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    The JA Show - *EXCLUSIVE* - Special Guest: "MAJOR DeBEERS"

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    On this episode of The JOE ALLEN Show, Barry Bull and I had planned to continue to analyze The Biggest Mistake in Wrestling History, but we were met with a great surprise as the legendary "Major DeBeers" called in to the program and delighted us with one of my most memorable broadcasts in the history of the show.  
    Thank you "Major".  Turned out to be a great interview of one of the greatest independent wrestling stars of all-time.  Listen now to hear some awesome behind the scenes stories of the colorful career of Major DeBeers.
    Exclusively here on The JOE ALLEN Show.

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    The JOE ALLEN Show - Biggest Mistake in Wrestling History 3

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    Last week's expected show, that was to feature more on "The Biggest Mistake in Wrestling History - Hogan .vs. Flair at WrestleMania 8 Never Happened", took a "MAJOR" turn as the legendary "Major DeBeers" called in to the show!!
    But this week we will provide more analysis on the Hogan/Flair mistake of 1991/92...plus we'll recapRAW, we'll recap the results from GOUGE's Redneck Rumble from Saturday, and we'll continue counting down to WrestleMania 28 in Miami with Tuesday Night Trivia.

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    INSIDE THE ROPES® - A look at the current Portland wrestling scene w/ "Sinner'" Jason Sullivan

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    INSIDE THE ROPES®, with hosts Nick Sankey and Ben Anderson, comes to you live each week from the frozen northland of Wisconsin. Personal opinions combine with stories from the squared circle and facts about the business to create a discussion about what wrestling was, what it is, what it could be, and a whole world that still exists for real wrestling fans outside of Sports Entertainment. Occasionally, a special guest from the wrestling world even joins in. This week, We speak to "Sinner" Jason Sullivan, who currently wrestles in Portland's DOA and several other promotions up & down the West coast. He discusses his career, training with Buddy Rose and Col. DeBeers, his ties to Portland and it's wrestling scene, as well as Portland wrestlers Exile and Dr. Kliever. This week's episode also includes the premiere edition of "The Run Sheet" with Scott Hawke from www.milwaukeewrestling.org: A twice-monthly segment showcasing what's happening on the Milwaukee-area independent pro wrestling circuit.