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    Cat Scratch Radio: Post Draft Edition

    in Sports

    Join us to discuss all the latest Carolina Panther news and notes with a focus this wek on the recentlycompleted NFL draft.

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    Cat Scratch Radio: 2016 NFL Draft Preview

    in Sports

    Join us to discuss all the latest Carolina Panther news and the upcoming NFL draft

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    Cool Chick Radio having fun as always!

    in Moms and Family

    Cool Chick Radio having fun on a Wednesday as always!

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    in Radio

           I can remember quite a few singers, performers that I met through my career.  I did radio for a long time saw a lot of people come and go.  I often wonder with the way people act, do ants have celebrities?  Or is this life we live just a circus of events.  Do elephants, gorillas?  Do they have meetings, and in their animalistic way - sign autographs?  Or is that special performance just for us humans?  And if humans are so great - why do they die?  Does it matter?

         I saw the sad faces when Michael Jackson left - and I understand when you have a mental bond with someone who sang a record that may have sparked a relationship, someone portrayed someone in a movie that parallelled your life to the point it was soothing, so when they're gone - it hits you.

          The most difficult exits are probably ones where you're not aware of any illness, then suddenly they're gone, like in the case of Gregory Hines - at 55 he was out of here, and now this - PRINCE at 57.  The cool critics take a look at it from all angles.  347-205-9366.

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    An Evening With Cat Wilder: The Felinist

    in Spirituality

    Join host Nikki Williams on Wednesday, March 9 at 7:00 pm (Central Time) along with special guest Cat Wilder: The Felinist. Cat was born psychic and possesses a wide variety of gifts. She is an animal communicator, empath and one of "The Lion People". She practices psychometry, reads tarot and runes and can also 'throw stones' like her gypsy ancestors. She is an active paranormal investigator and ordained minister who does house cleansings and blessings. Cat has been a guest on Radio PRS in the past and we are so excited to welcome her back.

    .This week Cat will share with us the mysterious magickal history, culture and beliefs of her ancestors, the Romany (Gypsy) people. It's going to be a fascinating show so be sure to tune in. 

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           If you are not aware of the political arena that is going on in the good OL U S A, what planet are you on?  Recently, Donald Trump said that women should be punished for having an abortion, IF the laws were changed to be illegal - That's a big if - however Aaron Anderson thought it would be a good coffee talk - and that's what we do here, the COOL CRITICS - drink our drinks and talk - 347-205-9366

    THE COOL CRITICS - the 2nd longest running show on the JKN.

           On this showk, sometimes there is confrontation, but that happens in the streets, on the phone, at a barbershop when the guy doesn't cut your hair right - it happens when MOMMY finds DADDY playing house with somebody else's parent, because you never know these days.  The drama, the action, the excitement - THE SADNESS, the..wait a minute the phone's ringing - get back to you in a minute!!!  347-205-9366.

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    CAT IS MAD we started without her

    in Pop Culture

    we are doing pert two of the pilot cause Cat got a lil attitude....

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    Purring Like A Pussy Cat That Feels Good!

    in Lifestyle

    Do you love to feel good like a cat when it purrs instead of meows?  Do you wish you could sit around and have people pet you to feel good?  Well, let's make that happen!  This of course is a metaphor for doing what you like to do to feel good and get stroked!

    What is it that you could do that others would willing exchange values with you? I am not speaking about prostitution or selling illegal drugs because you can still get busted for being on either end of that exchange.  I am planning to cause you to wonder what you would do if no one had power over you, and you weren't sinking in boredom but were instead soaring with exhilaration for life!  What makes your partner purr and what makes your partner meow like something is missing in life?  How can you keep the happy?

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           Before the COOL CRITICS which started in AUGUST of 2011, was SESSIONS.  It was just me.  Tolliver, getting my Internet feet wet again.  I joined Jay on Blog Talk, and said NETWORK, that's how that all started - I KNOW you didn't hear this show, but maybe you did.  I was doing something on BLOGTALK not on the JKN.  And my concept was SATURDAY, SESSIONS AT SIX, and that was 6pm eastern.  For a little catching S S S.  Sessions on Saturday at 6.  I don't know if any of you have done this, but it's funny, you write something and set it aside, you take a picture and store it, you record something and forget you did it, then you listen to it.  I'm 66 now, I was 61 then, you'll hear me say it.  It's why Valcine says when she addresses me, my age, I've been aging myself since I was in my late 20s I do believe and have not stop - All praises to God, I'm still here - you see the news, you understand.  Check this out, let me know what you think.

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            Last week on the COOL CRITICS, the conversation started off centered around Donald Trump who said that if abortion becomes illegal, women who get abortions should be punished.  It sparked a lot of confrontation, and the talk turned to abortion, mainly.  ABORTION is always a hot bed when it comes to people talking about it.  Today, again suggested by Aaron Anderson, he mentioned this last week - Child support.  347-205-9366.  And Child Abuse was thrown in to make this a complete show.  Darryl L Williams will host this week, THE COOL CRITICS.  Darryl L Williams from KINGS IN THE MORNING fame, and THE WAY WE SEE IT on Sundays - check this show out!  347-205-9366

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         The headlines read, that TRUMP has got into a battle with BIG TED on their wives, after an organization posted a picture of TRUMP'S WIFE in the nude asking, and this is not word for word, but DO YOU WANT THIS AS THE FIRST LADY OF AMERICA?  CRUZ says, this isn't him, but outside of his jurisdiction, however TRUMP isn't buying it.  This may or may not be the discussion for today, but the POLLS, recently - and this is where I get beside myself - It says THESE ARE THE POLLS THAT MATTER (not all the polls before) TRUMP has tanked, due to the violence and other things, and he will lose against HILARY (HILLARY?) 347-205-9366

          And you know that the bombings and chaos in FRANCE, BRUSSELS, and more has dominated the news, while PRESIDENT OBAMA was doing the TANGO in ARGENTINA.  That may be talk worthy - check in and see - THE COOL CRITICS, if you please - 347-205-9366.

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