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    Fcked Up Fridays Ya Under Dig ME!!!!(Random Night)

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    No debbie downers allowed tonight!

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    The Detectors Radio Network - The New Rage Sexting Amongst Kids and Teens

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    I will talk about the issue of "Sexting" which is the  rage amongst our youth, the most frightening issue is that it can lead to acts of Terrorism. In the case of   one student who was prior under acting within her High School, she was pushed at school on Thursday which led to a hallway fight. But then this fight became a Sexting" battle involved the girls family who had gotten naked pictures of the  teen and placed them all over the internet with their daughter! In addition, these people were involved in attacks against the family for the full week-end, there were text of we are going to kill you, the grand mother made a chat video with more threats then they placed the video all over society media. The people involved, also interesting enough with and or without knowledge have videos of theie daughter online doing Sexting with a boy while they have a naked video of a student they placed on line. The Story was on ABC NEWS but then the people who listen about this bullied/terrorist assault did not know the other facts, as to how the other family had the video, and why they were attacking her, as if she committed murder over a school pushing fight which lead to all the adults making more videos passing them on, and then threatening to murder the girl and her family. Sexting is dangerous but again we have very dangerous minds in our community. This reminds me of the case in Downers Grove where a teenager killed herself as a mother of another boy decided to make out she was another student befriended the girl and talked her into death, click the link as within the same school in 2013 there was a student who committed sucide because nasty videos http://patch.com/illinois/bolingbrook/mom-bolingbrook-high-school-student-kenyatta-parker-tee6fdd8862




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    From Hopeless to Hopeful for Lamar Odom

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    Last week, Lamar Odom appeared to be on his death bed.  This week looks a whole lot more hopeful for the former NBA star as he appears to be on the road to recovery.  The Core Show panelists will react to it all at 7pm. 

    At about 720pm, we will react to NFL week 6 with the uppers and downers segment featuring discussions about Colin Kaepernick, the Seattle Seahawks, Tom Brady, the Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert and a stunning revelation about him plus more.

    At about 8pm, we will get into baseball storylines and the 2015 MLB postseason featuring discussions about the job status of Don Mattingly with the Los Angeles Dodgers after their 1st round flameout agains the New York Mets and what the Chicago Cubs and Toronto Blue Jays need to do to crawl out of the current 0-2 holes they both find themselves in against the Mets and Kansas City Royals, respectively. 

    At about 820pm, we will get into college football week 7.  Is it the same old UCLA Bruins we are used to seeing after they got blown out by Stanford, who is now a primetime contender for the Pac 12?  Also, since the media "buried" Alabama after their loss to Ole Miss, they went into Athens, Georgia and dominated the Georgia Bulldogs before they went into College Station, TX last weekend and dominated Texas A&M, which begs the question. Who can stop Alabama in the SEC?  We'll explain why it's not Leonard Fournette and LSU.  

    Enjoy the show and thank you for listening.  

  • It's Time for the 2015 MLB Playoffs

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    The 2015 MLB Playoffs are here and we are going to issue some predictions in terms of who we think is going to the 2015 World Series and which wildcard team in each league has the best chance to rise up and make a World Series run.  Can the Los Angeles Dodgers overcome their inconsistent bullpen and road issues to return to the World Series for the 1st time since 1988?  Can Clayton Kershaw get a playoff win?  Are the Chicago Cubs ready to overcome the curse of the billy goat and Steve Bartman?  Are the St. Louis Cardinals unbeatable?  Can the Kansas City Royals return to the World Series for the 2nd staight year? We'll have those answers

    We'll also get into college football week 5  and NFL week 4 with the new Uppers and Downers segment.  Is UCLA football poised to come crashing back down to earth after an unforeseen loss against Arizona State?  Is Mark Richt and his days at Georgia numbered after losing big at home to Alabama?  When did the downfall of the University of Texas football begin?  A disturbing trend around the St. Louis Rams has been noticed.  Find out what that is.  Also, we'll the discuss the Cincinnati Bengals offensive dominance, the Kansas City Chiefs offensive ineptitude, the New York Giants secret weapon and the sudden departure of Joe Philbin as head coach of the woebegone Miami Dolphins & much more.

    This show will have plenty of football but some baseball to balance things out a bit.  So, sit back, relax and enjjoy the expertise, passion and banter.  

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    My Life then and now!

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    Today I am going to talk a little about myself and how I came around to be the woman that I am today.  My life started in 1948.  At the age of three my birth father passed away and my mother married my now dad who back then adopted my older sister and myself.  There are many parts of my younger days that I don't remember - maybe I've blocked them out.....in the meanwhile two other brothers and a baby sister came around. Life seemed fairly "normal" until I was about 15....we had moved from Southern California to Dayton Ohio because my dad had a new job..O!  This is the other thing...I could never figure out why my mother would be ironing my dad's underwear at 3 o'clock in the morning and then watering our front lawn at 11 p.m.  I found out later on that she was hooked on diet pills....that was her thing and at 15 she kindly told me that it looked like I was gaining some weight (I wasn't) and "here, honey - take this pill.  It will help you"...trusting my mom I took the pill and loved it SO much that I asked her for another one the next day....little did I know this was the beginning of my addiction to everything!  I went on a pill rampage at 18 - water pills - then diet pills - I was really a pill head.....had to stay thin or I would never find a man - (my mom told me).....this was the late  60's early 70's.....hippie nation!  everything was in!  I was into uppers, downers, sidewinders anyway but straight, ok?  Then it was the pot and then the psychedelics - for three years straight - every day - I was over the edge one might say....but so was everyone else - through 4 failed marriages and hundreds of men I crashed one day.  I was probably 50 yrs old.....my then husband had been popped on a UA while we were truck driving - we longhauled for some years - and so he couldn't drive - 

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    Gamification & the Inspiring 2014-2015 Follett Challenge Grand Prize Winner:

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    Gamification and the 2014-2015 Follett Challenge Grand Prize Winner: An Inspiring Program

    We celebrate the winner O'Neill Middle School in Downers Grove,IL with their librarian Tasha Squires and Follett's Britten Follet. We'll be talking about gamification.

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    The Dangers Of Solar Power Technology To Soular Beings

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    We Are Being Told The Solar Energy Technology Is One Of The Most Viable Sources Of Energy But This Is Not True. The Two Most Viable Sources Of Energy On The Planet Are Water And Wind, Solar Energy Technology Should Not Be Used As A Every Day Energy Source. Solar Energy Should Be Used To Grow Crops, Plant Life, Trees And To Grow The Elements Of This Planet, And To Energize People By Way Of Receiving The Sunlight. We Need Sun Light As Our Source Of Energy It Produces Natural Vitamin D3 In The Body. We Also Need The Sunlight To Aide In Our Thought Processing, Without Sun Light We Develop Conditions Like Depression And Sun Downers Disease Which Are The Early Stages Of Dementia. The Ozone Layer Has Been Depleting Around This Planet, It Is Burning Away, And It Is Causing Deadly Hazardous Conditions On The Planet For Plant Life And People Who Are Not Able To Absorb The Sun. People Who Are Not Carbon Rich Will Suffer From Melanoma, Cancer And Other Sun Exposure Diseases, Because They Can Not Absorb The Natural Sunlight. To Combat The Radiation Of The Sun Coming To The Planet Solar Panels Were Created To Deflect The Radiation Of The Sun. This Helps The Human Race Who Can Not Receive The Sun, But For The Black People (Carbon Coded Dark Skinned People) The Sun Is Being Channeled Away From Us Making The People Of Sun Dangerously Deficient In Vitamin D3. The Lives Of The Human Race Are Being Saved While At The Same Time The Carbon Coded People Are Being Harmed Because We Absorb Sunlight. Solar Energy Was Not Meant To Be Utilized To Artificially Light To Energize This Planet.

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    Grid Down's Weapon Improv Night with Florida's Tactical Fatty

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    Greetings again fellow Grid Downers and listeners. FTF here with a topic that again strikes closer to home. Tonight we will be discussing in depth the means and ways a person is able to maintaina high leverl of self defensible capability, without the use of firearms. be it that someone may not wish to use them yet or simply is unable to use them at their point in time. So, Pay attention guy because this isnt a show you would want to miss!!




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    Time to put the FU in Fudd with Grid Down's Florida's Tactical Fatty!

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    Everyone here knows what a Butters Is. That is somewhat of an unspoken requirement for grid down listeners, is to know the meaning of butters. But does anyone here know what a Fudd is? Join me and my fellow Grid Downers as we discuss the meaning of what a Fudd is and the dire impact, they can have on not only the rights, but also the lives of Your friends, Your family, and yourself. 

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    Our own E Harmony, (where the E stands for Education)...two terrific educators, the educational 'same nicknamed'  tag team of Chris & Kristen Bronke, Chris being the English department Chair of Downers Grove  North HS in IL and Kris being  the Student Services Interventionist and IT Coach  over at Hinsdale Central HS. Must be fun on football weekends.

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    Cincinnati Business Talk #208 Leadership Recap - Part 2

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    Today we are doing something different.  Leadership I extremely important charatersitic of winning companies, Assemble leadership tips from the real world from successful leaders.

    The leaders are: Chris Cole, who said Listen, seek 1st to be understood. Tenacity, and surround yourself with great people.Seek the best people you can find.

    Then, Mehent Yuksek: For the good of the company and the good of the people, make it their idea. How to is the decision, strong sense of purpose.

    Sue McPartin said "Team meeting", setup Up Front Contract with your team. Gets the team to know you.  Never lose touch with your team and say thank you.

    Lance Atkins said: Think like an owner, get them passionate abput what they are doing here

    Jeff Best said: Enjoy the ride, make it fun.

    Pat Longo said: Be genuine, be connected, follow up. Bring Passion to the job, Attention to detail.

    Tim Schigel talked about: The 5 Whys.

    Tricia Reynolds said: Listen to your intuition. Trust your gut.

    Jeff Shepard said: Hire people who are smarter than me. Have respect for your people.

    Chuck Lohre said: Be upbeat, no Debbie downers.

    Bert Huber said: Leaders are authentic.  Set realistic expectations, consistent, fair, smart

    Joe O’Gorman said: Treat people like their job is most important, their experience is most important.

    Oscar Jarniciki said: Listen to my people and customers and walk around.

    Ryan Rybolt said: Be a Servant leader – be out there with your people

    Chip Shiver said: Surround yourself with great people.  Have a mission statement and live it. Building lifetime relationships by exceeding expectations.

    Peter Gudmundsson said: Accomplish your mission and take care of your people.

    The show streams live on Friday September 26th at 4 PM. Listen to this link: http://tobtr.com/s/6841031