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    Creating A YOU That YOU Love with a healthy Relationship with food.

    in Lifestyle

    Elizabeth "Lily" Hills is the creator of the Master Your Mind Master Your Weight online training, one of the few programs in the world that focuses on the mental side of weight loss. 

    She is also an  award winning author, inspirational / motivational speaker, and the former Host of Sparkpeople Radio for Sparkpeople.com, #1 Health Site in the United States with over fifteen million members worldwide.

    Her award winning book "The Body Love Manual -How to Love the Body You Have As You Create the Body You Want" is a result of her personal recovery from compulsive overeating and weight obsession.

    The Body Love Manual is the recipient of USA Book News National Best Book Award in Health, Diet and Weight Loss and a finalist in Foreword Magazine’s Self Help Book of the Year category.

    Her passion is to help to turn around the obesity epidemic that is creating so many social and personal challenges worldwide.

    Ms. Hills personal recovery from a fifteen year food addiction has given her a profound understanding of the real path to permanent and healthy weight loss: having your mind on your “team.”

    Her life changing presentations are “personal empowerment” oriented and revolve around the concept that weight loss requires first having the ability to master the thoughts that make you reach for food you are not hungry for.  This makes the shift to healthier food choices and a more active lifestyle far more achieveable.  Ms. Hills is passionate about making the world a healthier place, one speech, one book, one service and one product at a time.

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    Keeping your Energy Body Healthy

    in Spirituality

    Feeling bogged down?  Crabby? Aches and pains?  Maybe it's your energy body that is ailing.  Join Joan as she discusses tips to keep your energy body healthy and the various methods to stay fit.

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    How To Have A Healthy Body, Mind & Finance

    in Christianity

    On tonights program we will discuss the method of having a healthy body, by adopting a weight loss program  discussed by one our guests Dax Dunn.

    This is a program that will be poweful and entertaining to our listeners. It will bring our lives into balance. We will also discuss the means to finnacial success.


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    The Q-Spot with Big Body and Purple Barbi

    in Books

    Barbara Williams, aka Purple Barbi, has a very active imagination, and has been writing ever since she could remember. She was born an Army brat, in Frankfurt, Germany, and has also called Oklahoma, Virginia, Kansas and South Carolina home.

    This is Your Vagina is her debut release. The book is the first in the “Purple Barbi” series, which is her short story compilation.

    Michelle "Big Body" Cuttino is the Queen of Plus-Size Fiction, and serves as a book coach, motivational speaker, and talk radio host. She is the author of “Love & Happiness” and the “Me & Mrs. Jones” eBook series, and will be part of an erotica anthology under Zane’s Strebor/Simon & Schuster imprint set to release in 2015. Cuttino’s mission is to publish content written by and geared towards the plus-size population. You can read more about her at MichelleCuttino.com.

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    The Jewels Show - Healthy Mind Healthy Body Healthy Sprit

    in Spirituality

    The Jewels Show - Host Jewels Rafter - Duration 2 Hour

    Jewels has a gem of a show lined up with 2 hours of fun, inspiration and enlightenment as she explores all things mystical, spiritual and magical. Interviews with psychics, mediums, healers and mystics are what this show is all about. 

    We are also going to look into the personal journeys and beliefs of these phenomenal people and share some stimulating insights on mind, body & spirit topics. Pull up a chair and don’t miss this treasure! Tune in to the Jewels 

    Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit Show - Laura Mayer -  Duration 1 Hour

    We all can do with top tips on keeping a healthy body with exercise and the food we eat. This hour will be packed full of helpful tips and great guests

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    Keeping Healthy in Body, Mind and Soul

    in Spirituality


    Valecia A. Baldwin-Johnson was born in the mid sixties
    in Brooklyn, New York. She is a Registered Nurse with more
    than fifteen years experience and a Nationally Certified
    Massage Therapist. She has a private health and wellness
    practice in Fort Washington, Maryland.
    Like many children, Valecia’s childhood was filled with a
    mixture of good times and bad times. It was especially
    tough living in an environment that was filled with
    alcoholism, substance abuse, and physically abusive
    episodes. Growing up in those conditions created turmoil
    that caused Valecia to develop a lack of caring and kindness toward
    others. It was not until her adulthood, did Valecia realize she was living a
    dysfunctional life.
    During her search for happiness, a term she calls her “journey,” Valecia
    came to understand it was no longer healthy to internalize pain from the dysfunctional behaviors that shaped her life.

    Dr. Shaolin M.B. Abrams, Sr. is a powerful man of God and CEO/Founder & Presiding Prelate of The Kingdom of God International Fellowship of Churches & Ministries Inc., The Refuge Inc., (A Community Empowerment Center), as well as The Full Armor Of God Street Ministries, Inc. He is the Founder/CEO/Creator The Armor of God Clothing Co., Inc., Founder/CEO of The International Association of Armorbearers as well as the founder, and CEO of The Armor of God Fitness &Training Centers. 

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    The Healthy Chef Talks Good Food and Creating a Profitable Business

    in Business

    A culinary artist since the age of 12, Chef Cassondra has continued the legacy of her family’s catering business, forging her own reputation as an innovative chef and community leader. She is best known for her healthier twist on traditional Southern cuisine, maximizing the flavor in her dishes while minimizing harmful ingredients.  In addition to her full-time business ventures, Cassondra’s pursuits include writing cook books, developing her own cooking show, and creating a grocery store product line called Good2go™ .  Host, Cynthia Nevels, talks to Chef Cassondra, about the healthy version of Southern cooking and turning dreams into profit. Join us Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 11:30am CT for another informative episode.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @DisruptiveView.

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    The Q-Spot with Big Body and Lesa Heard

    in Books

    Lesa Tondylear Heard is the author of A Tear From A Black Rainbow. It’s a gripping tale that deals with love, abuse, parenthood, and emotional turmoil. Lesa is a mother, author and motivator. She currently resides in the Detroit area, and loves giving back to her community. Her passion for writing started young and she can't see herself doing anything else.

    Michelle "Big Body" Cuttino is the Queen of Plus-Size Fiction, and serves as a book coach, motivational speaker, and talk radio host. She is the author of “Love & Happiness” and the “Me & Mrs. Jones” eBook series, and will be part of an erotica anthology under Zane’s Strebor/Simon & Schuster imprint set to release in 2015. Cuttino’s mission is to publish content written by and geared towards the plus-size population. You can read more about her at www.MichelleCuttino.com.

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    Conscious Body Movement- Are you allowing yourself to have Fun?

    in Fitness

    What is Conscious. Body. Movement.?

    It is a way of shifting the thoughts about our bodies and what we do with them, for them and to them.

    It's about learning to listen to your body again for what it desires and requires.

    It's about loving your body!

    Listen in to our weekly Online Radio Show or all the Replays of past shows:


    More about Greg Dyer @ www.birthdaysuittailor.com

    More about Merlijn Wolsink @ www.merlijnwolsink.nl

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    Conscious Body Movement- What if weight gain is not a "Problem"?

    in Fitness

    What if Weight gain is not bad thing or a problem to solve?

    On this show we talk about:
    - A problem is only a problem if you make it a problem
    - How much do you actually Care? 
    - Being a Healer
    - Defying Gravity
    - Flying Psychologically
    - Letting your Body respond to you

  • Healthy Home for the New Year

    in Self Help

    What everyone wishes for is a healthy and happy new year.  This weeks show is dedicated to uncovering some basic aspects of your home that may be undermining you health and the health of your family, and simple effect steps you can take to create a more health filled living space. Information on chemicals in the home, offgassing, electromagnetic energy, radio waves and dirty electricity will be our topic for this week. Join LuAnn and Jessica to discover easy ways to make your home healthier and more vibrant!

    About Luann: Master Educator LuAnn Cibik is this week host. She has been a full time feng shui practitioner and teacher since 2003, and loves sharing information about home and offices that can literally change the lives of the people in the space. She has seen time and time again that our inner world and our outer world are truly connected. She is passionate about creating healthy homes in the 21st century. By changing your space, you can literally change your life.

    About Jesscia Bethers. She Is a explorer of all things metaphysical and a recent CPIA graduate from Juneau, AK. There she owns and operates a 'Holistic Cleaning Service,' where she makes and uses her own eco-friendly cleaning products. She feels very passionate about creating sacred spaces for her clients while educating environmental factors and the influence it has on our emotional and physical wellbeing. She is also a Reiki Practitioner, mom to two beautiful girls, and a wife.   

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