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    WSJ's Your Money Matters A.M., Jan. 16, 2013

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    The Internet is an often-used tool when we want to research a medical condition; and, Denny's brews up some big plans for its coffee drinks. Jim Chesko reports.

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    Eating Healthy At Denny's

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    Alice Crowder Head of New Product Development for Denny’s goes onlinewithandrea to discuss the launch of new healthy menu items at Denny’s as well as how to navigate a menu that’s better for you. Hosted by Andrea R. Garrison.

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    WT17: The Big Gamble

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    WT17 Topics: March 19, 2011.Sat. The Big Gamble.My lottery play this weekend.Lottery Wheels.Gail Howard Lottery System. Off paper logs now.Fully on electronic logs.New podcast list updated.I got hit by another truck. March home time. Denny's value meals. Japan disaster, Australia & U.S. Bubba Bo American Truckin Network show on itunes. ** TruckerSue.Com for Facebook, Videos, Amazon Store & more. *** TropicalSue.com for Amazon tropical items, books, dvds, movies, decor, and more. Enjoy! smartluck.com. *** lotterypost.com.jimharold.net *** jimharold.com

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    Mellicent Dyane has thirteen years experience in casting, production finance and business management on special projects for various entertainment companies. Entering the entertainment world through a part time freelance job at AT&T in California, while studying business & sports communications at Los Medanos College, Ms. Dyane's duties included monitoring projects and making casting decisions. She then

    Some of her commercial credits include spots for: Nike, Sony, Coco Cola, Denny's, Caldor, Sprint, I-800-CALL-ATT, McDonalds, ESPN, NFL, Chase Manhattan Bank, Washington Mutual. Mellicent has cast numerous national and regional promos for the NBA & WNBA. Some of her television credits include spots for: HBO, BET, Nickelodeon, MTV, Lifetime Television, etc. She has also cast many independent films and

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    Rediscover Your Dreams - It's Never Too Late, So Why Wait

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    Denny Stockdale is a professional coach, motivational speaker and award-winning author. Looking at the new year you are most likely turning your attention to resolutions and ways to change your life. The focus of Denny's work is very relevant, geared toward helping others to reconnect with lost dreams, achieve work-life balance and discover their own unique callings. Through his award winning book he reveals "...8 keys to rediscovering lost dreams" and shares his passion for purpose and meaning. Listen to his story and what inspired him to step away from a long career in the information technology business and pursue his own life’s calling.

    Earlier this year Denny completed a national tour in support of his book, "Conversations from the Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop: 8 Keys to Rediscovering Lost Dreams and Finding Your Life’s Calling"; winner of the 2010 Inspirational book of the year in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. He is a popular speaker and president of the Minnesota-based personal development consulting company Stockdale Resource Group.

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    Bodybag & Forehead LIVE!!! Denny Stephenson, Tommy Hahn, Ryan Hughes, Travis Baker

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    Tonight on MXTalkRadio – Denny Stephenson, Tommy Hahn, Ryan Hughes, Travis Baker

    You guys know that we love us some Fantasy Racing over at MotoXDream.com, so to kick off this ultra packed show we've got MXD's original architect, the Rockstar Denny Stephenson. Supercross/Motocross Fantasy Racing was Denny's brainchild back in the late 90's, and although it has seen copious transformations through the years, we thought it would be cool to hear about the early history and idea that beget MXD.

    A few weeks ago, Bodybag & Forehead were blasting through the list of who's-who and where are they now for 2011 SX. At the time, neither Bodybag or Forehead could say where Tommy Hahn was going to be for 2011, well we decided the best way to handle it would be to ask Tommy ourselves. So, Tommy will join us to talk about his 2011 bike/team setup, what gear he's wearing, what he did during his time-off, etc...

    After Tommy Hahn-ster wraps-up, we've got 'Ryno' Ryan Hughes coming back on for what will very likely be a weekly segment here on MXTalkRadio. Ryan is pumping RynoPower.com and he's got a bunch of killer tips for the weekend warrior regarding fitness, nutrition and keeping a mental focus to be competitive. Don't think for a second that Ryno is only bringing fitness and nutrition to the show either, he's got way more up his sleeve but you'll have to tune in to hear it for yourself.

    Last but certainly not least, phenom Travis Baker will punch in to talk about his new ride with the Troy Lee Designs Team. Travis opened quite a few eyes last season with his consistency and stellar finishes often topping the odds-on favorites. This year will undoubtedly be no different for Travis with the support of Team TLD, and we'll talk with him about the new ride and the changes he's got going for 2011.

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    10/11/10 - "The Something Show"

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    We are winging it again tonight..... but this time we have all kinds of stuff to talk about. Airsex, Denny's, KFC, Glow, the Simpsons.... ...we are bringing it.

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    Acronym Phrases with Denny Stockadle

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    Acronym http://blogtalkradio.com/hollischapmanshow DENNY STOCKDALE first started creating acronym phrases in the mid 1980s. His first booklet on acronyms was printed as a Christmas gift in 1987. Money was tight at that time, so he gave a gift of the heart to the volunteers he was leading, as well as friends and family.
    Over the last twenty years, Denny's interest in acronyms has continued. He enjoys taking a word and making a significant phrase from that word.
    When he was a member of the National Speakers Association, he was known as "The Ambassador of Affability." As a trainer with Fred Pryor, he traveled extensively presenting one and two-dayseminars around the United States. Denny is a graduate of Coach for Life, a nationally recognized training program for personal life coaches.

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    Building A Better Restaurant Business

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    Today was our 1 Year Anniversary show! From zero to 4,000 listeners!! Great content as usual.

    Brand mentions include: Denny's, AJBombers, Panera Bread, Grimaldi's Pizza & Starbucks

    Don;t forget to check out the Restaurant & Hospitality Social Media Marketing Bootcamp in Chicago next week! http://RestaurantSocialMedia.com/

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    Michele Hoskins - Business Woman

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    Success in Business - Michele Hoskins is the founder of Michele Foods and author of Sweet Expectations. Her products are in over 10,000 stores natiowide. She has appeared on Oprah 3 times and in People, Fortune 500 and Essence Magazine. She used her great, great, recipe or syrup to become a multi-millionaire. Michelle will share her secret steps to becoming one of the most powerful women in business. She was the 1st minority to get a major contract with Denny's and Wal-Mart. You will be inspired and will see how God can give you one idea that can make you wealthy.

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    The Big Apple Power Hour - Rob Shank - Dontuseuhaul.com

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    Bring your pet to work day proves to be a disaster for sue. Ant thinks that he is cursed when it come's to his sports teams. Mike reveals his Denny's story as well as his prediction on marrying a black woman. Ant Recommends "Couple's Retreat" and "The Cheesecake Factory" Rob Shank Stops by to talk about "Don't Use Uhaul" and his website - www.dontuseuhaul.com -

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