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    Episode 1: Introducing the Stupid Marks

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    Introducing the Stupid Marks that think they know stuff abou the business. CENA SUX, RITE!?

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    Survivors World w/ Tremayne Moore, 'Deaf, Dumb, Blind & Stupid'

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    Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio is happy to welcome you to Survivors World. Tonight we speak with author of the novel 'Deaf, Dumb, Blind & Stupid' the story of a child's fight for survival in the insanity of family abuse, Mr. Tremayne Moore. This story focuses on a young boy who shares with a Pastor throughout the abuse he endures in journal & diary, the injustice and lack of awareness from society about the issues surrounding abuse itself and especially those related to Male Victims/Survivors. The feature review by Lynn C. Tolson on Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery, 'Tolsons Review'.

    Take a deep breath in and blow the bad thoughts into the wind like dandelion seeds. Get ready and join us for a fabulous interview with this incredible author & inspirational speaker. There is a lot we still need to understand about abuse overall, and especially giving men & boys the same understanding and resources of recovery, which in past were developed for our women & girls. 

    Know that you deserve all of life's many blessings. You desrve a safe place to sleep. You deserve respect. You deserve kindness and support. You deserve as much love as you freely give to others. You deserve roses in your garden of life.

    This is SURVIVORS WORLD and we welcome all to come share the glorious power of YOU with us. Call into our show at 347-215-7754 or join in our always welcoming chatroom to connect with others.

    We never know who's life we'll touch with a story. Our shows are not any form of professional therapeutic or legal advice. This is a support system production from Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. As we come here together we hope you will learn the knowledge and feel the power to LIVE STRONG & FLY FREE!!! Thank you - Trish McKnight

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    Are You Blind to Your Own Blind Spots? Take the Test!

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    In this thirty minute episode Susan Lager co-hosts with Meredith Richardson, a mediator and conflict coach who knows all too well how people, especially when in conflict, can be totally blind to their own emotional blind spots. When we refuse to acknowledge aspects of our personalities or behavior which may be obvious to others we live in a state of denial, ultimately cutting ourselves off from better choices in life.

    Tune into this episode to learn about a simple test which can tell you whether you may have blind spots running the show, and to develop some strategies for "seeing the emotional light" more clearly. You'll be amazed at how these tools can open up your life to new possibilities!

    Join us live with questions or comments by calling toll-free: 877-497-9046. If you can't make the live show catch the recording at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/SusanLager



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    "Yes, My Parents Are Blind!" Memoir by Laura Schriner

    in Self Help

    Ever wonder what it would be like being raised by blind parents?  Ever thought of how different things would be? According to Laura, life was unique but not much different than everyone else's.

    Her upcoming book, "Yes, My Parents Are Blind!", is a story about her mother growing up as the only blind child among seven siblings, about her father losing his sight in a tragic accident at the prime of his life, and about the two of them falling in love and learning to adapt to their blindness together.

    You can follow Laura Schriner in Facebook and through her blog http://lauraschriner.com

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    Deaf, Dumb, Blind and Stupid

    in Self Help

    Join us an Tremayne Moore discusses his book "Deaf, Dumb, Blind and Stupid: Michael Anderson's Fight For Life". This book is a interesting tale of a boy struggling to survive the tribulations of sexual abuse and abandonment. As a survivor of abuse, Tremayne will discuss how his story correlates to that of Michael Anderson's  and why this chilling and captivating tale.    Listen as Treymayne Moore tells  how he managed to survive the darkness of abuse to soar in the light of an overcomer and share that light with others! 

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    Metal Hammer of Doom: Blind Guardian - Beyond the Red Mirror

    in Rock Music

    Cooper and Radulich review the latest album from Blind Guardian.

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    #337 : Acupuncture and Cancer 
    Spotlight: Ashley England 
    Guest(s): Cynthia Hewett, Kaiya Larson and Alli Ward 

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    Blind Trust by John M. Nuckel

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    Join us at the campfire for this LIVE Show with Host Rich Gehlhausen and John M Nuckel. Nuckel is engaging readers with his edgy and thrilling creative writing style with The Vig, Grit, and Blind Trust. 

    Amazon: Ben Hirsh put his Blind Trust in one man, Pap Martinez. As the CEO of the largest financial firm in the country stands before him, hands tied behind him and his head in a noose, Ben raises the tire iron once again. The man has Pap but isn't talking. "Where's Pap?" The man mumbles a curse. Ben raises up and lets fly. Blind Trust is a novel about loyalty. To friends, family, and to those who have passed. There is no honor among thieves, but there is for those who hunt them.

    Link for Posters on John Nuckels Books: Display-AD-Posters

    Link: Authors Voice on Storytellers Campfire

    Available on Amazon:

    Paperback: 218 pages
    Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 31, 2014)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1500672149
    ISBN-13: 978-1500672140
    Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches

    Biograhies & Memories, White Collar Crime, True Crime, Crime Justice

    John Nuckel has been nominated for The Excaliber Marble Award for his book The Vig.

    Link: Marble Award Nominees

    Winners to Be Announced Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 8:00 PM Pacific Time on Storytellers Campfire Radio

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    Art of Saying Stupid Shit

    in News

    So Rudy dropped a bombshell this week.

    Let’s not get all riled up.

    In case you were buried under snow, the former mayor of New York – His Honor Rudy the First – said he does not believe that Barack Obama loves America.

    Yes it is stupid.

    But let’s put it into context.

    First, he said it at a political fundraiser.  It was a fundraiser for Scott Walker who has no foreign policy cred.  Rudy is giving him that – allegedly.

    Second, Rudy is making money off this.  This is what washed up politicians do.  They say stupid shit for money.

    Third, Rudy may be looking for a new gig either in higher office.  He has to show off his far right muscle.  After all, he was a mayor from liberal New York.

    Fourth, Yes, he seems to be cashing in on – or using -- 9/11.  Rudy appears to be playing the victim again.  But who am I to denigrate his 9/11 experience? It was pretty harrowing and heroic on his part. Who knows maybe he has PTSD.  Hey, he may legitimately be scared out of his wits about another 9/11.  A lot of us are. 

    So I give him a break.

    However, supporters of such inflammatory statements need to be smarter too.

    You may believe what Rudy is saying.  And that is fine.

    But why wouldn’t you give any credibility to Obama’s stand on things.

    Because he is trying to create a world that is less reliant on US military might, he is considered someone who hates Americans?

    I think Obama is acting proactively.  Sure, I understand there are some short-term security concerns.  For all we know, ISIS could be plotting something here right now.

    But why not credit the president for looking ahead, for looking at the long-range goals of foreign policy in the Middle East.

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    Politics & Beer - New Poll Shows How Stupid & Uneducated the Tea Party is

    in Politics Progressive

    A new poll shows just how dumb & uneducated the Tea Party people really are.

    Of course the GOP is caving on its "demand" for Obama's Immigration order to be defunded. What did you expect? Did you really think this nutbag party has ANY ideas?

    The real reason why Wal-Mart is hiking wages for its employees, and it's neither pressure from citizens, or because they feels it is "right."

    And more......

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    7 Sources of Free Money To Stop The Stupid Stuff You're Doing

    in Self Help

    Matthew Lesko of http://leskofreeradio.com/ tells us about 7 sources of FREE money to stop the stupid stuff you're doing.

    Watch: http://youtu.be/vKlz3BzW05s

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