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    Drama Queen/King: Why Is My Life One Drama-Filled Crisis After Another?

    in Spirituality

    Michelle Manders professional Channel, Teacher, Astrologer, Soul Mentor, Soul Coach, and Founder/Director of Palace of Peace addresses an issue a number of her clients have had to overcome - DRAMA! Many have also writtento and asked why they experience one drama filled crisis after the other. Michelle has personally overcome this nd will shre her experience and offer suggestions on what to consider doing if you are serious about resigning as a Drama King or Queen of the Universe!

  • Baby Daddy Drama

    in Entertainment

    We always hear about baby momma drama but tonight we will be talking about baby daddy drama. So yes ladies you will get a chance to vent about some of these crazy men. From child support to controlling women that they are with. So ladies if you have a baby daddy story the phone lines will be open just for you. Men if you are being falsely accused of being a bad father the lines will be open for you as well. Tune in from 7pm to 9pm tonight central time 

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    Let's talk about Dating Drama

    in Romance

    Tonight let's talk about Dating Dramas. I have been dating lately and I have to say it's been really interesting. Some of the drama I will share tonight. If you've been dating lately and you are encountering some foolishness, join me and let's talk about what's going on.

    Join me on 3479457556 or in the chatroom. Leave me any dating stories @ http://www.ebonyempresstv.com

    See you at the top of the hour


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    Begin to Heal Your Trauma Drama - 101

    in Self Help

    In this 30 minute podcast Madelaine Standing, Author of the upcoming book, Heal Your Trauma Drama, shares the basis of her work as well as this free online show. There are keys to take with you and principles to follow whenever embarking on a healing journey.

    These string of free talks in 2014 are no different from any other adventure that you may go on and require a certain mindset in order to be successful when working through your trauma and its resulting dramas. 

    Learn more about the Heal Your Trauma Drama Program here. 

    Read about The Viva Standing Foundation here.


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    A Different Kind Of Love: All Hail The Queen

    in Entertainment

    Writing has been Michelle Cuttino’s passion since grade school, and she is also an avid reader. Cuttino grew tired of books centered on handsome, chiseled men, and long-haired, fair-skinned women who were thin, but very shapely. That wasn't her reality. Since she couldn’t find novels with characters who mirrored those in her daily surroundings, she decided to create them herself. Her mission is to publish content written by and geared towards the plus-size population. Join me in welcoming the self-proclaimed "Queen of Plus-Size Fiction," Michelle Cuttino, who will give us the skinny on the representation of plus-size women in fiction.  

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    Our Annual Holiday Wishes Show with Channeling from Mary Queen of the Angels!

    in Spirituality


    Happy Holidays! This is our last show of 2014!

    On this show I will be sharing some of the key points that I channeled for 2015 with Mary Queen of the Angels! She provided several key predictions for the new year and how you can prepare!

    We will also be powering up your big intentions for 2015! So bring your list for our big Holiday Wishes Guided Meditation with the Angels! 

    And we are super lucky to be able to use the fantastic New Moon energy that is upon us that gives us the perfect set up for fresh starts and new beginnings! This will make our guided meditation even more powerful!

    And a few readings too! So call in early! 347 215 9485

    See you on the show!


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    Drama Queens with Love Scenes AND Drama Queens and Adult Themes

    in LGBT

    Kevin Klehr, an out published writer shares:

    selected readings and
    backstory on his latest gay fiction novels:

    Drama Queens with Love Scenes
    Drama Queens and Adult Themes

    Also meet Carrie and TJ (two fans / readers) who share both reviews and insights on Kevin's work. 

    While listening to this show, visit Kevin's site to keep up on on his latest works, events and shows.

    Your host, Soul Dancer, invites you to be on this show!  Click this link to email Soul with a day, time and topic for your show.

    To listen to all our on-demand shows, click this link or subsribe to our iTunes stream.

    Music: Clean Soul (first reading); Wisps of Whorls (second reading) by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0

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    Cowgirl Devotions

    in Women


    Rodeo Queen University

    1301 S Hamilton Road

    Moses Lake, WA 98837

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    No More Holiday Drama!

    in Christianity

    While we all hope for one of those Holiday's with no stress; those times we get together with friends, familly, nieghbors, and co-workers and it all "works".  We all know that reality is often very different from fantasy when it comes to the holidays. Sadly, Christmas can be pretty stressful and unpleasant for many who may not look forward to spending a lot of time with people that they don't particularly like but feel obligated to be with during this time of year, at the same time it can often be just as stressful with the peolpe we do like!  We're going to take drama out of holiday get togethers.

    I'd like to offer several strategies for surviving the holiday.   So, consider doing the right thing for yourself (and perhaps others too) by using the following tools we will talk about in today's show.  By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    5 Ways to Transition from Being a Local Beauty Queen to a Celebrity

    in Entertainment

    In today's segment Queen Chioma will share how you can go uplevel from a Beauty Queen to Celebrity Status.
    I will look at case studies and examine the lives of beauty queens that have moved to celebrity status from Halle Berry to Oprah Winfrey. If you are serious to become a celebrity and use your current title and crown to make a big difference in the world then this teaching is for you! :-)

    I will share 5 ways that you can make this transition and I will also share my story of how I turned my pageant career into a high profile career in the media industry, along with being a Beauty Pageant Director, I also work as a TV Presenter with over 5 years of experience in television, I will also share how I became an International Motivational Speaker and a professional Singer that has spoken and performed in over 4 countries which include Nigeria, the UK, Bulgaria and Turkey.

    Find out more about Queen Chioma here:

    Apply for England's Dazzling Beauty today 2014/15  today
    or apply for UK's Dazzling Beauty 2015: http://www.uksdazzlingbeauty.com

    Request an information pack and an application form:



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    Red Queen breaks down business industries for women!

    in Business

    Red Queen Hera talks about certain industries for female advancement

    Homecare- Cleaning,laundry,babysitting-nanny,cooking,healing(first aid), emotional-spiritual support;blogger
    Sex- at home sex moves,dating&relationships,sex chat,sex blogs&magazines,stripper,escort,...
    Beauty- makeup,arts&crafts,music,fashion&creative wardobe,nails&hair dos
    Physical Fitness and Dance- yoga,zumba,qi-gong, fitness instructor,health & diet nutrition, instr. dancer dvds

    Bascially these are the hottest zones for the female and I your Queen shall explain why and how?

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