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    Gamification & the Inspiring 2014-2015 Follett Challenge Grand Prize Winner:

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    Gamification and the 2014-2015 Follett Challenge Grand Prize Winner: An Inspiring Program

    We celebrate the winner O'Neill Middle School in Downers Grove,IL with their librarian Tasha Squires and Follett's Britten Follet. We'll be talking about gamification.

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    The Dangers Of Solar Power Technology To Soular Beings

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    We Are Being Told The Solar Energy Technology Is One Of The Most Viable Sources Of Energy But This Is Not True. The Two Most Viable Sources Of Energy On The Planet Are Water And Wind, Solar Energy Technology Should Not Be Used As A Every Day Energy Source. Solar Energy Should Be Used To Grow Crops, Plant Life, Trees And To Grow The Elements Of This Planet, And To Energize People By Way Of Receiving The Sunlight. We Need Sun Light As Our Source Of Energy It Produces Natural Vitamin D3 In The Body. We Also Need The Sunlight To Aide In Our Thought Processing, Without Sun Light We Develop Conditions Like Depression And Sun Downers Disease Which Are The Early Stages Of Dementia. The Ozone Layer Has Been Depleting Around This Planet, It Is Burning Away, And It Is Causing Deadly Hazardous Conditions On The Planet For Plant Life And People Who Are Not Able To Absorb The Sun. People Who Are Not Carbon Rich Will Suffer From Melanoma, Cancer And Other Sun Exposure Diseases, Because They Can Not Absorb The Natural Sunlight. To Combat The Radiation Of The Sun Coming To The Planet Solar Panels Were Created To Deflect The Radiation Of The Sun. This Helps The Human Race Who Can Not Receive The Sun, But For The Black People (Carbon Coded Dark Skinned People) The Sun Is Being Channeled Away From Us Making The People Of Sun Dangerously Deficient In Vitamin D3. The Lives Of The Human Race Are Being Saved While At The Same Time The Carbon Coded People Are Being Harmed Because We Absorb Sunlight. Solar Energy Was Not Meant To Be Utilized To Artificially Light To Energize This Planet.

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    Grid Down's Weapon Improv Night with Florida's Tactical Fatty

    in Prepping

    Greetings again fellow Grid Downers and listeners. FTF here with a topic that again strikes closer to home. Tonight we will be discussing in depth the means and ways a person is able to maintaina high leverl of self defensible capability, without the use of firearms. be it that someone may not wish to use them yet or simply is unable to use them at their point in time. So, Pay attention guy because this isnt a show you would want to miss!!




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    Time to put the FU in Fudd with Grid Down's Florida's Tactical Fatty!

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    Everyone here knows what a Butters Is. That is somewhat of an unspoken requirement for grid down listeners, is to know the meaning of butters. But does anyone here know what a Fudd is? Join me and my fellow Grid Downers as we discuss the meaning of what a Fudd is and the dire impact, they can have on not only the rights, but also the lives of Your friends, Your family, and yourself. 

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    Our own E Harmony, (where the E stands for Education)...two terrific educators, the educational 'same nicknamed'  tag team of Chris & Kristen Bronke, Chris being the English department Chair of Downers Grove  North HS in IL and Kris being  the Student Services Interventionist and IT Coach  over at Hinsdale Central HS. Must be fun on football weekends.

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    Cincinnati Business Talk #208 Leadership Recap - Part 2

    in Business

    Today we are doing something different.  Leadership I extremely important charatersitic of winning companies, Assemble leadership tips from the real world from successful leaders.

    The leaders are: Chris Cole, who said Listen, seek 1st to be understood. Tenacity, and surround yourself with great people.Seek the best people you can find.

    Then, Mehent Yuksek: For the good of the company and the good of the people, make it their idea. How to is the decision, strong sense of purpose.

    Sue McPartin said "Team meeting", setup Up Front Contract with your team. Gets the team to know you.  Never lose touch with your team and say thank you.

    Lance Atkins said: Think like an owner, get them passionate abput what they are doing here

    Jeff Best said: Enjoy the ride, make it fun.

    Pat Longo said: Be genuine, be connected, follow up. Bring Passion to the job, Attention to detail.

    Tim Schigel talked about: The 5 Whys.

    Tricia Reynolds said: Listen to your intuition. Trust your gut.

    Jeff Shepard said: Hire people who are smarter than me. Have respect for your people.

    Chuck Lohre said: Be upbeat, no Debbie downers.

    Bert Huber said: Leaders are authentic.  Set realistic expectations, consistent, fair, smart

    Joe O’Gorman said: Treat people like their job is most important, their experience is most important.

    Oscar Jarniciki said: Listen to my people and customers and walk around.

    Ryan Rybolt said: Be a Servant leader – be out there with your people

    Chip Shiver said: Surround yourself with great people.  Have a mission statement and live it. Building lifetime relationships by exceeding expectations.

    Peter Gudmundsson said: Accomplish your mission and take care of your people.

    The show streams live on Friday September 26th at 4 PM. Listen to this link: http://tobtr.com/s/6841031

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    Shorty Show w/Rep. Ron Sandack

    in Politics

    A discussion of the upcoming week of Springfield Shennanigans with Illinois Rep. Ron Sandack from Downers Grove.

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    Shorty Show with Rep Ron Sandack

    in Politics

    A discussion on the upcoming week of Democrat Shenanigans with Illinois Rep. Ron Sandack of Downers Grove.

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    APR--Substance Abuse and Self Medication. Eps 6 M.U.

    in Psychology

    Jory talks about the definition of substance abuse and self medication in this hour long make up episode. Since the two topics are somewhat similar, Jory will divide the show into two parts. Phonecalls will follow.

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    Literary Diva Presents: Life Isn't A Dress Rehearsal! Debbie Downers And Nagging Nancys:Who Are You?

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    Join us as we continue our series "Life Isn't A Dress Rehearsal." We have all heard them and witnessed what a "debbie downer and a nagging nancy" can do to a relationship, friendship, and on the job. On this episode we will discuss these types of people and why they tend to be this way. Also why people with this type of behavoir choose to bring their downing and nagging attitudes into relationships. Here are some questions you can ponder; Do you have any of these people in your life? What do you tell someone who is acting in this fashion? Have you found yourself being this way? If so why and what did you do to change it? These are questions to think about it, as you continue with your lives, friendships and relationships. It's important to be aware of your actions as well as other's around you. Tune in as we break down "debbie downers and nagging nancys." Stay tuned and keep it locked.

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    Group ‘furnishes’ hope to low-income families on the next “Community with Marie

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    Do you have some furniture that you’re not using? Marie Lazzara might have the answer as she will interview a representative from Sharing Connections in Downers Grove. Sharing Connections provides furniture and household items to low-income families helping them transform a bare apartment or house into a home. Most of our families are coping with crisis like domestic violence, job loss, or financial hardship.


    To ask questions or give comments, call (323) 580-5755.


    For information, visit Sharing Connections at www.sharingconnections.org.


    For more information about our Radio, visit www.linkedlocalnetwork.com.

    Link Locally, Connect Globally