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    Tribute to Dr. Charles C. Ryrie

    in Christianity

    Dr. Charles C. Ryrie was a giant among theologians, and one of the greatest writers of dispensational theology that the modern church has known. Dr. Ryrie passed away on February 16, 2016. In this episode, Randy White interviews Dr. Ken Hanna, a longtime colleague of Dr. Ryrie.

    A veteran Bible professor, Dr. Hanna has taught at six institutions and served as president of two: Winnipeg Bible College and Theological Seminary (now Providence) and Bryan College. He served as vice-president and dean of education at Moody Bible Institute and has been a regular teacher on several online programs such as Radio School of the Bible and Bryan Life. He has had numerous articles published in periodicals and in the Christian Life Bible. His service and leadership have included many board chairmanships and presidencies, including the Association of Canadian Bible Colleges, the Evangelical Theological Society of Canada, and the Evangelical Pastors’ Fellowship. Dr. Hanna recently retired as Senior Professor of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary.

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    Covenant Theology, New Cov. Theo, Dispensationalism, and the Covenant of Promise

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    Do you believe a gospel that makes the New Covenant a fulfillment of the Old Covenant rather than an ending of it for those who believe? Have you substituted the fulfillment of the New Covenant via love for a substitutionary fulfillment of the covenant of death? This is what sets the covenant of promise apart from all other gospels. If you are a true Christian, you don’t live by faith alone, you live by love alone, and you are the one doing the loving because you are free from condemnation. Your love is not a substitution; Christ’s death is the only substitution that sets you free to love without fear of condemnation.

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    Cult Wars! Dispensational Premillennial Futurism Exposed, Guest Colby Braden

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    Cult Wars! To kick off our series on revolutionary apologetics, tonight guest host Colby Braden will be on with me to help expose crown jewel of false teachings within the church: Dispensational premillennial futurism, it is a beast of a lie...

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    in The Bible

    In our day, huge debates rage over whether God wrote the Bible dispensationally or not. But even the most ardent critic understands that there are, at a minimum, the two divisions of the Old and New Testaments. Some say that Dispensationalism is a heresy introduced by favorite go-to straw man John Nelson Darby in the 19th century,others say it came from C.I. Scofield in the pages of his now-classic KJV Study Bible. So what's the truth? On this episode of Rightly Dividing, we look as Bible believers into what the Bible has to say and teach us about dispensations. The word "dispensation" itself is only found 4 times in scripture, and all 4 are from the pen of the apostle Paul. The same apostle the Holy Spirit spoke through to teach us about rightly dividing.

    Tonight's Topic: Understanding The Dispensations Of The Bible

    "Whereof I am made a minister, according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you, to fulfil the word of God; Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints: To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus: Whereunto I also labour, striving according to his working, which worketh in me mightily." Colossians 1:25-29 (KJV)


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    More Thoughts about Dispensational Publishing House/The Greatness of the Kingdom

    in Christianity

    We will open with a brief review of the resources already available at DispensationalPublishing.com. We 

    will especially consider the core principles of DPH—and how those interested in writing for the company 

    can explore that possibility.

    Scharf will also point to a two-part blog he wrote that appeared on the website on Nov. 2 and 3, entitled 

    “Dispensational Distinctions.” Callers are invited to interact with questions and comments related to the 

    information presented in this basic introduction to dispensationalism.

    For the remainder of this edition of Ask the Theologian (as well as the program on Nov. 10), Scharf will 

    discuss how he has been impacted by one of the classic dispensational books of all time—The Greatness 

    of the Kingdom by Alva J. McClain (Moody Press, 1968). Here are some of the topics we will consider:

    Who was Alva J. McClain?
    What makes his book so helpful?
    What kingdom did he describe?
    What is the difference between God’s universal kingdom and the theocratic (millennial) kingdom? 
    When will the theocratic kingdom arrive?
    What is God’s goal or purpose for history?
    How does understanding this goal for history help us to grasp other great themes of Scripture?
    How does Old Testament Israel relate to the theocratic kingdom?
    How does the New Testament church relate to the theocratic kingdom?
    How does understanding these issues influence our theology and our practice?
    Why do we need more (and new) books that can impact the church in a manner similar to The 

    Greatness of the Kingdom?

    How to talk to us today:

    Call 347-215-7254
    Tweet @dispensational

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    Psalm 119, Dispensationalism and the Last Days

    in Religion

    You've heard me talk about the teachings of 119 Ministries, now I've got the teachers! Today on The Revolutionary Radio Project we will be talking with Steve Moutria and Jon Sherman concerning the founding and purpose of 119 Minitries, the errors of Dispensationalism, God's calendar, the Pauline Paradox, issues concerning the Last Days and more! For more of their powerful teachings, please visit http://www.119ministries.com/our-teachings

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    Lacunza, Irving, Jesuits & Oxford Tractarians Dispensational Futurism BUSTED!

    in Christianity

    Dispensational futurism, a distinct emanation of Rome... some good history on the evolution of the most powerful religious lies of the ages designed for a teleological purpose...

    Let's Talk! The End Point is a 100% Ad Free - Commercial Free listener driven broadcast. Call in at (646) 716-9430 between 10 to 12 CST to discuss your ideas, opinions, insights or just to talk - I will be fair to all concerns, all viewpoints. I will get the ball rolling with news of the day, informative clips, special guests or what's going on in my universe but will freely take all callers as they come and I will give you ample time to speak.

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    Harlot Daughters of Catholicism Teaching the 70th Week Gap

    in Christianity

    The Protestant Reformation was fueled by the Word of God finally accessible to Europe and the world at large after being suppressed for over a millennia and actually outlawed for 6 centuries. Not only did the saints and reformers recognize the adulterated worship and false Gospel within Roman Catholicism, they virtually unanimously agreed that the Scriptures pointed to the Papacy as the 'man of sin, son of perdition who is the 'chief' anti-Christ and 'little horn' of Daniel.

    As millions began leaving the Mother of Harlots church, the Jesuits devised a way to 'heal the wound' to keep the beast alive.

    This is the great deception within these last days wherein millions of naive, unstudied, insincere, and perhaps cowardly "Christians" believe that Daniel 9:27 is about an end-time anti-Christ signing a covenant with the state of Israel when in fact the verse is about Christ confirming 'the' covenant of redemption and eternal life with all those who believe in Him.

    You can watch the 1:53:00 minute video at: Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy and the Jesuit Lie of Futurism (Full) ? https://youtu.be/RwAhQ-xY-rA

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    Pt 1: Pending Persecution Pt 2: Clare Lopez Pt 3: Dispensationalism Dismantled

    in News

    Rick opens program with somber admonition that American Christians are imminently facing severe persecution. In Part 2, former CIA operations manager Clare Lopez discusses the astounding news that the Obama administration has Shiite Muslim militiamen and American soldiers are sharing an Iraqi military base. In Part 3, Dr. Kim Riddlebarger answers Rick’s questions about the rapture, the Antichrist, the millennium, true Israel, a third Jewish temple, and many more End Time topics.

    Tuesday June 30, 2015

    Clare Lopez | Center for Security Policy

    Dr. Kim Riddlebarger | White Horse Inn

    Dr. Kim Riddlebarger | Christ Reformed Church | Anaheim, CA

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    Ask the Theologian with Dr. Randy White - October 13, 2015

    in Christianity

    Reflections of 25 Years

    Recently Dr. Randy White experienced a milestone when he resigned from his pastorate at the First Baptist Church of Katy, Tex., where he had served since 2003, to pursue new ministry opportunities that he will be sharing much more about in the near future.

    He and his wife Shelley have moved to Taos, N.M., where Dr. White is now pastoring the First Baptist Church there, and he also continues to expand his outreach through Randy White Ministries.

    As he looks back on 12 years in Katy and 25 years of pastoral ministry, Dr. White has been writing a series of articles sharing some of the lessons he has learned and insights he has gained during the past quarter-century.

    On today’s edition of Ask the Theologian, Dr. White will walk the listeners through some of the most important of these reflections. Here is a list of the topics we will cover:

    Sometimes we need to re-learn the things we thought we knew in our youth.
    There is a difference between growing a crowd and growing a church.
    Believe it or not, churches can become too big.
    There are actually advantages to participating in a smaller church.
    We can become so busy in ministry that we sometimes begin to neglect the Bible itself.
    It is important that a pastor focus on preaching—as opposed to leading.
    The pastor’s title matters.
    The more you get to know about a church, the more you know that it has problems.
    Most church problems spring from very simple issues.
    Boring is not always bad, but truth is ultimate.
    Boredom is not the sin, but disregarding boring truth is the sin.
    In that light, we have a new series on dispensationalism beginning on Wednesday night.

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    The Dangers of Dispensationalism with Gary Demar

    in Religion

    This week we again enter the realm of theological controversy by discussing the topic of dispensationalism. Are there two peoples of God? Should we be expecting a secret rapture of the church at any moment? Is this the position of historic Christianity? How does this system effect how we live and act in the light of the Lord’s coming? We will ask these questions and more to an outspoken critic of dispensationalism, Dr. Gary Demar. Brother Demar is the President of American Vision (www.americanvision.org), the author of numerous books, and the host of the Gary Demar Show.