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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Let's Sit Down with Darcy Keith

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    The interview, the voice, the spirit, the mom, the moment Brain Injury Radiio awaited for is Sundy, November 2nd at 10 pm est as the lovely DARCY KEITH sit down with Melissa and Matt.  Professional, inspiring, thoughtful and a over whelming survivor of TBI.  Darcy is a public speaker, where she has talked with the NFL Rookies, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens during their championship recently, schools, and so much more.  So much.  She can talk about numerous things, except herself.  I'm a countryboy from Milton, and been interviewing folks for a couple of decades.  Got Meep by my side, the conversation will be enlightening, driven, personal and words you've always wanted to hear.  Thanks dear friend and dearest Melissa, it was my pleasure.  (next time remind me to get cookies, or bring some...)

    Ya changed the clocks back an hour last night, and put new batteries in alarms and smoke detectors.  Now, you shouldl vote on Tuesday.  Local electiions are the heart and soul of America, and not as media driven as Presidential Election years.  Who's on your school board?  The County Sheriff?  Vote.  It matters.  Jenny Johnson will join Meep Meep to inspire us early on, Sam Way as well.  After the 10:30-ish to 12:00-ish interview with Darcy, its off again into the wild skype wonders as we take the midnight train to Georgia, street in Western Capetown, South Africa and recieve and update from TMDS Coorespondent Gina Gee, now an Ice Skater.  We can slide around until Porky says goodbye discussing Public Speaking.  I wanna learn....

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    NFL Wild Card Craziness and Post Season Predictions!

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    Join us as we talk about the NFL Wild Card games. The winners, the losers, and who moves on to the Divisional rounds. We'll break down the call/non call in Dallas, the Ravens resurgence and who we expect to win next weeks games. Also, our friend Darcy will join us. A die hard Washington fan, he'll give us his opinion on what needs to happen to turn DC around. 

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    PirateCast LIVE! - 20th November 2014

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    The 2014 Speedway AGM is in the books so we look at the rule changes and decisions and how they will affect the Pirates in 2015.

    We'll be hearing more audio from the end-of-season awards night, specifically from our 'Turbo Twins' Darcy Ward and Chris Holder.

    We also had the pleasure of spending the evening with Kyle Newman this past Saturday before he jetted off back to Australia. Hear all about the evening and our last conversation in person with Kyle in 2014.

    You can drop us a text on - 07548 974915 or call in on 00 1 (646) 595-2097. Alternatively to call in FREE use the 'Click To Talk' option during the show on our BTR show page.

    It's all LIVE on BlogTalkRadio this Thursday at 8pm. Don't miss it!

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    PirateCast LIVE - 13th November 2014

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    We promised we'd be back... and here we are, LIVE!! Join us for our debut live episode of PirateCast as we look back at the 2014 playoffs and all the madness that led up to the end of the season. We'll also bring you coverage of the Pirates' year-end awards evening. We'll tell you who won what, and bring you some exclusive audio from the riders. 

    Do you have your opinions on everything Pirates related? You can join in via our interactive chatroom, or if you're feeling brave you can call in live and talk it out with us on air!

    Call in during the show on 00 1 646 595 2097 (UK number to follow next week)

    Alternatively call in for free with Skype using the 'Click To Dial' option on the PirateCast BlogTalkRadio page (Tutorial - http://blog.blogtalkradio.com/blogtalkradio/free-skype-calls-easy-dialin-favorite-shows/)

    For more information head over to www.PirateCastLive.com

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    SPECIAL GUEST - Chamein Canton - Plus Sized Author

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight we learn more about the Amazing Chamein Canton,  Plus Sized Author of several books catering to the Plus Sized form.

    She has hit mainstream Television numerous times for her beautiful and informative book titled "Down that Aisle in Style - A Wedding Guide for Full-Figured Women".  Giving Plus Sized Women a real true guide to feeling and looking like the perfect bride on your special day.

    My personal favorites of Chamein's books are the heartwarming and interesting series featuring a Plus Sized woman who finds love from an unexpected source, titled "Not his Type" and "The More things Change".

    Not only is she a sweet person but she has had a generous spirt being a LargeInCharge Sponsor several times over the years.  Join us in getting to know Chamein Canton.


    Wedding & romance author of still a chick lit for fabulous, fashionable, curvy women over 40 who didn't hand in their chick status for hot flashes or bifocals. Dedicated to throwing romance a curve, my romances are for every woman who possesses the three b's: boobs, bellies and butts. We've earned every curve and like a beautiful Boticelli painting, we are to be admired as a feast for the eyes. However unlike a Boticelli painting, we are real women who should be touched, caressed as a moveable feast for the senses.



    Books by Chamein Canton - Browse more on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Chamein-Canton/e/B001JOWMK2

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    Record Talk Radio: Ebola and politics

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    Join us onn Friday, Oct. 31 at 10 a.m.for a Halloween edition of Record Talk Radio when we'll talk about New Jersey's response to Ebola quarantines and the closing days of the Bergen County campaign season.

    Record reporters Mary Jo Layton and Melissa Hayes will talk about how local hospitals are preparing to handle any possible Ebola patients and how Gov. Chris Christie responded to the debate over quarantines.

    On the second half of the program,political consultants Sean Darcy and Deirdre Woodbyrne will wrap up their analysis of the races for Bergen County Executive and Freeholder in a final segment of Campaign 2014.

    Have a question for any of our guests? Send your suggestions along to me at johnensslin@gmail.com.

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    Fitness Challenge (Part 2)

    in Radio


    1. Omar Cumberbatch - CEO of Wellness Ultimatum

    2. Darcy Quinlan - Professional Golfing / Celebrity Personal Trainer

    3. Desmaine Cousin - CEO of Kingdom Wear Garment, Inc.


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    Record Talk Radio: Goodbye Derek Jeter

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    Join us on Friday, Oct. 3 at 10 a.m. when the next broadcast of Record Talk Radio will feature a conversation New York Yankee Derek Jeter’s farewell to basebal as well as analysis of this week’s events in this year's county elections.

    Record Sports columnist Bob Klapisch will be our guest for the first half of the 30-minute program. We’ll talk with him about how Jeter’s final season played out plus the challenges the Yankees will face next year.

    The second-half of the program will be another installment of “Campaign 2014” and a conversation between Democratic consultant Sean Darcy and Republican consultant Deirdre Woodbyrne.

    We'll talk about campaign ads and the debates in the races for Freeholder and County Executive.

    Have a question for any of our guests? Send your suggestions along to me at: johnensslin@gmail.com


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    Record Talk Radio: Campaign 2014 & Rutgers football

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    Join us Friday, Sept. 19 at 10 a.m. when the next edition of Record Talk Radio will focus on the Bergen County election campaign and Rutgers' entry into the Big 10.

    This 30-minute will kick off a new feature, "Campaign 2014" a conversation with a Democratic and Republican commentator on the news of the week in the race for County Executive and Freeholder.

    This week's guests will be Deirdre Woodbyrne, a GOP consultant who has run Republican freeholder campaigns and Sean Darcy, a Democratic consultant who ran the Democrats' campaign in the last County Executive race four years ago.

    We'll also be joined by Record sports columnist Tara Sullivan, who will talk about the Rutgers football team plus the controversies over several NFL players who have been charged with domestic violence or child abuse.

    Have a question for any of our guests? Send your suggesting along to me at: johnensslin@gmail.com.





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    Muslim Invasion ~ What you should know about Sharia Law

    in Politics

    Guest Speaker:  Darcy Savage

    My husband is very passionate about his country and those that are attempted to take it from us.  I will be asking him questions that many of you have asked me for the first half hour and then we will go to a half hour of answering calls.

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    Darcy Keith - The "Queen of Survival"

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    Darcy Keith - The "Queen of Survival"

    A truly inspiring story . Until September 12,1991, Darcy Keith's life was pretty normal. A gifted student in actuarial science at Ball State University in Muncie, IN, the attractive, intelligent and popular 22-year-old led an active, normal collegiate life.

    Then tragedy struck . She was riding home with four sorority sisters from a function at Morehead State University in Morehead, Ky., when their car was hit broadside by a semi-tractor trailer. The car was crushed completely by an impact so great that the license plate of the semi-tractor was imprinted into its crumpled side panel. Two of Keith's friends in the backseat, where she was also sitting, were killed instantly. Learn how determination and hope kept her alive . Hear about how she became known as the "Miracle Child" .

    She has touched many lives through her work with the Indianapolis Neurosurgical Group since 1994. And through the international program, ThinkFirst, she makes many classroom presentations about her recovery process from traumatic brain injury, memory loss, and paralysis. She has touched thousands of students by sharing how her life changed in one instant from an unexpected event.

    "It is the obligation of the cured to help others, I believe. We can choose to be the victims of our circumstances,or to decide to accept, grow and learn from our hardships. I chose not to be a victim, and this has made all the difference for me. I hope that it can help others to overcome their challenges in life as well."

    For more information visit: http://darcykeith.com/home.php

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