselves. Anahata is Sanskrit for “unstruck”, the eternal inner om, and she aspires to help people return to their Source Point (inner resonation of love, joy, and compassion, fully aligned with Source and wholeness). 


    Clare Hedin: www.clarehedin.com

    Shimshai:  www.shimshai.com

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    Shamanic Breathwork and Universal Frequencies Codes with our Guest Carly Hundley

    in Entertainment

    We will be discussing shamanic breathwork and universal frequency codes with our honored guest Carly Hundly in this episode of Breaking Reality.

    My name is Carly Hundley, Shamanic Priestess Fierce Light Gentle Wolf, and known as Reverend Fierce Light. I have been a seeker for all of my adult life and questioned religion as a child. If I had to pick a religion at this point in my life, it would be LOVE! Not limited to, yet fully embracing Mother Earth and Father Sky, honoring the Galactic Council as guides of mine along with countless others. Over this past year, I have walked upon the Shamanic Path; rather, my entire life has been one initiation after another. I am now embracing that, along with understanding my own personal power, compassion, vulnerability, and intrinsic gifts I offer as I fully embody this human body.


    I am for sure an old soul, aligning with The Bird Tribe, a stellar influence that is seen Earth-side. There are no accidents along the way; it is divine order and timing. My father was a Whistling Songbird; it’s in my ever-changing DNA. Two of 2015’s personal foci for myself were Shamanic Breathwork and Universal Frequency Codes, which I will share about both on the show. I have been able to see with my third eye since 2011 while meditated for hours for training needed to become a Oneness Blessing Giver, a form of simply being the conduit of source/God/Goddess/Higher Self/Collective Consciousness and laying hand on heads, transmitting what each individual’s soul requires, a loving, transfer of energy. The more I sink into being honest and honoring myself, the more powerful my gifts and abilities become.


    Abundant Love & Countless Blessings, Fierce Light  

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    Literary Diva Presents: Life Isn't A Dress Rehearsal: Domestic Violence-Speak Up

    in Women

    Join us for a very special episode of, "Life Isn't A Dress Rehearsal: Domestic Violence-Speak Up.


    Domestic Violence is a problem in every community all over the world.  It's an epidemic among women and children. 


    It's normally committed by someone who says that they love you or someone who's supposed to take care of you and keep you safe.  


    It's a crime that goes unreported or in most countries it's not even considered a crime.  Women are left to fend for themselves or are killed by their attacker.  


    For kids that experience domestic violence, many are silent and are too afraid to tell anyone.  They live with it into adulthood and have a plethora of issues because of it.


    Today we are shining a light on this epidemic because it's an issue that's near and dear to us.  It's important for us as women to speak up and talk about it.  It's important for us as mothers to speak up and talk about it.  It's important for us as a community to speak up and talk aobut it.  It's important for us to stand up against it and say no more.


    Tune in as we discuss the ugliness of domestic violence.


    Stay tuned and keep it locked.

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    Code Connection - The Music and Codes of Spring

    in Spirituality

    I will be sharing the codes of what this Spring Equinox is offering to us; while blending in musical pieces that allow us to plant the seeds and grow  the intentions for this Seasonal Year.

    Code Interpretation allows me to share truth of things.  It gives insights that allow for foresight and Divine wisdom.  Forewarned is well armed.  It allows us to stand in peace instead of getting wrapped up in the competition that sweeps us away and separates us from Divine presence.  Here I look at compassionate ways to handle the ebbs and flows of life; and breaking the programming that is instilled in us from the moment we incarnate.  Through this show, Code Connection, I delve into all the topics you want to know about, wonder about; and share with you ways to deal with what is happening in the world.  While we do not want to focus on the negative heavy energy; we do want to know what it is about so that we can make wiser choices in our lives, and to hold the space of Divine energy instead of turning our power over to a few.  Choice is our God/Goddess given gift; and it is important that we use it to be our own expression of the Divine essence; instead of being what we are told to be by those operating outside of the space of Compassion and disconnected from Divine self.


    Website:  www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com

    Clare Hedin: www.clarehedin.com

    Shimshai:  www.shimshai.com

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    Bro. Rice and Usiku Jicho El....Court Defenses & Commercial Codes

    in Politics

    Bro.Rice and Bro.Usiku will discuss how to work our way through this economic maze.

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    TLC's Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta Star Lori Allen

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview TLC's Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta Star Lori Allen.


    This season on SAY YES TO THE DRESS ATLANTA, Lori and Monte step out of the salon more than ever to help brides find the dress of their dreams, even taking a road trip to Nashville. With surprise brides and last minute dress hunts, the team at Bridals by Lori has their hands full. Also, in a special episode this season, Lori helps her future daughter-in-law find the dress (or dresses) of her dreams. Then, viewers get to follow along as they prepare for the big day and get an inside look at the wedding itself.


    Lori Allen is the owner of Bridals by Lori. She says that her favorite brides are "Brides who are harder to fit because I love to teach them about fit and what looks good on them -- then find them the perfect dress. I like a challenge."


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    Barefoot Is Legal Radio Show: Take Back YOUR Rights

    in Current Events

    Most Americans think that laws exist requiring shoes to be worn while driving a car, going into a store, or eating in public.

    ZERO such USA states have such requirements.

    Not only that, but there are HEALTH BENEFITS to not wearing shoes. 

    Most people have been told otherwise, so the average person wears flip flops  - because they do not WANT to wear shoes, but afraid of violating laws (that do not exist)

    Our website is http://www.barefootislegal.org  and we have a facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/barefootislegal

    Please check out the Barefoot Is Legal Radio Show & learn from Erin James every week as we share about the barefoot lifestyle

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    Should you Dress how you want to be Addressed?

    in Entertainment

    Its TOOOFLYY Tuesday and tonight's show is to address the age old question... Should women dress how they want to be addressed? Shit, should men dress how they wanna be addressed? Lets address this issue together family by calling in to the show to voice your opinion.

    Call in number: 646-716-8991 Press 1 to speak with the host

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    IF YOU GOT IT..FLAUNT IT! "Should my relationship affect my dress code?"

    in Relationships

    Table Talk Thursdays

    Host- Cleopatra

    Co Host- Sweet T

    Panelists- Miss Nikki, Osha Cerese and Jaynea

    Correspondent- Starr with the Dish

    Join us as we discuss the expectations of public presentation while in a relationship.  If you got it, flaunt it...he's still going to want it...or will he?

    We will have a powerful discussion with our host, co-host, panelists and correspondent along with guest callers!!  Feel free to call in if you have questions or comments to 929-477-1220 and press 1 ONLY if you'd like to be heard.  Meet us at the table!!! 

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    Is Police Brutality influenced by dress code? @NcPudgy w Sp Guest 619-638-8559

    in Culture

    Tonight we invite guest on the Kirp Radio Show to talk with host Pudgy Miller @NcPudgy to discuss the thoughts of Hiphop Producer, actor, and movie Scorer and Wu-Tang Clan Founder "RZA". The thoughts he shared with Bloomberg news is surrounding police brutality and ended up being about dress code. It seems there are a lot of Americans who have a conflict with what he said and a conflict with this interview. Join us with your thoughts as we ask you the same questions that we will be discussing... Does America have an issue with the way OTHER Americans dress? Does the clothes you wear project how you act? Join us 619-638-8559 on Kirpradioshow.com. 

    Wu-Tang Clan's RZA Says - “All lives matter,” RZA repeated. He continued:

    I love what the police do for our society, I love the idea of it, to serve and protect. Those who are upholding that idea, then they are beneficial to society. But those who lose that focus, whether they lose it through fear, through stress, or through not being properly trained—and they are allowed to go out on the streets—how can you enforce law if you don’t understand law? I tell my sons, I say, if you’re going somewhere, you don’t have to wear a hoodie–we live in New York, so a hoodie and all that is all good. But sometimes, you know, button up your shirt. Clean up. Look like a young man. You’re not a little kid, you know what I mean? I think that’s another big issue we gotta pay attention to. Is the image that we portray that could invoke a fear into a white officer, or any officer.

    It’s a matter of image, he said—and in the other direction, too. “Now that there’s been so much police brutality, a lot of the young people are scared of the cops.”