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    What Makes the Sharpton Sons Weird? with Judah, Remy and Joel Sharpton

    in Art

    My sons, Judah and Remy, join us to discuss the latest Avengers movie (which the boys just got to watch, and is now available on VOD and Streaming video)! After hearing dad's episode discussing my eating habits, the boys begged to "podcast" this weekend. So, obviously, I obliged. We discuss the latest Marvel Teamup movie, their eating habits and what they want to be when they grow up. I think you'll enjoy these two guys as much as I do.

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    Travis and Vic's Drunken Horror Adventures: Ronald Dominique

    in Entertainment

    This week we will be discussing a little known serial killer in Louisiana..."The Bayou Strangler" Ronald Dominique. The makers of the documentary "Bayou Blue" Alix Lambert and David McMahon will join us to talk about this real life monster!

    Website for the film: http://bayoubluefilm.com/

    Facebook Page for the film:www.facebook.com/bayoubluefilm

    Our email is tandvhorror@gmail.comYou can find us discussing the show along with some horror-related topics on Twitter @TravNVicHorror

    You can find Travis on Twitter @PhenomenalTLD

    You can find Vic on Twitter @vicvonerich

    Last, but not least, give us a “like” on Facebook at:Facebook.com/travisnvichorror

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    Modern American Love Story Part 2 with Kelly and Joel Sharpton

    in Art

    And now, for something completely different...

    We're taking a break from our regular episodes to dip into Joel's personal archives and pull an episode from his first podcast, Two Guys, One Podcast. His (now) wife, Kelly, appeared on four total episodes, three of which detailed and dicsussed their relationship. In case you've missed the first episode, highlighting how they met, all the way to the wedding day (including a recitation of the vows, seriously, it's pretty awesome), then check out Modern American Love Story Part 1 right here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/makesmeweird/2015/06/25/mag019-og1--modern-american-love-story-wkelly-sharpton

    In this episode, you'll hear Joel and Kelly's parents react to the news of Kelly's pregnancy, our sons react to getting a baby sister or brother, and us discuss how we found out and potential nicknames for the little tyke. In Part 3, coming soon, you'll hear us react to the fact that there ended up being TWO babies, not one. But all in due time.

    Enjoy this frank (and occasionally explicit) conversation and come back next week for another chat about our guest's passion for their industry, artform or hobby.
    Don't forget, you can email us at makesmeweird@gmail.com and find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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    The Runaround

    in Politics Progressive

    Iowa Caucuses. Winners and losers who won.

    Culture v Race--Is there a difference?

    President Obama and ISIS. How have past Presidents fought the war on Terror?

    Boko Haram. The hidden war of Terror.

    Who is the "Greatest Generation?" I have a problem with that phrase.
    Sarah Palin--GO!

    Why does Rev Al Sharpton cause so much anger?
    Problem with Bernie--President Obama plays chess, Bernie plays checkers
    Super Bowl Media Day--What made news?

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    one Voice with Deidre Leshay

    in Entertainment

    Join us tonight for an interview with Y.M Sheree and Tabitha Dominique Sharp

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    TW50: Trivia Tournament - Round 1

    in Hobbies

    This week we kick off the Trivial Warfare Listener's Tournament! This week's show features two first round matchups. The first matchup is our very own Chris Hollister vs Always Listening's Joel Sharpton. Chris is trying to defend the home turf while Joel is trying to avoid being the only person to lose 4 guest appearances. In the second game we have my brother Bob vs. the Sports Gal Pal Ramona Rice. Ramona is determined to have a better showing after her teams collapse in the All Sports Crossover last summer while Bob needs to win to prevent his younger brother (i.e. me) from mocking him mercilessly until the end of his days.

    This episode is filled with a lot of fun and a ton of laughs. Let me know what you think at trivialwarfare@gmail.com.


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    Lets Talk About Sex: We Answer Your Questions Live

    in Women

    Lifestyle consultant, coach and psychotherapist Dominique Miller of Trinity SS Wellness (thats me) and intuitive consultant and spiritual and relationship expert (and general bad as) Rose Wolf discuss sex and relationships. For our purposes, relationships don't refer simply to committed, monogomy, but all types of sexual interactions. Crappy attitudes and nastiness are the only things that are off limits tonight, but your questions-however personal, however intimate-are not, so join us for a candid conversation on sex and relationships.

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    The 110 Nation Sports Show

    in Sports

    It's HUMP DAY and The 110 Nation is ready to help get you through the week!!!  Tonight, we are looking to top last night's near perfect show.  Mr. C.J. Sports dropped the ball and is ready to pick it up and run with it.  He will be joined by Rette Jones Racing co-owner and crew chief Mark Rette at 9:30 PM EST.  They will be talking off-season, the 2016 season, NASCAR and much much more.  Then, he will be following it up with one of Rette Jones Racing's very own!!!  Mr. C.J. Sports will be joined by Dominique Van Wieringen at 10 PM EST.  Domimique will be driving for their K&N Pro Series program.  We will get to know her background, her 2016 goals, plans and schedule and we will get to know Dominique as a person.  Then Mr. C.J. Sports then will bring up the rear with some final thoughts and great sports talk!!!  Make sure you TUNE IN at 9 PM EST and hangout and work on making the rest of the week go by with a breeze!!!!

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    Lets Talk About Sex

    in Women

    Join Dominique Miller and Rose Wolf for a frank discussion on sex, sexuality, sexual health, sexual boundaries and how best to make sure you and your partner are both reaching orgasm. We will also be discussing the various types of orgasm that can be achieved for both men and women and how to reach them. Call in with questions or ask your questions at @ProgressiveDom on periscope. I'm so excited (no pun intended) to bring our most popular periscope topic right here to all of you live here on Welcome To My World on our brand new platform here on blog talk radio. Note: as relationship experts, Rose and I both realize that this can be a sensitive topic and we ask that those who are under the age of sexual consent please refrain from listening in or joining the conversation. We also ask that all callers and online contributors keep their questions respectful and on topic so that we can address them on air.To schedule an appointment for a consultation with Rose, visit www.secondsightrose.com or look her public personality profile page up on facebook. To schedule a constultation session with Dominique, visit www.trinityspiritual.com or visit Trinity SS Wellness on Facebook.

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    The Knowledge Show Live Featuring Elliott Katz

    in Radio

    Topic 1: Job Announcements and Sponsor Shout Outs

    Topic 2: Tonight's guest, Elliott Katz, is going to help us answer the age old question, "What Do Women Want?" His book is called, "Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants:Timeless Wisdom on Being a Man" Join the Conversation and call in to 914.219.0884.

    Topic 3: Journey Through the Bible with Malik. We will continue our journey with Leviticus 10-12

    Topic 5: Current Events

    Topic 6: Ask Malik

    Topic 7: Final Thought

    Reminder: Email your dreams to Knowledgeshow@yahoo.com for Diane Brandon, the Dream Interpreter. Premiering in March 2016.

    Thought for the Day/Week: Hurt people hurt people, but loving people teaches people to love.

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    Rainbow Radio

    in LGBT

    Tune in tonight to Rainbow Radio with ya girl MC Taz and our Blonde Boo Yellah BOI!!! Bringing you LGBTQ world & local news and celebrity tea & shade !!! Tonights guest is singer/song writer Arielle Dominique!!!! Come get all the GayInYaDay you need to kick your February off right!!!! Tonight is our Vent Episode ! Get it off ya chest!!! We do not care who or what you are venting about. just let us know what pisses you off the most !!!