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    Ozara Ode on DaGrahyndMusic Radio

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    DaGrahynd Music Interviews  Ozara. Who is a firm believer in the power of music and thinks it can be an antidote for a lot of the ills that we face. Instead of complaining about what some say is not in the music today (soul, respect, etc.), She is striving to do her part to put more love back into the music. You can purchase her single, It's Time, by downloading it on ITunes and cdBaby  tune in (5:30pm til 6:30pm eastern)listen live www.blogtalkradio.com/dagrahyndmusic2104 or www.dagrahyndmusic.com call in number is (646)595-3287 

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    Live on Dagrahyndmusic we will have @shonlock talking about his new single

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    llinois-bred, urban rock/ hip hop crooner, producer and writer Deshon Bullock a.k.a. Shonlock canvasses a form of artistry which resonates into a discerning lesion in the art of translation

    The former dance and choreographer for Arrest Development and R and B princes Aaliyah is a multi-instrumentalist, serving up the type of production, lyricism, and performance stamina that leaves fans yearning for more. Lock’s genius has garnered him an eclectic space in the arena of emerging spiritually-conscious artists; however the Atlanta based lyricist resume rivals that of the most veteran artists.

    Shon started his career in the clubs of Chicago, during a time when hip hop soul was establishing a platform. He studied they type of artists that made good music. His evolution from a dancer to a lyricist/performer came from years of hard work with the ultimate goal of becoming the all around performer.

    After his spiritual transformation and short sting with Aaliyah, Lock began to choreograph shows for some of the Christian industries most noted talent. He added the electrifying spark to shows for the Grammy nominated duo Grits, Word recording artist Nicole C Mullen and The Katinas. It was during this transition period that Lock was picked up by industry veteran Toby Mac as a touring artist and choreographer, a position he still holds today.

    In 2009 Shonlock signed a major label deal with Arrow/Universal Records and began work on his highly anticipated C.D. WHERE NEVER BEGINS which released on 11.9.10. Being the first to graduate Toby’s Diverse UniverCity he has begun to spread his wings with his band The Monsta, touring around the country and walking in his destiny.

    His website:


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    We have live on Dagrahynd Gino White......Street Mob South

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    We have live on Dagrahyndmusic  Mr Gino White live on the air, speaking about his oppion when it comes to this music and his career and him featuring on the mixtape Grind2Glory.And also some of the projects he has going on and what direction he is going with his career CLICK HERE HE IS NUMBER 6 ON THE TRACK

    http://Grind To Glory by Various Artist - Uploaded by: AidemMediaGroup http://po.st/gT8kMX via @po_st


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    We will have the lovely @GoKieshababi formerly of Xscape live on Dagrahyndmusic

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    We will have the lovely Kiesha Babi formerly of Xscape live on Dagrahyndmusic speaking about her music career and her new reality show called Pregnantt & Dating on the WE network...

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    Today we will have the lovely Ms Tara Rain live on Dagrahyndmusic

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    Tara Rain was indeed nothing short of a miracle, dying in her first few minutes of birth and coming back to life ready with a glow.  Born in a town called Lima Ohio. Tara Rain would listen to her father play guitar and sing to her when he would come and visit. He would tell her” your going to be a star on day sweet-pea” and she began her quest to make her mark singing in school, talent shows and church, were she lead the choir for years. At fifteen Tara Rain won the Miss Black Expo pageants of Fort Wayne Indiana were she won the talent division and rained queen. She went on to be involved in a dance group called Flavor Girls and traveled across the Midwest and preformed in many city’s. While dancing, writing her own songs and writing poetry, she discovered she could rap, and from then on she became “Poettess” one of the hottest female rappers in her city. Tara  Rain  preformed every were and her stage presence took over the crowed bringing them to their feet every time she hit the stage, Tara Rain has opened for many celebrity artist including  one of her icons 2pac.

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    We have coming to the station @officailwebbie live on Dagrahyndmusic

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    we have live in the building WEBBIE from TRill / savage live ent

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    We will have @FreewayRicky live on Dagrahyndmusic

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    The nickname "Freeway" came from Ross' ownership of several properties along the Los Angeles-area Harbor Freeway as well as the existence of a freeway near his childhood home.[4] According to an Esquire magazine October 2013 article titled "Say Hello to Rick Ross," "Between 1982 and 1989, federal prosecutors estimated, Ross bought and resold several metric tons of cocaine. In 1980 dollars, his gross earnings were said to be in excess of $900 million – with a profit of nearly $300 million. Converted roughly to present-day dollars: 2.5 billion gross, and $850 million in profit, respectively.”[5] During the height of his drug dealing, Ross claims to have sold "$3 million in one day."

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    Savannah very own Lethal live on Dagrahyndmusic

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    Lethal Corleone is a Southern born rapper hailing from the streets of Savannah, Georgia. Although Lethal was born in Charleston, South Carolina he has spent the vast majority of his life in Georgia. These southern roots mixed with a universal sound, has given this artist a deadly combination. This combination gave partiality to his name, and Lethal was created.

    Lethal wrote his first rap at the age of 12, and began recording in studios at the age of 16. This early beginning has molded him into a seasoned artist. Lethal started with a group made up of family members and close friends known as C.E.P. His first underground release came at the age of 18, and gained him significant notoriety from his peers on the local scene. After a long awaited interval between his follow up, Lethal seems to be more focused than ever. His sophomore mix tape entitled Time Served enjoyed only relative success, but after being gone for so long he seems to be regaining his form. Lethal recently teamed up to begin a label called Mob Life Entertainment with his fellow C.E.P. group mate Nino Black.

    You may have seen him on YouTube videos of various local artists in Savannah called the C-Port ciphers. On these videos Lethal clearly demonstrates versatility and a ferocious flow. He also shot his first video for his highly anticipated single “Take Off”. Now trying to capitalize off of the momentum gained, he is working to release a project that will ensure him a top slot as one of the best. The future seems to be much more promising for the Savannah native.

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    We will be intterviewing Dr Dre son @MrCurtisYoung on Dagrahyndmusic

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    The eldest son of Dr. Dre, Curtis Young is an aspiring rapper, following his father’s footsteps to become a legendary rapper. Born in Paramount, California, Curtis started his career in the 2000’s by founding an independent label “Hood Records” to search for the several talented newcomers, but later he dropped it to become a more mature singer and personality. Curtis focused all his dedication and determination to the music industry and generated a heavy buzz through his mixtapes. Curtis’s first single “The Delivery” has taken the college radio stations by storm, climbing up the charts to number one spot.

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    We will have live in the studio #LilEazyE on #Dagrahyndmusic radio

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    Eric Wright Jr. (born April 23, 1984 in Compton, California), better known by his stage name Lil Eazy-E, is an American rapper and the oldest son of gangsta rap pioneer Eazy-E. Signed to Universal Motown Records, he became a Kelly Park Compton Crip at a young age and was only ten years old when his father died due to AIDS. His debut album, The Prince of Compton, has been continually pushed back since 2006 but is set to hopefully be released before the end of 2010. Lil Eazy-E was also once involved in a feud with rapper The Game, because he thought Game was overusing his father’s name. He is also good friends with Dr. Dre’s son Curtis Young aka Hood Surgeon.
    Lil Eazy did a remix of his father’s hit single “Eazy-Er Said Than Dunn” in 2003 as a tribute to Eazy-E. The song was called “Lil Eazy-Er Said” and it appeared on Eternal E - Gangsta Memorial Edition w/ DVD.
    Lil Eazy had a cameo in the music video Certified Gangstas with Jim Jones, Cam’Ron and fellow Compton native The Game. Lil E’ also did a song for True Crime: Streets of L.A. named “Get Cracking”.
    Lil Eazy will release his first album titled Prince of Compton, in 2009. He is said to be collaborating with artists like DJ Yella, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Ice Cube and a few other artists. He hopes to reunite the living members of N.W.A on a track. The album’s first single will be “This Ain’t a Game” featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony members Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone. There is a separate version featuring Bizzy Bone.
    Lil Eazy-E, released a documentary about his father entitled The Life and Times of Eric Wright. The Impact of a Legend pack came with its own documentary of the same name, produced separately.

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    We will be chatting with @OnlyChrisRivers aka baby Pun on dagrahyndmusic

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    Chris Rivers that is, the 19 year old unparalleled minded Lyrical Catastrophe  that will knock you out in one verse, like he’s Tyson in the ring.  He’s heavy on the mic, like the crown he bears.  Oh you didn’t know?  This River flows from Royalty.  His Father is the late great Puerto Rican Rapper Big Pun aka Christopher Rios who hailed from the Bronx and was ranked one of the Greatest MCs of all time.  But don’t get it twisted, this Puerto Rican Prince, Chris Rios Jr, who goes by the Rap name Chris Rivers, is his own Fire Breathing Dragon, giving fans something heroic to believe in once again.  He’s a prodigy, astonishing to say the least, and his rivers run deep as he shatters all hypocrisy on whether his name or his talent is what makes him one of the most watched new artists to come up in the last decade.

    Stay tune for More On Chris Rivers

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