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    Author's Corner 02-8-14 Deirdre Capone Mia Toschi Surviving Sandy

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    The Total Tutor will interview Deirdre Capone. “I am a Capone.” So begins Deirdre Marie Capone’s recently published account of her life, family, and relationship with one of America’s most notorious gangsters. In the past, this admission of identity did not come easy to Deirdre, who was discriminated against simply because of her last name. Now she writes to share little-known stories about the family who raised her and kept Chicago stocked with liquor during the Prohibition. Over time, the Capone family has become ensconced by myth and legend, but Deirdre alone knows truly intimate details. As the only surviving Capone member who has first-hand accounts of interactions with her notorious family members, she seeks to clear up rumors and allegations that have accumulated over the past eighty years. The world knows Al Capone as a criminal that flaunted his lawbreaking, but only Deirdre knows how compassionate and loving her “Uncle Al” could be. Next, The Total Tutor will interview Mia Toschi: Award -Winning TV Reporter, Contributing Writer and Photographer for “Surviving Sandy“ WHAT: Hurricane Sandy was a devastating and deadly hurricane that left tens of thousands of people homeless. 15 months later, and many uninsured and under insured survivors have still not been able to rebuild. TV Reporter Mia Toschi is a Contributing Writer and Photographer of “Surviving Sandy” – a 300-page book detailing the historic storm while also highlighting the heroes and rebuilding. 100% of the proceeds are being donated to charities. So far – five charities have been received significant donations. Mia Toschi is now reaching out to corporations so libraries and schools can each receive this piece of history and to empower them that they are survivors. To learn more about her efforts and how you can get involved, check out her amazing book, Surviving Sandy.

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    The Nikki Rich Show Season 1 Noreaga, Capone and Royal Flush

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    Welcome to the Nikki Rich Show Season 1 . Tonight's Show is hosted by Nikki Rich with featured guest Noreaga, Capone and Royal Flush. Call in 323.580.5749 TheNikkiRichShow.com

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    The Late Night Girls With Comedian Capone

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    Don't miss this special episode as we get to know the Gasta of Comedy, Comedian Capone!


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    Super Saturday Throwback exclusives with Nina Capone Live 347-215-9590

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    That's right I'm back at like black magic tune in tonight with me live as I bring you a little flavor in ya ear a some old school that you just been needing to hear. They sure don't make good music like they use to. 

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    M.I.L. (Muzik is Lyphe), embodies the true meaning of being a Hip-Hop artist.  Born in Newark, New Jersey, but raised in Irvington, M.I.L .stayed focused, despite the challenges he faced living in a crime-infested urban area, and later earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  He attributes his harsh upbringing to the strong and resilient artist and man that stands before his fans today. At the tender age of seven, M.I.L. was first drawn to rap music and listened to Straight Outta Compton, by California rap group, N.W.A.  

    M.I.L. states, “I wanted to pursue music after I heard that album, and at a young age, I was rapping the lyrics to their songs before I even knew that they meant.  As I got older and started to understand the content, I was able to break down the songs and get more in tuned with music.  From there, I wanted more.”   M.I.L.  notes N.W.A., Snoop Dog, Wu Tang Clan, Big L, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Nas, Jay-Z, Red Man, Naughty By Nature, Kool G Rap, Rakim, AZ, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Fabolous, The Lox, and Slaughterhouse, as his musical influences.

    M.I.L.’s work ethic has landed him several opportunities to perform, including the well-known college tour, hosted by BET; Freestyle Friday, also hosted by BET; and, opening up for the LOX, Mobb Deep, Rick Ross,  and Lil’ Scrappy.  He has performed at many venues in New Jersey, New York, Boston, Connecticut, North Carolina and Virginia.  He was recognized by Capone of Capone-N-Noreaga, when he jumped on stage during one of M.I.L.’s performances.  M.I.L. was crowned at the Essex County College Hip-Hop Competition in 2011, and was featured in Unsigned Magazine in February of this year.

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Does  British statesman Enoch Powell's statement on Immigration and comparison with the American Negro have any relevance to the racial situation today in Europe and America?

    political animal wantabees--"If they embrace the agenda are they or were they engaged in the practices such as sexual preferances agendas-gay-lesbian-nambla?

    What political wantabees should learn from Captain Ernest Roehm--National Socialsim and homosexual practices.

    JANUARY 19TH Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a) General Robert Edward Lee,Mohammed,James Watts,Janis Joplin,

    What Robert E. Lee Did  with a free black after the end of the Civil War 

    Rose D'Aquino aka Tokyo Rose pardoned by President Ford--She was railroaded in the press by media moron liar Walter Winchell, who accused her of treason.Part 1

    Winchell also falsiified the Investigation and successful prosecution of Al Capone. Winchell's Eliot Ness character in the Untouchables was total fiction. Part 1

    Swedish Diplomat and Holocaust Hero Raoul Wallenberg's case has resurfaced--"when the Russians seized Wallenberg in Budapest, What was his fate? Part 1

  • Out Of The Ring 18 & 19: W/ Jivin Jim Andrews and Da Hey Man Eric Johnson

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    On this episode of Out of The Ring The Crazy Canadian sits down with Neil Day AKA Jivin Jim Andrews and talks about his upcoming match on January 10th when he teams with IWE Womens Champion Cali Capone to take on the DA Hey Man Eric Johnson. Also immediately following this out of the  ring we bring to you another Out Of The ring with Jivin Jim Andrews Opponent Da Hey Man Eric Johnson

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    The Untouchables, 1987

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    Federal Agent Eliot Ness sets out to stop Al Capone; because of rampant corruption, he assembles a small, hand-picked team.

    Director: Brian De Palma

    Stars: Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Robert De Niro

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    Underground Wednesday with Special Guest Amp Capone

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    Amp Capone came up out a very rough part of houston called (Sunnyside 4000 Blk) where it's everything but sunny. He came fresh out the gutter ,the projects some would say. He was expected to be dead or in jail for life before even reaching his 20's. Just another product of his environment to some, but to others he's the voice of the streets with a interesting story to share with the world. He over came many obstacles,trials and tribulations at such an early age. He was shot five times and is currently in a wheelchair and still grinding it out and sharpening his craft. His unique style an sense of humor with words makes him stand out amongst the rarest rappers. Hes one of H Town's best kept secrets. A rare diamond in the dirt that will get Its Time 2 Shine ..(My Voice Not In A Wheelchair He Says.. So Why Stop Rapping Cause I'm In One Now!!

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    SB Barber Morning Show -Bish W.Bolden, Townsends, Mobleys, Davidsons, Stranges

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    SB Barber Morning Show - Christmas Day show!
    Business of Thursday Health.Well.Fit. #BoTHWF - Returning are Bishop Willie Bolden to further discuss his new book "KING to KING" sharing wisdom on 'Life of the Marriage along with Mr. (Elder) Christopher (Chris) & Mrs. (Elder) Yolanda Townsend's rich nuggets; couples - Mr. Brezwinn & Joy Mobley, Mr. Jason & Deirdre Devona Peeples-Strange, Mr. Micheal A. & Shawny Wright Davidson. Not on today - Our contributing host Kimberly Brown - 'Home for the Holiday' Recording concert was success, plus watch her on Dr. Oz Show Jan 5

    Visit website: www.bishopwilliebolden.com
    Song: "CELEBRATE" - artist Tonia Hughes
    (produced by her husband Brian Kendrick/written by her son Cameron Wright)

    Send us your questions/comments & #‎GMSbuzz™ before, during, after the broadcast. Join us on twitter, -- or facebook.com --or youtube.com or Instagram@GMNLiveTv -- SB Barber Morning Show with Apostle Shena SB Barber is produced by ShenaBarber.com and presented by GRACE Media Network.

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