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    what right does Muslims ,Christians,and Hebrews have Critiquing our thing

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    what right does Muslims ,Christians,and Hebrews have Critiquing our thing  as African people.What right do they have to critique our elders.As a matter of fact the line is drawn in the sand.

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    Ameer Abdullah's great Combine comeback

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    Mind of Mansion Podcast Episode 2.18: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion hands the prestigious NFL Scouting Combine 2015 Skill Position Performer of the Year Award to Ameer Abdullah.

    Charles Barkley would have lost World War II.

    Critiquing extreme knee-jerk analysis recommending David Johson be drafted before Todd Gurley.

    Melvin Gordon and Jay Ajayi's Combine performances were red flag-free.

    The current crop of rookie running backs is elite at the top, extraordinary in the middle, and deep at the bottom.

    Advanced metrics,  prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com.

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    Night At The Oscars: "I've Got The Music In Me"

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    Most nights we focus on critiquing the movies, and rightfully so...we're film critics! But for this episode, we'll be focused on the music. Each year since 1934 the Academy has honored the best original song with Oscar Gold. And the song must be an original. 'The current Academy rule says an eligible song "must be recorded for use in the motion picture prior to any other usage", so recordings released prior to the film will not disqualify a song as long as the film version was "recorded" before then'. With that in mind, we did our best to dig deep to find our favorite song winners and a few runners up to share with you, along with naming one of Oscars most prolific lyricist who has claimed Oscar Gold four times and the most nomination of any other songwriter to date.

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    Gail Pallotta,Vanessa Riley,June Foster, and Connie Almony-The Fairy Tale Series

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    The Fairy Tale Series - from Gail Pallotta

    Mildred Colvin’s son, Jonathan, suggested his mother and each of her critique partners write a fairy tale and self-publish them.

    We all agreed, saying we’d be there for each other if any of us got stuck during the process.

    Mildred, who’s self-published over twenty books, spearheaded the effort. Vanessa Riley, who’s a talented designer as well as writer, volunteered to create a cover for each story.   

    We’re a laid-back group, so no one set rules about which fairy tales we chose or what direction we took with the retelling. We wanted and needed to make them consistent though.

    First we discussed length and decided on novellas. Considering several options on how to tie them all together, we chose the location. June Foster had already started her story in a town called Fairwilde. We all agreed to put our characters there, but instead of having them in a particular town and state, we created Fairwilde Kingdom. I think this was important because it gave us a way to use more than one setting for our stories. Vanessa suggested the same size for the covers along with a title, sub-title and series name. We call each book A Fairwilde Reflection Novella.

    We started writing and critiquing immediately. Working in our fantasy worlds for a year brought us lots of joy. We hope the novellas will do the same for our readers.

    First out was At the Edge of a Dark Forest, a retelling of Beauty and the Beast by Connie Almony; next, Red and the Wolf, a version of Little Red Riding Hood by June Foster; third, Mirror on the Fall, an adaptation of Snow White by Mildred Colvin; fourth, Swept Away, a twist on Cinderella by Vanessa Riley and lastly Mountain of Love and Danger. 

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    The Evangelical Industrial Complex ~ " You Will Follow Us!"

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    Today on EBC†RADIO your host Richard Haas will be  critiquing  a new clip by Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation Church. The name of the clip he will be looking at deals with a sermon that Furtick preached on the 5th of December about "The Part We Must Play in Our Faith."  Later in the show Richard will be talking about what is known as the "Evangelical Industrial Complex." Ever hear of it? If not make sure to stay tune and listen in and learn. 

    Our chatroom and caller lines are open so make sure to join in the conversation. 

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    As The Scandals Mount, Time For Another Mixtape! Afronerd's Grindhouse@6pm Sat.

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    Greetings citizens!  Yes, we're aware that we just had a "mixtape" (Comic Shoppe+Afronerd Radio) broadcast last week, but due to more attention being raised concerning Dr. Bill Cosby, we must address that controversy in addition to current pulp/pop cultural issues.  AGAIN, welcome to this week's Grindhouse show, courtesy of Afronerd Radio airing this Saturday at 6pm (EST).  Join Daryll B., Capt. Kirk and Dburt as they wax about the following topics: the crew weighs in on the Cosby scandal as more women come forward in addition to the now viral footage of noted poet/educator, Nikki Giovanni critiquing the fallen comedian back in '07; another controversy dubbed "Shirtgate" brews over British physicist. Matt Taylor's fashion choices as he successfully landed a probe on a moving comet; a recent study found in Social Psychological and Personality Science posits that many Whites perceive Blacks to possess superhuman, if not mystical abilities (huh?);  our thoughts on what movies/TV shows should have been comics and vice versa; Universal Pictures purports to create a shared Horror Universe (a la Marvel) with less emphasis on "horror" and more action; with the onset of a successful Gotham TV series, can a Superman/Smallville prequel (Krypton) have the same mojo? and lastly, we give our general impressions of the fall sci-fi/fantasy/comic TV season thus far.  Call live at 646-915-9620.


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    Critiquing the Linebackers for the Green Bay Packers

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    In this episode of the Red Light Sports Ramble, Evan and Troy talk about the Green Bay Packers linebackers and hand out the individual grades for each player.  Sit back enjoy the show and as always dial the number and talk to the boys about how you felt the Packer Linebackers played this year.

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    A Dose Of Realness For Battle Rap "Analysts"

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    "When Sh** Gets Real" gives a a dose of realness for the battle rap analysts out there....we've been discussing the good and the bad of battle rap lately with our SPECIAL GUESTS, and have kind of hinted on the analysts who judge battles and battlers from the outside. This show is especially dedicated to them...to the real rap enthusiasts who have supported the culture from day one, to the teach but can't do people, to the "analysts" who sit around critiquing and debating battles, but do not yet have a clear concept of what real bars are. There is a difference between bars and rhyming well...and we will define that difference.

    We will have some SPECIAL GUESTS joining us, as always! We will be announcing them the day of the show, so keep an eye out! But believe this...only real bar spitters were even asked to participate, so we are definitely gaining some valuable knowledge by having them on the show!

    "When Sh** Gets Real" is ready...are you?

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    ABC: Anti-Blackness in Context (Black Vs. Non-Black)

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    "It's black vs. non black, when critiquing 'non whites' behavior under RWS" - Monique

    More Hispanics Declaring Themselves White: 

    "There is mounting evidence that Hispanics are succeeding in American society at a pace similar to that of prior waves of European immigrants."


    “A matter of death and death”: Confronting anti-black racism among Latinos:

    "The citizenship we envision for ourselves, however, is not the limited form of citizenship that black people still experience today....his [Zimmerman's] investment in white supremacy both informed the way he hunted down Trayvon Martin and the way he was acquitted for doing so. While many non-black Latinos took to the streets in anger after the verdict, some of us also remained silent about our friends and family members who told us that Zimmerman was correct to kill Martin."



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    Life Changing Insights with The Chagrin Valley Soap

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    Life Changing Insights with Dr. Alan Simberg with special guest Mark Davis MD & Ida Friedman Kasdan

    Healthnets Review Services inception came about when its President Mark Davis, MD noted a lack of affordable services for new and experienced authors in the areas of proofreading, copy editing, critiquing and rewriting of journals articles and books in the sciences and related fields. Healthnets is solely in business to enable authors to bring the best product to market in a cost efficient manner. Our company limits itself to the fields of medicine, science and related topics where our expertise is most expansive http://www.healthnetsreviewservices.com/about-us.html

    Just over 4 years ago I hit an emotional rock bottom, struggling with alcohol addiction, food issues and suicidal depression. I felt like I’d tried everything possible to fix myself and nothing worked. Today, though, I’ve found a consistent happiness (little known to most people!) and I’ve turned it into a simple, practical method for others to change their own lives. 

    Quite unintentionally I created what I call "3x3 Meditation" (3 minutes, 3 times a day), which has been the catalyst for my own (and now my clients') transformation. From weight loss and banishing addictive cravings to reconstructing relationships, this easy and yet incredibly effective method has caught the attention and support of Jack Canfield and Bruce Lipton, PhD, among others, and the media. http://www.dinaproctor.com/

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    President Obama's State of the Union Speech (Black responses)

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    We give feedback to the state of the union address.   President Obama is giving a state of the union speech and we will be critiquing it. Thanks for listening to this politically engaging conversation.

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