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    Market Hacking with Rosh Sillars

    in Marketing

    Friend of OTDL Rosh Sillars comes to visit on to discuss the tools and techniques of Market Hacking for business.

    Market Hacking is a process to develop new markets for established businesses using creativity, digital marketing techniques and analysis. The process is derived from a method commonly referred to as Growth Hacking, which many startup companies, including Uber, Airbnb and Dropbox, successfully use to grow their business quickly. Market Hacking offers business owners the opportunity to bring new life and growth to their company.

    Join Rosh  for a two-hour seminar devoted specifically to Market Hacking. This information-packed event is held on Thursday, February 11, 2016, from 9:00 am until 11:00 am at the Troy Chamber of Commerce Classroom - 2255 Buttersfield,  (Just off Big Beaver Road, located Behind Maggiano's Little Italy),  Troy, MI 48084.  Admission is $25. Early Bird Registrants may save 20% of the cost. For additional details and to register for the event: http://mh.rosh.com. 

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    Podcast 461

    in News

    All About Iowa. Do you want the Iowa Caucuses to determine which presidential candidates are 'viable'? In a state of slightly more than three million people, party leaders expect one hundred fifty thousand to show up to caucus, slightly more than in the 2012 cycle. Over the last year Iowans have been sliced and diced by pollsters, pundits, political psychologists, and sociologists. Anyone who attends political events - and there have been hundreds of them since last year - will see famous candidates, film stars, and national TV stars. It's a spectacle, a circus, and a show being put on for one state. As the hours are counting down to the caucus Monday, February 1st, the Bob Davis Podcasts attends a Marco Rubio rally. One side of the room is reserved for the stage, the other for media. In between, are the Iowans, ready to comment when reporters approach them. Of course reporters will approach, like fish feeding at the water's surface. 'Who will you caucus for?', 'What do you think of Donald Trump?'. The answers to these and many other scintillating questions will be filed, dissected, and added to the national story line. All About Iowa. Fasten your seat belts. A rural backwater, albiet a very nice one with very nice people, is about to decide which candidates are the most viable. At least that's how they see this process. After Monday's caucus, the story lines will change, predictions will be adjusted, and some campaigns will never recover. Is this how we want to elect a president? While there is much to celebrate in the American political system, as I attend events and cover the caucus and the events leading up to it, what comes through louder and clearer is the dark and potentially dangerous relationship between big government, big media, politicians, pollsters and the population of a single state that has insinuated itself into the political process in an unprecedented way. All about Iowa? Indeed. Sponsored by X Government Cars and Ryan Plumbing and Heating of

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    Good Morning with Allyson Martinek

    in Entertainment

    Broadcaster, speaker, and author Allyson Martinek joins us On The Dean's List. 

    For twenty years, she was a beloved part of the morning show on 96.3 WDVD FM.  In July 2015, she was relieved of her duties without a chance for closure with her loyal audience. This left a void in the wake-up calls of many in Southeastern Michigan. Allyson joins us to discuss the circumstances of her separation and talk about the future, including the book which she is writing Living On Air. 

    Join us for what promises to be a fun and full 30 minutes of conversation with Allyson. 

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    Susan Bennett - The voice of Siri and so much more

    in Entrepreneur

    While many may recognize Susan Bennett as the voice behind Apple's Siri software, she does more than simply give us directions from the palm of our hands. Susan is also there to greet passengers at Delta gates worldwide, helps people discover the Better Ingredients in pizza, and makes the Mission Possible. 

    Susan is a multi-talented professional. She is an accomplished singer, a polished and professional spokesperson, a talented emcee and an accomplished communicator who has assisted corporations and organizations to achieve their communications goals. She also takes her iconic role at the world's foremost voice assistant with a warm smile and a sense of humor. 

    Susan will share her experiences and insights with us in what promises to be an interesting podcast. 

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    Beyond the Screen with Tammy Deans on LiveParanormal.com

    in Paranormal

    Join the chat at www.LiveParanormal.com

    Show: Beyond the Screen with Tammy Deans

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    Podcast 459

    in News

    Rolling The Dice In Iowa. This was a day in which Donald Trump pulled out of the 'sanctioned' Republican debate. Des Moines was beset with a plague of TV trucks, politicians and rallies. Drake hosted two of these events, and after The Bob Davis Podcasts were denied media credentials for the 'sanctioned' Republican debate, we took to waiting in line for our tickets like everyone else. Rand Paul's event at Drake was smaller - no lines snaking around the block - but no less enthusiastic. Paul appeared, and spoke for about 25 minutes about liberty, freedom and The Bill of Rights, saying ideas bring people together, and the concept of freedom seems to be very effective in this effort. Aly Eichman, volunteering for Paul joins the podcasts to talk about Paul's impressive precinct organizing effort, which has netted the Senator as many as one thousand precinct chairs statewide. Remember the Iowa PRECINCT Caucuses? Will that kind of organizing make a difference? Then there's Donald Trump who made sure thousands of people had tickets to an event in an auditorium that accommodates somewhere around 750 to 800. Was it a brilliant move? Will it mean Trump will win Iowa? Standing in line for two hours with Iowans was an eye opener, as well as a hand and feet freezer. Many of the people waiting to see Trump don't plan to caucus for him. It seems they just want to see Trump, like they might come to see Justin Bieber. Here again, we'll see. The more time spent here, the more one concludes this really is rolling The Tumbling Dice. Sponsored by Ryan Plumbing and Heating of Saint Paul and X Government Cars! 

    The post Podcast 459 appeared first on The Bob Davis Podcasts.

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    Inside The Detroit Pistons With Ryan Dych

    in Basketball

    Our Detroit Pistons Insider Ryan Dych joins us to look at the 2015/2016 Season so far. Join us as we discuss the players and the teams ascent in the Eastern Conference and take a look at the status of the NBA. 

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Wise Woman Nurse Paula Youmell

    in Health

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of health questions followed by a interview with Paula Youmell. Paula Youmell is a Wise Woman Nurse (RN), Certified Health Coach, NYS Health & Physical Education Teacher, Fitness & Yoga Teacher, Herbalist, Reiki Master.. Paula's path in this world is to support and guide others in their return to harmony of mind, body, & spirit through nature and natural lifestyle choices. Paula's Health Philosophy: The body is genetically programmed to heal.  Check out Paula's books at her website. Paula's website www.PaulaYoumellRN.com

    this episode Q&A includes:

    • hemorrhoids and internal varicosities- oakbark sitz baths, horse chestnut gel, comfrey leaf infusion, botox...

    • liver flush and gallbladder cleanses actually shut liver and gallbladder down- oil comes out in feces as crystals- damage and destroy...

    • nicotine, heroin and alcohol withdrawal...

    • dermoid cyst- ovarian cyst- fresh chickweed tincture dissolves cysts and visualization...

    • glycerin or alcohol tincture- ineffective or effective?

    • nourishing herbal infusions give your body the nutrients it needs to heal...

    • idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura...

    • teas, tinctures and infusions- volatiles, poisons and nourishment...

    • linden is a world class anti inflammatory...

    • nettle rebuilds adrenals and kidneys why not the spleen too?

    • moon lodges are a space to honor women...

    • alzheimer's, infusions and nourishing the caretaker...

    • dementia vastly improves from being in nature and soothing music from their younger years...

    • detoxifying and parasites- parasites highly unlikely with indoor plumbing..

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    How to Discover Your Talents

    in Business

    A young man in one of my seminars came up to me and said that he was working as a plumber for a large contracting firm. He made good money, but he was envious of the salespeople in his company who made more money, drove nicer cars, wore nicer clothes, and had much better lifestyles.

    He had completed his training, had his journeyman’s certificate, and was at the top of his wage scale. The only way he could earn more money in his current job was by working longer hours. Instead, he wanted to get into sales

    I told him that if he wanted to get into sales, it was up to him to learn how to sell — and then to do everything possible to get his boss to give him the chance to sell the company’s plumbing services. His future was up to him. But he first had to learn how to do the new and higher-paying job.

    A little more than a year later, he attended another one of my seminars… and brought me up to date on his situation.

    He had told his boss that he wanted to get into sales. His boss discouraged him, telling him that plumbers have very little aptitude for the skills involved in selling a service. He then asked his boss what he would have to do to prove to him that he could do it. To make a long story short, his boss helped him learn how to sell the company’s services by recommending that he study manuals and take extra courses on his own time.

    He had told his boss that he wanted to get into sales. His boss discouraged him, telling him that plumbers have very little aptitude for the skills involved in selling a service. He then asked his boss what he would have to do to prove to him that he could do it. To make a long story short, his boss helped him learn how to sell the company’s services by recommending that he study manuals and take extra courses on his own time.

    People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs, career coaches,

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    Finding Your Creative Spark

    in Motivation

    Creativity is not just for artists. Karen Deans, author and artist, will give insight on what it means to be creative. Even if you do not consider yourself a creative person, this episode will help you discover ways to incorporate creativity into your daily life.

    KAREN is the author of two picture books published by Holiday House:  Swing Sisters: The Story of the International Sweethearts of Rhythm and Playing to Win: the Story of Althea Gibson. Both of her books feature women who defied racial and gender discrimination to become superstars in their respective fields.

    Karen is inspired by women who have the courage to follow their passion, work hard, and never give up.

    In addition to writing for children, she paints for them, too. She has worked as the head scenic painter for a local children's theater in Glen Echo, Maryland. This work has taken her to Broadway, as set painter for a musical adaptation of the children's book Three Little Birds, based on the music of Bob Marley. 

    She is also the owner of WOODEN TILE, an art business that sells online and in stores across the country.

    Karen has instructed children in the craft of storytelling through writing, drawing, and painting. As the mother of three grown children, one of her greatest joys is to help inspire young people to reach their fullest creative potential.

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    Ray's Excavation Inc.

    in Entrepreneur

    Ray Williams has been in business for more than 20 years. Ray and his crew spealize in making their customers happy by meeting all of the customer's carpentry, plumbing and electrical needs.

    Ray is proud to be one of the premier black owned general contractors in his area. Ray is Licensed and bondeed and is here to serve. 

    Ray may be reached at 888-886-4179 or http://www.raysexcuvationinc.com

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