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    Militant Monday - EBOLA AIRBORNE OR NOT?

    in Politics

    Ebola is not currently an airborne disease. You can't catch Ebola by sitting across the room from someone who has it. You can only catch Ebola from coming into direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone who has the disease and is showing symptoms.


    (One caveat: If someone with Ebola symptoms sneezes or coughs and the saliva or mucus hits your eyes, nose, or mouth, that can transmit the disease, but this is rare, and it's mainly a concern for health workers. It's also not what people mean by "airborne.")

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    Back In To Society - Breaking the Barriers of Injustice - Michael Brown

    in Current Events

    Reactions to the shooting death of Michael Brown and what it has caused to happen around the country..

    FERGUSON, Mo. –  Below is a timeline of the shooting of Michael Brown on Saturday, Aug. 9, in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri. The times are taken from documents provided by the Ferguson Police Department, including dispatch logs and an incident report on a robbery at a convenience store.

    11:48 a.m. — Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson arrives at a residence in response to an unrelated call about a 2-month-old child having difficulty breathing when she coughs.


    11:51 a.m. — Ferguson police receive a call of a robbery in progress at the Ferguson Market convenience store.

    11:54 a.m. — A different, unidentified officer arrives at the Ferguson Market and gets a physical description from an employee and customer of a suspect who took some cigars.

    11:57 a.m. — A police dispatcher broadcasts a detailed description of the robbery suspect, saying that he was wearing a red St. Louis Cardinals ball cap and yellow socks and was walking with another man toward another convenience store called QuikTrip.

    12:00 p.m. — Officer Wilson leaves the scene of the call about a sick child.

    12:01 p.m. — Officer Wilson encounters Michael Brown walking on a street and the shooting follows. Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said Friday that Wilson did not know about the robbery at the convenience store when he encountered Brown.

    12:04 p.m. — Another officer arrives on the scene after the shooting, and an ambulance is contacted to treat Brown's wounds.

    Back In To Society is a show based on the positive and the negative of the criminal justice system.


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    The Fishing Show with Phil Friedman Outdoors Radio

    in Sports

    So much to talk about on today's show!  Phil let's the people who want the Manhattan Beach Pier closed have it as he coughs during the show fighting the flu.

    Bill Varney with the best surf fishing report anywhere. 

    Great fishing for yellowtail, dorado, bluefin and yellowfin tuna in this incredible year. Buzz Brizendine from the Prowler, Don Ashley from Pierpoint, Erin Villareal from Ciscos and lots more on today's show.

    Rick Slavkin with a live on the water TUNA UPDATE form the Oceanside 95. 

    Tucker MCcombs from the Western Outdoors News Shootout on board the Mirage out of Cisco's Sportfishing in Oxnard.

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    The Know Your Rights Hour

    in Health

    Join Doctor-Attorney Mayer Eisenstein and Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips as they discuss a Natural News article referring to Vaccine Spectrum Disorder; how medical statistics are manipulated to hide problems with pharmaceutical products, or to support misleading conclusions favoring them; why today's Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case isn't likely to impact vaccine religious exemptions in the workplace; misunderstandings about a recent New York federal court that ruled that there is no Constitutional right to a vaccine religious exemption; a British Medical Journel study that found that 20% of vaccinated children had coughs and tested positive for pertussis, and the surprising conclusion of the researchers; why Dr. Eisenstein says you're better off going to chiropractor or naturopathic physician than a medical doctor; and more!


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    Voice of Joy More Jesus

    in Spirituality

    What a better time  to talk about more Jesus than at the coming of spring.  Are you ready for spring.  we have more and more snow, colds and winter and over coats and boots and colds and coughs a  nd weather like it or not.  We need to shead all this and shake off the old and climb on top of a mountain of shout More Jesus. Spring is here in our hearts.

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    Business From The Heart: Eliminate Asthma and Toxins w/ Tania Wedin

    in Entrepreneur

     This week on Business form the heart, our Consciousprenuer is

    Tania Wedin from the UK. Read on as Tania shares her inspiring story!

    "I  wanted to be a full time mum, I would have to be innovative and work from home, perhaps relying on the internet to develop a business."


    "Aside from asthma and hayfever, Yamoa has proven over the years to also help people with COPD, bronchitis, chronic coughs, sinus problems and even psoriasis. Naturopaths have reported benefits for the digestion, particularly when eating unfamiliar foods, for example when travelling abroad. Horse owners have been impressed with the benefits Yamoa has brought to their horses, and cat owners in particular have said they have owed their cat's lives to Yamoa."





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    Sick Moms with Christian Comedy Chicks

    in Comedy

    Just step back. We're sick, yo.

    Follow us on FB, if you dare. ;)




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    Kal Sellers the Mad Herbalist

    in Health

    Kal Sellers the Mad Herbalist Join Kal today as he discusses preventing coughs and colds.

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    Radio For The Fun Of It with Rich Simpson

    in Environment

    Our guest on Monday is Alex Allred.  Alexandra Allred, her husband Robb, and three children (Kerri, Katie, and Tommy) moved to Midlothian, Texas, in July of 2001.They hoped to get land to keep their horses, and have a place where their kids could play outside. Allred asked about the cement plants a few miles away from their property, but was told that it was “just steam coming out” and that there was nothing to worry about.  
    A few months later, Tommy, then 2, became sick with one respiratory problem after another – pneumonia, double pneumonia, bronchitis, fever, coughs, and unexplained shortness of breath.  Tommy was hospitalized six times in two months and things only worsened.  After research, they learned that the steam coming out of the cement plants near her home wasn’t just steam – it was filled with hundreds of thousands of pounds of mercury, lead, and other toxic chemicals. In 2008, Tommy’s elementary school was named in a USA Today Special Report to be one of the most toxic elementary schools in the nation.  
    In 2004, Allred joined the Downwinders At Risk organization, petitioned in Dallas, appeared in the Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star Telegram and reached out to local and state politicians.  She traveled to the EPA headquarters in Raleigh, N.C. and Washington D.C.
    In 2005, Allred continued to testify before the EPA, TCEQ (Texas Commission of Environmental Quality) and state representatives.  She joined forces with Earthjustice and interviewed with local and national media outlets.  Allred arranged to have Erin Brokovich come to her town for a Town Hall meeting and became “the client” for Brokovich’s law firm. 

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    Digestion and kids heath, as well as Oscillo

    in Health

    Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest Christophe Merville, D. Pharm., will be discussing digestion and children's heath, as well as Oscillo and other remedies for kids' coughs and colds.

    Christophe Merville has been the Director of Education and Pharmacy Development for Boiron – the world’s leading manufacturer of homeopathic medicines – since 1990. Dr. Merville has created training programs, both online and in print, for pharmacists and retailers on homeopathy and medicines available to treat common health conditions.

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    Kal Sellers the Mad Herbalist

    in Health

    Kal Sellers the Mad Herbalist Join Kal today as he discusses preventing coughs and colds.