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    Black Thoughts and Theory: The Radio Show- Lessons From The Panthers

    in Culture

    Before we reinvent the wheel, let's look back at and study the work of some of our bravest and boldest forerunners, such as the Black Panthers. A party that was formed to combat racism and oppression during the 60's.

    Join Asha Zuri and Alex Primo, Thursday June 18th at 9 pm EST, as we dissect the aggressive philosophy and insightful programs that these brave men and women brought to our much ignored and mistreated communities across the country.

    Whether it was mass organization/mobilization, survival programs, self-defense, feeding the children, or Black Nationalism and Black Pride, the Panthers were a breath of fresh air to many neighborhoods where complaints were many and answers were few.

    So tune-in as we discuss the contributions of Huey P Newton, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, Stokely Carmichael, Fred Hampton, Kathleen Neal Cleaver, and Angela Davis.

    You can call-in by dialing (917)889-2830


    You can log on and listen online.

    And as always, keep it clean and keep it on point. ?#‎One?

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    #MixItUpMondays w/Ali Joseph- Interview with Authors C.M. Fox & K.C. Dillon

    in Radio

    This Monday we are gonna mix it up a bit! Tune in with your host Ali Joseph as she interviews two upcoming Chicago authors and discuss their first book!!! Introducing C.M Fox & K.C Dillon, authors of the book "Conversations of a Concious Black Girl". We will discuss the book, the start of the collaboration and the mindset behind being concious in today's society as an African-American woman. An urban stance on the current state of the African-American community, it's people, and their perils. As told from the views of two conscious black girls

    You currently can purchse their book on lulu.com here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/c-m-fox-and-k-c-dillon/conversations-of-a-conscious-black-girl/ebook/product-21974709.html

    Be sure to call in the speak with the host & guest @ 657.383.0365 or chat with us in our chat room!!!

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    Guest: Brenda Dillon Cavette, Owner, FashionistaTea, Inc.

    in Business

    Brenda Dillon Cavette, Owner, FashionistaTea, Inc.

    FashionistaTea sells Organic Tea and is certified Fair Trade which guarantees farmers and workers are paid fair prices in safe conditions and protects the environment.


    Brenda Dillon Cavette is a former television producer, executive and Emmy Award nominee, who has produced numerous fashion and design segments. Studying fashion design and merchandising in college and a lover of tea for as long as she can remember led to a 2nd career creating the 1st company of its kind to blend Tea and Fashion together to create the gourmet collection of -FashionistaTea.



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    Digesting The Season With The Voice Of The Panthers Dave Cohen

    in Sports

    Ben Moore of PantherTalk.com is joined by Dave Cohen the play-by-play voice of the Georgia State Panthers.  We talk about the season as a whole, "The Shot" against Baylor and comparing this weekend to the last NCAA run in 2001.

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    Debut Episode

    in Hockey

    Talking about the recent game between the Panthers and the Red Wings. Red Wings 5-4. Who shined throughout the game? I'll let you know.

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    Learning to Shift Painful Emotions and Soothe Our Inner Child with Ilene Dillon

    in Self Help

    This episode features a wonderful discussion with fellow Author and Psychotherapist Ilene Dillon, author of The ABC’s of Emotion and 10 other books that discuss the role of emotions and how what we feel affects our sense of well-being. This discussion covers the emotions of anger, self-love, loneliness and how emotions can even affect and transmute physical conditions like cancer. Ilene’s book is for both adults that have trouble soothing their 'inner child" as well as parents needing to teach their kids how to handle the ABC's of Emotion. Her book also does a fantastic job of fortifying Dr. Kemp’s Sacretherapy® process of how thinking and thoughts are what trigger our emotions and offers suggestions on how to effectively shift your emotions in order to feel good and manifest the more peaceful and fulfilling life you want to live.


    Listeners may call in questions or send in questions to the show toll-free to 1-347-677-0795 or email your questions to DrAmeliaKemp.com by clicking the radio show link. This radio show is based on Amelia Kemp. Ph.D., LMHC’s groundbreaking book: From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy – Alternative Holistic Descriptions & Healing Processes for 170 Mental & Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide, available at Amazon.com, select Hallmarks and most book sellers. Feel free to click here to view book trailer: www.drameliakemp.com.

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    Season 3 Week 5 "Big Games Around the League"

    in Sports

    This week there are some major games that headline our schedule for week 5. The defending champs play host to the Bills, The Skins go to Lambou and play the Packers, the Cowboys play host to the Skins are just a few of the important games in our league. The Falcons and their rival Panthers go at it again, after their last battle ended with a 7 point victory for the Falcons. In this league nothing is for sure, so you must always be on your best. Play hard, have fun, and always respect your opponent.

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    Doing It For The Story Should Be Everyone's College Motto

    in Comedy

    This week, Jared is joined on the TFM Podcast by Dillon Cheverere, also known as Roger Dorn in the Total Frat Move world, to read your emails and answer questions about how to deal with sorority shackers having platonic sleepovers at your fraternity house every weekend, whether to hook up with the girl you like at school or stick with the “girlfriendesque girlfriend” back at home, picking up girls in relationships, and how to tell a girl you like you faked your accent to pick her up in the first place. All that, plus, the news from TotalFratMove.com. Check it out!

    Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/JTrain56 ... twitter.com/RogerJDorn ... twitter.com/ManSamp ... twitter.com/StandUpNYLabs

    Watch live on DailyMotion, Mondays at 3:30pm:

    Subscribe to TFM on iTunes itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-t…id672249013?mt=2

    Listen to all our other great podcasts at standupnylabs.com!

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    Barbara Fleisher & Thelma Reese: The New Senior Woman

    in Self Help

    The largest and fastest-growing part of our population is Senior Women. There IS no role-model for women sixty and older, because they are living their “senior years” differently than the senior women before them. Today’s senior women live longer, are healthier, better educated, more involved in the world, and more active than the women who preceded them. Barbara Fleisher and Thelma Reese have gathered stories from women who are living in new ways, offering others the opportunity to see “how it’s done” in these new times.

    It’s shocking to me, at age 72, to have someone refer to me and people my age as “old” or “elderly.” Two months ago I was zip-lining through the jungles of Belize and swimming with a jaguar in Honduras. This week I was riding a Segway through California wine country. If we’d had snow this year, you would have found me on the downhill slopes. We don’t think of ourselves as “old.” We certainly do not behave the way our mothers and their mothers behaved at 72 (if, indeed, they made it to that age). So how do we figure out the best ways to conduct our lives? Find out this Thursday. Click here to visit Barbara and Thelma's website.

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    in Politics

    On the question of taking down the Dixie flag, it is an insult to our 54th that it still is flying! " The men of the 54th were outgunned and outnumbered. Two hundred and eighty one of the 600 charging soldiers were killed, wounded or captured. Shaw himself was shot in the chest on his way over the wall and died instantly. To show their contempt for the soldiers of the 54th, the Confederates dumped all of their bodies in a single unmarked trench and cabled Union leaders that “we have buried [Shaw] with his niggers.” The Southerners expected that this would be such an insult that white officers would no longer be willing to fight with black troops. In fact, the opposite was true: Shaw’s parents replied that there could be “no holier place” to be buried than “surrounded by…brave and devoted soldiers.”

    Our People fought for the freedom of this country twice without question or pause, yet we are still treated as Chattel.  I do not care how many Civil Rights laws are passed the fact remains that we are Human Beings without equality to the White Man as long as he can kill us with out impunity.  In the years since the Panthers were hunted down and the people's vanguard Party disbanded by Bobby Seal officially, the murder of Black People has skyrocketed.  Every day at least 30 Black People are killed by the Police and other White Supremacist without any accountability.  We are a people totally oppressed because we simply have not fought for the Panther's ideas.  We have established programs in this country that the government has officially taken over and we are determined to be a nonessential part of the people? What are Black People thinking "The State of South Carolina and the City of Charleston in particular hold the spirit of great Black History.  N


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