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    TCH Ep. 46: Actress Judith O'Dea and Actor/Producer Jim Krut

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    We are going to have a double feature (with a special start time of 7:30 PM EST!) as we will have Actress Judith O'Dea (Night of the Living Dead, Ed Gein: D.D.S and Abandoned Dead) at 8 PM EST as well as Actor/Producer Jim Krut (Dawn of the Dead, Deadlands 2: Trapped and Zombie Girl Diary) at 8:40 PM EST to talk about their careers and everything zombie!

    We will be reviewing Scream Factory's Squirm as well as  Inception Media Group's A Haunting at Preston Castle.

    We will also be featuring several bands in our Metal Blade Spotlight!

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    FCN: Dolls Of Despair Guest Gary Ugarek

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    Fearcast Presents: Dolls Of Despair 
    heir enSplatter Flick Chick hosts the always informative and entertaining Dolls of Despair show. The Dolls special guests will always make a horror fan glad they tuned in. They might be anyone from film festival/convention directors to actors, directors and producers to twisted special effects folks, dark writers to hard core musicians If it's independent horror material!, the Dolls bring it! 

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    Tony Lee and Wayne Sykes talk POCKET GLADIATORS

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    Tony Lee and Wayne Sykes are the duo behind the Double Shogun game design studio, and they are hanging out with us to discuss their latest design POCKET GLADIATORS. 
    Company Overview Pocket Gladiators will be the first release from Double Shogun, a joint venture of Tony Lee and Wayne Sykes. Plans for future projects using the same combat disk format include Pocket Battlespace Nebula X and Pocket Wrestlers.
    Description Pocket Gladiators is designed by Tony Lee, winner of the 2002 Origins Vanguard Award for the Warchon Playmark Book Game.

    Each "Pocket Gladiator" is made up of a Character disk and at least one Level 1 Technique disk. You can add additional disks representing weapon, armor, even magic spells to expand your arsenal.

    A basic game proceeds with the two opposing players choosing a maneuver from their
    Level 1 Technique disks, lining up the top five boxes head-to-head and comparing them: A red box is a hit, blue box is block/dodge, green box is a "Power-Up" that lets you use your character's Special Abilities, and a white box is... well, nothing.

    Depending on how well you do, you can advance to perform maneuvers of a higher level, activate devastating effects like Counterattack or Knockdown, use a special power, or all of the above!   Oh...and Pocket Gladiators might be seeing a Savage Worlds/Deadlands tie in...

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    Get your weekly fix of blood, guts, babes, and gore every week at SHU-IZMZ radio! This week we will be reviewing Deadlands 2, the workprint and the screener, as well as talking about he soundtrack to the film and have the director Gary Ugarek on the show to talk about his film that will be released on dvd that very day! Review for Deadlands 2 will be up at SHU-IZMZ soon!Tune in...

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    Episode 9: Interview with Matt Forbeck

    in Blogcritics

    Between designing toys and games to editing and writing fiction, Matt Forbeck is a very busy man. He still finds time to chat with the geeks.

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    Scream Indie Scream

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    Were covering indie news and indie reviews (dream reaper,live feed,deadlands,etc)

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