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    Episode twenty nine: Gen Con Wrap Up.

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    Okay Kids:

    Here it is.  At long last you will finally be able to hear the best of our interviews from this years Gen Con road trip.  We have two absolutely NEW ground braking games for you to learn about directly from the creative teams that were presenting them at the CON.  Also, we will talk a bit about some tournaments we were in, how we did, things we wished we hadn't missed and a review of the D20 Burlesque show!!!

    So, Vavavavoom, your candy arses into the den and let's go Gen Con one more time !

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    28 - Mike Phillips Schools Biff on the Star Wars RPG - Pt 2!

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    This Sunday - Star Wars is back! Gamemaster Mike Phillips makes his guest-host comeback as we return to the mis-adventures of clone trooper TC-1492 (AKA Raylin Corr, AKA "Biff") and the Wookiee Jedi Padawan Shorrova (aka "Grover") as they attempt to bring down the shield generator that separates their Republic allies from Bridge 242! The epic schooling of Biff in the ways of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game continue. 

    Unfortunately, the Danimator will be too busy soaking up rays in HAWAII this weekend to participate, so his lovely wife Edwina will be in charge of his character for this session. We think the Wookiee will be in good hands.

    You can check out the first part of this session here:


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    We Game Podcast - Episode 3 - Roll It Again

    in Video Games

    Episode 3 of the We Game, Therefore We Are podcast is upon us! Today we are focusing out attention on RPGs! Table Top vs. Video Games.  Polish up your d20s and get the "hair gel" off your keyboard.  We're talking RPGing of all shapes and sizes.  Join in and get some static for your ear hols with We Game.

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    Gaming Girl - Intro to d20 Roleplaying

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    What do those gamers in the basement do all day? Is it for me? I give a quick introduction to Dungeons & Dragons, and HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu roleplaying games.

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    18 - Mike Phillips Schools Biff on the Star Wars RPG

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    Yes, Danimator's brother, Mike joins us to make a real man-geek out of ol' Biff as he plays Game Master for Biff's very... first... time! But we're de-virginizing our dear Show Host to Role Paying Games (RPG's) in the best way possible for him... with Star Wars! 

    But knowing Biff, our hero will probably make some interesting choices in this game to spice things up a bit. Will Biff fall in love with this RPG world... or run screaming into the night? Check it out, folks. You'll probably learn a thing or two about RPG's, also!

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    Knights of the Dinner Table...Now Live Action

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    Introducing a new frontier for fans of Knights of the Dinner Table magazine. D20 Entertainment has been granted the license to produce a Live Action Series/Movie of KODT. B.A. Felton, Bob Herzog, Dave Bozwell, Sara Felton and Brian Van Hoose are all chomping at the bit to jump out of the pages of the comic and onto television, computer and hopefully movie screens.

    The creative crew behind the iconic Knights of the Dinner Table comic strip, magazine, and related games, will be joining us tonight to discuss their latest venture. They are bringing the characters to life in live action format! We here at Geekerati couldn't be more excited!!

    "I attack the Gazebo!"

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    # 123 Ken Whitman, Jolly Blackburn & Barbara Blackburn

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    A few months ago, just prior to GenCon, we at Kenzer and Company were approached by an old friend with an interesting proposal. Ken Whitman (D20 Entertainment ) wanted to do a Knights of the Dinner Table webseries.

    Now over the years, Jolly, Dave, Steve, and Brian have been approached perhaps a dozen times about doing such a project. From the guy with a video camera and perhaps more ambition than know-how to a few big name animation studios whose names you would immediately recognize.

    As tempting as all those offers were, they came to nothing because of one thing:  The Development Team wanted to make sure they had creative input/control. They just weren’t willing to take a check and put these beloved characters in the hands of strangers (especially when one studio exec insisted on changing the Knight’s background from ‘losers’ (her words) to teens who were “heroes” in their day to day lives outside the game).

    Giving up complete creative control is just something they’ve been unwilling to do. Unfortunately, most studios weren’t willing to negotiate on that point. So, as the years have passed, and offers have come and gone, the likelihood of a KODT?film project just seemed to diminish, to the D-Team’s disappointment.  Not only did Ken Whitman agree to the D-Team having creative control on the proposed project, he insisted on it. That got the ball rolling.  John us as we talk with Ken Whitman, Jolly Blackburn and Barbara Blackburn about Knights of the Dinner Table and other projects. 

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    d20Pro: Online Gaming Getting More Content

    in Entertainment

    Tonight on Geekerati Shawna and I chat with Mat Morton about d20Pro and the current d20Pro Marketplace Kickstarter campaign.
    Built for gamers and by gamers, d20Pro is a trend setting virtual tabletop app that both enables rapid combat and encourages role-playing, all while allowing your gaming group to gather around the dinner table or online around the world. Any campaign you can imagine can be built into d20Pro, though as GMs everywhere know this is a lot of work. In addition to their own creations, many GMs want access to high quality art, fully populated maps, compendiums of monsters, and all the way up to entire adventure arcs.

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    D&D Round Table Ep 4 - Monster Manual highs & lows

    in Hobbies

    This episode of the D&D Roundtable will talk about the best and worst of the Monsters we have come to know and love from the various monster manuels.

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    #62: John J. Miller (Knight Errant) & Mike Cole Road Warrior

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    John J. Miller has written work ranging from umpteen small-press ventures to such titles as Marvel Comics' Iron Man and Crimson Dynamo, Bongo Comics' Bart Simpson, and Star Wars: Empire for Dark Horse Comics. I've been the regular writer of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic since the beginning, and I wrote the comics adaptation of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We'll talk about John's works, past and future.

    Mike Cole "The Artiste" is the art correspondent for DragonTalk Radio, has won countless humor awards for his sidestiching satire, and has been to  more conventions than you can shake a "d20" at. Call him and share your convention "road warrior" stories. Mike will deliever Part 1 of our convention "Road Warrior" series.

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    Super Genius Radio - P20 Modern In The Home Stretch

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    The staff of Super Genius Games is back again to talk about the P20 Modern project as it moves into the final week of fund raising. This is the home stretch and we want to keep everyone with us and informed as we press on to the end of this phase. We'll also talk about what's new at SGG in general, our recent d20 Modern PDF products, our upcoming print products, and anything else YOU want to hear about. Bring questions and be ready for lots of surprises along the way.