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    Creating Change for Kids with Autism

    in Education

    It can often be difficult for kids with autism to function in the classroom. Teachers have so many kids with a variety of needs, so it can be difficult to provide for all student needs. Parents want what’s best for their children and often get frustrated when their child’s needs are not being met. As a teacher how do you meet all the needs of your students? What can parents do to make sure their kids are learning at an appropriate level and getting all the services they require?

    Join the teachers of the Access Possibilities School as they share stories of success with children who have autism. The teachers have a very different point of view about the “disability” of autism. They will show you how looking at autism from a different perspective, along with the use of other simple tools, can create change beyond what you may have thought possible. And, when the kids have success there is a ripple effect for other students, teachers, and parents.

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    An Inside Job - Creating Personal Change

    in Health

    This month's focus: THE SELF

    Getting out of our own way to allow ourselves to change is one of the hardest yet most satisfying of tasks. We fear change because we have to die to the old in order to take on the new.  So we go into the rigor mortis of fear and the process aborts.

    We will discuss change from the inside out and explore inner success skills and how to use our inner energy to move our head out of the way and follow where our heart is trying to lead us.

    Dr Gail Siler is our guest for this episode.

    Gail served is a social scientist, university professor, and change program creator developing programs for children and adults of all walks of life. Some people call her a shaman.  Gail calls herself a Butterfly Woman.

    Gail's book Decoding The Butterfly Promise: Regaining Our Feminine Power and Returning to Wholeness is up close and very personal. It tells of her experiences of being kicked out of the box of her everyday reality adn what happened to her as a result.

    Join me, Lucinda Curran, in exploring this topic with our guest!

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    Endurance - thru Change. Managing Change

    in Entrepreneur

    Managing Change is a content rich, filled hour in which you will hear and identify with diverse perspectives about change. Eclectic points of view in addressing the family nucleus.

    Answers for your career, solutions for your business and for that entrepreneurial spirit which is uniquely American.  Our guest share with you every week, their own Life’s Perspectives on having mapped their minds for success.

    Come join us and voice your thoughts in our ‘Forums’ and create your own ‘Groups’ while feeding off the energy that inspires us to do better for ourselves and for one another.

    Join us on BlogTalkRadio every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 PM EST for Managing Change. Real Time Content - Providing Real Time Solutions. 

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    The Reality of Creating Change

    in Relationships

    So many people think about creating change in their lives and their relationships. Unfortunately, many expect these things to change as the result of a miracle. When we want change in our lives, we have a responsibility to ourselves to be instrumental in creating that change. It is part of the reason we are here, to grow and evolve, and to change what we don't want or like in our lives, to make them better... to have the lives we want. We can find excuse after excuse to stay stuck and not create the changes we desire and often need, out of our own fears, insecurity or instability. On the other hand, when we do create change, we can often become impatient, expecting the changes we are making to manifest outwardly in a very short period of time, which is very unrealistic. Tonight we will discuss creating the changes you want in your life, what to expect from those changes and why it can take a while to reflect these changes in our lives. Bottom line is REAL CHANGE takes time... do you have what it takes to change your life for the better?

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    Creating Change For Kids Who Have Been Traumatized

    in Education

    Experts say it is very difficult and takes a long time to get through trauma. There is a process that one must go through to get beyond the trauma and often children are burdened with it for the rest of their lives. 

    What if there is another possibility? What if there is a way to eliminate the effects of the trauma in a faster, easier way? What if there is so much more available beyond the trauma that has not been considered?

    Join child and play therapist, Anne Maxwell in a discussion about kids and trauma. 

    Anne is a psychotherapist, trained as an LSCW, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and as an RPT-S, a Registered Play Therapist – Supervisor.  She is an international speaker, bestselling author, child and family therapist, and facilitator of change. She is known as the “Play Lady” by many of the children with whom she works, and as the “Kid Whisperer” by some of her colleagues.

    The results of her approach have been magical, phenomenal, amazing! Healing and change are so much easier, more effective, more fun and faster! 

    In addition to her therapy practice, she is the Executive Director of the Access Possibilities School, www.accesspossibilitiesschool.com, which opened in September 2015. Access Possibilities School is a private, online, global school for students from kindergarten through high school. 

    She co-authored, with Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, the co-creators of Access Consciousness®, the international best selling book, Would You Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree? 

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    Creating Epic Wealth: 04/09/2016

    in Business

    Creating Epic Wealth: 04/09/2016

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    Creating Epic Wealth: 04/02/2016

    in Business

    Creating Epic Wealth: 04/02/2016

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    "COME TOGETHER FOR CHANGE" with Chaplains Hudson & Shelea Griffith

    in Spirituality

    Good Evening. Today is Monday, MAY 2, 2016...KNOW THAT GOD HAS MANY BLESSINGS IN STORED FOR YOU THIS NEW 2016 YEAR! You are listening to our radio broadcast, "COME TOGETHER FOR CHANGE" sponsored by 'Men In Search of Change' and HWG Outreach Center For Change, International'. God truly has an amazing blessing for you today. Always remember, God is Faithful and is our ever-present help in every situation.

    We are streaming live on the internet every Monday afternoon from 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM (PST).

    Our topic of discussion for today is "THE LIES OF DEATH" - The main scripture may be found in the book of: ACTS 5:1-14, COL 3:5. Our Radio Broadcast today will be presented by Our HOST - Senior Chaplain Elder Hudson W. Griffith.

    When you take time each day to declare God's promises over your health, your family, and your finances; you are speaking VICTORY INTO YOUR FUTURE. For more spiritual guidance, feel free to log into our website: meninsearchofchange.com. And if you are in need of prayer for any reason, call Sr. Chaplain Elder Hudson Griffith @ (702) 454-5717.

    SHOUT OUT TO  ALL MEN: You are welcome to join our Coast to Coast Men's Prayer Conference Call every Friday evening @ 7:30 PM (PST) by calling (605) 562-3000, PIN# 323 034#. Know that God has a special blessing waiting for you.

    Thank you for listening to our Radio Broadcast. Do call, text or tweet a neighbor, an associate or a family member and ask them to join us on blogtalk radio  next Monday@3:30 PM, as we broadcast our radio program "COME TOGETHER FOR CHANGE" LIVE from the Blessed City of Las Vegas, NV on the internet.   Have an amazing and very blessed week.

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    Rachel Baribeau Breaks Barriers for Sports Broadcasters Creating her New Normal

    in Motivation

    In a world that's functioning amidst a full-blown identity crisis, Rachel Baribeau uncovers the story behind the stats. Listen what industry leaders say about this power packed woman:

    "Respected by players, coaches and the media." (CBS Sports Network)
    "Impressive and infectious." (ESPN.com)
    "Hardwired for this business." (CBS Sports Analyst)
    Rachel is hardwired for our business. She pursues "the story" because of her raw passion to win. She gets it right because she cares. She's like that proverbial drip that can wear a hole in a rock. I'd want her on my team!  Spencer Tillman
    Lead Studio Analyst CBS Sports

    Today I have the absolute privaledge to talk to her about her journey as a sports caster but more so as an advocate and a mountain climber!  Yes, she has crested and bested Mount Kilmajaro. 

    Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax for creating life's new normal, with me, your host John Register as interview Rachel Baribeau on Saturday February 213 at 7:00am mountain!  

    John Register 



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    Implementing Change in Sub-Saharan Africa

    in Business

    In this episode, Glory Enyinnaya joins the show from Nigeria. She shares her research and experience about implementing change in Sub-Saharan Africa. We'll explore the challenges of implementing change in a developing country, and how regional culture affects leadership and change management.