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  • 03:47

    Quagmire America Radio: Twitter Madness W/ Guests CherryFuXB0x & PittsburghCOT

    in Politics Conservative

    Please join Jason Wade Taylor/Randy Hahn Along with co-host Kat Kat Rough Rider For an action packed show full of Conservative Politics, current events and the always fun (sometimes absurd) as the Twitterverse Turns.

    This show is a rerun from mid to early April. The chat room will be open, and live during the broadcast of the show tonight. This is one of our most listened to shows we did live. With 281 live listens the first time around.  

    We had many guests on this show, brokencountry1, CherryFUXB0x, Swift Read, PittsburghCOT, GrandTweets2, sNaPpPeRHeaD , life_g0es_0n__, and more. 

    Please follow me, Jason Wade Taylor on Twitter and be sure to check out my website Quagmire America. 

    Our Radio shows do many parodies of many individuals, all of which are done by anonymous actors doing voiceover bits.  

  • 03:10

    Open Line Friday: W/ Special Guest @Bree_Mars

    in Politics Conservative

    Please join Jason Wade Taylor/Randy Hahn QuagmireAmerica with his beautiful co-host Kat KatRoughRider for the always fun, and sometimes LOUD open line Friday night.

    This Friday night JWT and Kat are joined by a special guest, bree_mars all the way from her BTR show  the-backstory-with-bree-mars this is going to be one hell of a show. Bree’s knowledge of WWII history, and so much more is outstanding to say the least.

    As always, we will be talking ALL your phone calls. The chat room will be open, and it is sure to be rocking. No topic is off limits on OPEN LINE FRIDAY NIGHT, make sure to tune in @ 10:00pm EST for the best three hours of Conservative radio.

    The Call in # 347-989-1665 

  • 02:01


    in Internet

    It's Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!! Watch hydropowered funny cars dance thru the Gates of Hell!!!!
    Tonight Vince welcomes co-host Manicorn to the show to discuss the past week's events, especially in the cyber world: UG Nazi member Mir Islam, aka "Josh The God", has reportely been placed back in government custody following an alleged parole violation, 13 more Anonymous participants in #OpPayback were indicted (including Anontana and Owen), MissAnonNews continues to spread butthurt and inspired more d0xing attempts, Shm00p has reportedly left Rustle League to join a Somalian pirate crew, and ninjas continue to wage cyber jihad against Vince. All this and more tonight!! Open lines. Call in!! 

  • 02:59

    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Big Titty Tuesday

    in Current Events

    It's that time of the week when VITB salutes large boobs. Please send in your favorite bewby pics. Females please share pics of your mammies or GTFO.

    In addition to celebrating large hooters, Vince will be discussing the latest cyber war being waged by Anonymous and other Internet vigilante groups against the Westboro Baptist Church, who announced they would be picketing the funerals of the Connecticut school shooting victims.
    Yesterday UGNazi breached WBC spokesperson Shirley Phelps-Roper's twitter account and changed the profile background to "Pray for Newtown" while retweeting tweets sympathetic to the victims of the tragedy.

    A coalition of Internet crews are in the process of carrying out acts of coordinated mutherfucckery against the Westboro Baptist Church. Among the groups are Anonymous, UGNazi, The Jester, PLF, Rustle League, and myriad of others. The past two days have produced countless DDoSing of WBC websites and the d0xing of all church members.

    We will discuss this, bewbs, and anything else that pops up! Open lines. Call in!!!