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    The Revenue U Co-Founder John Beresford

    in Entrepreneur

    After a brief start in the pharmaceutical industry, John Beresford transitioned to the Tech Space when he was recruited to a small Waterloo company in the early 2000s called Research in Motion, which would later go on to become Blackberry.  Leading North American sales and marketing teams at BlackBerry gave John had a front row seat to the birth of the smartphone revolution.  

    While completing an MBA at Wilfrid Laurier University John met the co-founders who would eventually form a company called Eventpeeks which has evolved into Canada’s preeminent social media broadcasting company, focusing on live experiences and social analytics. 

    Like Eventpeeks, John’s passion for entrepreneurship was forged in the Wilfrid Laurier University Launchpad, a program which prides itself in applying academic rigor to the lean startup method popularized by startup gurus like Steve Blank.  The Laurier LaunchPad program also serves as an incubator for startups providing mentors, office space and community connections to innovative and ambitious founders.  Following graduation John stuck around to help manage the LaunchPad program and teach entrepreneurship courses at Wilfrid Laurier University.  It was his experience at the Laurier LaunchPad that helped inspire the work being done at The Revenue U.  

    Thus began the creation of a series of educational programs dedicated to helping early stage founders and mid market sales professionals learn the art and science of sales. Working with the Waterloo based institution Communitech over a 12 month period The Revenue U team were able to work with over one hundred of startup companies, building and perfecting the the revenue focused education they required to become profitable.  The Revenue U courses are now a staple at some of Canada’s top startup support organizations: Communitech, Ryerson DMZ and the Ontario Centres of Excellence.


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    Columbus, OH - Transforming Local Government Into an Agent of Change

    in Internet

    A sure bet for recouping you broadband investment? Follow Columbus, Ohio’s game plan of marrying wired and wireless broadband so your local government’s Internet of Things and their Internet of People to form a truly smart city.

    Columbus uses broadband and information technology to innovate, collaborate, attract investment, improve government services delivery and raise the quality of life for its citizens, winning it the 2015 Intelligent Community of the Year award. The Intelligent Community Forum (IFC) gives this award to highlight communities’ best practices for adapting to the demands of the broadband economy.

    Gary Cavin, City of Columbia, decribe some of the projects that contributed to his city’s winning its prestigious honor. Researchers at Ohio State University won a two-year $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to create a safe and resilient network architecture dubbed the “Science DMZ.”

    New gigabit networking and application support tools are being developed that will foster broadband adoption. High-definition video supporting public safety, law enforcement and first responders. The city’s Comprehensive Traffic Signaling System (CTSS) program is building a backbone of fiber optic cable and wireless communications technologies.

    Cavin informs listeners how other cities can use the power of the gigabit to transform government services and create new applications. Several of Columbus’ best practices will be included in the new version Craig Settles’ book, Building the Gigabit City. 

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    The Other Asian Country, South Korea (DMZ)

    in Military

    “There are so many people who died during the Korean War, and lots of monuments to commemorate them all across the country,” said Son Min Seok, an official with the Korea Defense and Security Forum, one of four South Korean groups that funded the monument. “But there is no monument to remember those who died after the armistice agreement.”

    The names of approximately 90 U.S. troops and 40 South Korean troops — all KATUSAs, or Korean Augmentees to the U.S. Army — are engraved on the monument, along with the message that the South Korean people “honor the souls of the fallen soldiers ... who died fighting the communists here on the peninsula for the peace and democracy of Republic of Korea.”

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    Author Mark Heathco, wrote a new book.. DEFCON 4 Korea: Land of The Morning Calm

    in Military

    Author Mark Heathco is a Korean Veteran who had served several tours and conducted patrols on the DMZ South Korea.

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    The Farm

    in Current Events

    On this week’s The Farm radio talk show on the Overthrow Radio Network, host Chris Petherick will be holding an open show where he will talk about the most pressing issues of the week and will take calls from listeners.

    Topics will include the controversy over vaccinations, women activists crossing the DMZ into North Korea, the end of the Patriot Act and the rise of the Freedom Act, and much more.

    Tune in live this Friday morning, June 5, from 11 a.m. to noon ET or download the MP3 in our archives section. See OverthrowRadio.com for more information.

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    Just Me, The DMZ Show-Episode 1

    in Entertainment

    First ever Just Me, The DMZ Show hosted by Darren Zancan.
    Join host Darren Zancan as he introduces you to a new, innovative and fresh radio show that covers pretty much whatever he wants to talk about.
    His love of music, journalism and opinions will bring a lt to the table.
    With weekly guests, ongoing contests and callers with their opinions, Just Me, the DMZ Radio show is sure to attract more than just the mind.

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    The Jeff Foxx Show with New Hip Hop Artist Mic Skylez

    in Entertainment

    Rap artist Mic Skylez  Now!!! on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. Hit link to listen to interview


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    Born in Brooklyn, raised in Queens, influenced by Biggie,Tupac, DMZ, 50 Cent &  Snoop Dogg, Mic Skylez is a lyrical force to be reckoned with. Hear all about what Mic Skylez has  in store for us TODAY on the Jeff Foxx Radio Show Online. 


    Contact Mic Skylez 


    MiC SkyLeZ

    FB- https://m.facebook.com/siccer.than.ur.average

    FB Music Pg- https://m.facebook.com/MiCSkyLeZ

    IG- http://instagram.com/mic_skylez

    Soundcloud- http://m.soundcloud.com/Scylez

    Reverbnation- http://www.reverbnation.com/micskylez

    New Video- http://youtu.be/WIsbPhH-aF4


    For your Exclusive Jeff Foxx Show Interview hit me at jefffoxxband@gmail.com

    Remember to subscribe to The Jeff Foxx Radio Show online for exciting episodes


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    Mark Heathco and Call Sing Purple Three

    in Military

    Veteran who is getting ready into turning his book into a feature film, soon! Mark is a veteran from Korea and has conducted various patrols on the DMZ South Korea. 


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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Dusty Trimmer

    in Books


      A stark look at Vietnam Veterans, the War and how We let Them down. This is a Call To Duty for everyone to thank your Veterans today, and a reminder to the media and politicians to value every soldier as if they were their own sons and daughters. Without a nation's support, soldiers cannot survive.
    - Brian Williams; Major, U.S. Army
    Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq) and Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)

      "Dusty" Earl Trimmer came down to see me in Columbus, Ohio in March 1968, just a couple days before he was scheduled to leave for Vietnam. I was at Ohio State University and living in the Delta Chi Fraternity House. At the time I thought that I was a little something just because I was pledge class president and a member of the Ohio State wrestling team...that was before I received letters from Nam, from Dusty...before he earned his many military medals/accolades. Then I saw how small I was in comparison...and how small some of my buddy All-Americans at other universities were in comparison to what Dusty and his Nam-mates were doing. I have known "Dusty" Earl Trimmer, who is the author of Condemned Property? Soldiers of the Vietnam War for over forty years. If I could only use three words to describe him, they would be: passionate, fearless, and straightforward. This description and more is why I recommend his book as "must reading" for anyone...veteran and non-veteran alike that wants greater insights into the truths about the Vietnam War, it's devastating aftermath, and how combat soldiers and those who love them are coping with both...today. I have read it twice. It will move you, teach you, motivate you and it may change you because you read it.
    - Gary Ockunzzi; Lifelong Friend
    Korean DMZ Conflict Veteran, U.S. Navy 

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    Edited Jim Shelton, USAF SR-71 Pilot (Retired)

    in History

    Due to technical issues the first couple of minutes were beyond salvaging so this is the clear version

    Thank You for understanding as I practice my Audio Engineering Skills

    Jim Shelton entered the Air Force's Aviation Cadet Program in 1955, receiving his wings in December 1956.  His first assignment was flying the F-86-F in Korea.  In 1958 he was assigned to the B-47 program.  He spent 5 ½ years flying the B-47 from Orlando FL and Lincoln NE, with many deployments to Europe.  

    In October 1964 he flew the F-102 in preparation for flying the B-58 Mach 2 SAC bomber.  He flew the B-58 for 2 ½ years before being selected for the SR-71 Program.  

    In November 1967 he arrived at Beale and started flying the SR-71 in July 1968.  He flew the aircraft for six years accruing 911 hours.  

    He flew operational missions over North Viet Nam, North Korea, the periphery of China, the DMZ area of Korea and the first Middle East mission in September 1973. 

    He received 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses and 7 Air Medals for the operational missions flown.  

    He had several staff positions at Beale AFB and retired as the Director of Reconnaissance for 15th Air Force at March AFB in 1980.  

    After retiring, he worked for the Lockheed Company's Skunk Works in the Logistic Support Division for the F-117 Stealth Fighter and retired from there in 1991.

    Podcast on location from March Field Air Museum, Riverside, CA

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    Urbanminds Uncut with DMZ

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