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    Author Anaiya Pistis Sophia Returns To The H20

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    Anaiya is the author of Pilgrimage to Love:  A Tale of Romance, Heartbreak and Meeting The One and the creator of Sacred Reunion, Pathway of the Beloved, Awakening Soulful Sexuality, three 40-Day transformative processes based on her own experiences of stepping ever closer to the Beloved, retrieving Lost Will and healing sexuality. She is also a qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, public speaker and the co-author of Womb Wisdom: Awakening the Forgotten and Creative Powers of the Feminine and Open your Heart with Kundalini Yoga.
    Anaiya gives directly from her feminine heart centered presence, allied with her playful, infectious enthusiasm to inspire and arouse others to surrender their lives to live as love, no matter what it takes. Since the age of twelve she has walked the Path of the Beloved. Fueled by the Power of Love to seek ‘the Beloved’ everywhere. To love even in the darkest of places. Barry Long once quoted “For a tantric teacher is made by God. Tantra is the love of God to the point of self-destruction – the complete obliteration of the self – until all that is left is the love of God”.It is by these words that Anaiya lives. 

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    Door To The Mind with The H20 Network, and KDCL Media

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    KDCL Media & The H2O Network merge with Hosts Radiah Nunez, & Miss Paula providing you with a showcase of the talented and independent writers, musicians, thinkers and topics of the day.
    Stanley Dawejko, Jr. is the author of Life's Recipe For a Rich Soul with the help of the Law of Attraction. I am currently working on my second book that is going to be called The Law of Thought -  The Secret behind manifestation.It is his pleasure to be able to help spread some positive words. Stanley am always looking to help and inspire one person to the next. As a young child he knew how it felt to be put down. He wanted to turn that around and make a difference in our world. Instead of putting someone down you should uplift them. Go with the flow of life and never let anyone tell you cannot do something because the only person who is holding you down is yourself. Let go of all the fears and regrets and just do it. This life is a gift so make every moment count. It is you that can make that change you want. Do not let yourself down. Live your dreams.........!!!

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    Join Life Coach, Mentor, and Founder of Conscious Living OmniMedia Group & The Children's Wellness Network on the next episode of the The Conscious Soul inside the Conscious Zone. Ahzjah's Art of You Life Empowerment and Life Design series allows you to learn how to discover your gifts, talents, strengths, blueprint, personality, and inner guidance system. BuildingYourInnerEmpire.com

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