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    Who Killed Jesus?

    in Christianity

    “He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed. We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all” (Isaiah 53:5-6, NIV). The death of Jesus Christ is the most famous in history. The state-sanctioned murder that took place almost 2,000 years ago is still in today’s news. No other crime against the innocent has remained so widespread in the consciousness of humanity for so long. This one lives on as a story that is told again and again. The injustice of the arrest, trial and death of Jesus Christ is profound in that no person was ever so innocent, so sinless, so blameless, so undeserving of such punishment. Peter testifies that He “committed no sin, nor was deceit found in His mouth” (1 Peter 2:22). He was the most virtuous man who ever lived. Jesus challenged His enemies, “Which of you convicts Me of sin?” (John 8:46). The centurion, the officer in charge of His execution, was convinced that He had executed a righteous man (Luke 23:47). One of the thieves crucified with Him understood that Jesus had done nothing wrong and didn’t deserve to die (Luke 23:41).

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    My Gospel Soul with Pastor J& Evang. Haskins

    in Christianity

    Are you where you think you are in Christ?

    Pastor J. and Evang. Haskins Shares: You need to be delivered. There is no harm in confession. But it is plenty harm in unrepentant sin. The WAGES of SIN is DEATH. But The GIFT of GOD is ETERNAL LIFE. Choose this day whom you will serve. You can't serve to masters. The most deceitful thing is to get up out of the bed of Fornication and adultery among other things and continue to walk as though nothing happen. Just because you can still prophesy and people are still praising the works that you are doing in the kingdom don't mean that God still knows you! 
    In another case the christian fornicator that is silent in the background that nobody really keeps up with that is living in sin. And truly believes that you are getting away with something. Ask yourself the question who do you really think you are hiding from. No person on earth can help you at the final call.

    The trick of the enemy is to get you all distracted with being offended. To prolong a life style of Sin. The Holy Spirit Convicts-Judges- and Brings Deliverance to those that are truly inlove with Jesus.


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    in Entertainment

    Tonight at 8PM on The Boiler Room: Many within the community feel that college life has a dark side that hides in the shadows. They fear that the liberalization of their kids / students leads to a drift from traditional beliefs and heritage, but worse, it leads to partying, the use of drugs, fornication, and a loss of virginity just to name a few things. Then: Tom Naemi discusses his journey through prison and coming to Christ in the process. Tune in tonight! Listeners are encouraged to call in with questions and comments at 347-857-3847.

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    New Laws Are Needed to Allow Ex-Convicts to Get Employment

    in Current Events

     America lawmakers need to realize they are there to protect society and they must implement new logs to allow convicts being released from prison to obtain full-time employment.

     (¦-}> Ric Veda loves you, and so do I <{-¦)  
    As Always The Show Is Sponsored by Sharing and Caring Hands

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    Beyond The Cover with special guest Stefanie Pintoff

    in Books

    Beyond The Cover is back with special guest Stefanie Pintoff.  Hosted by John Raab and Jeff Ayers, Beyond the Cover brings you the best in author interviews, industry news, reviews, and much more. Tonight Stefanie will bring her unique writing style to the air and talk about her latest book, "Hostage Taker". 

    Beyond the Cover is one of the five shows on the Suspense Radio Network. You can check out all the shows here on Blog Talk Radio, and visit the website at www.suspenseradionetwork.com. 

    Stefanie Pintoff "Hostage Taker": From Edgar Award winner Stefanie Pintoff comes the start of an electrifying new thriller series featuring Eve Rossi, head of a secret division of the FBI—one made up of ex-convicts with extraordinary talents, oversized egos, and contempt for the rules. Perfect for readers of Iris Johansen and Catherine Coulter.
    In the hushed quiet of early morning Manhattan, in front of the towering bronze doors of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, a young woman holds a sign that reads: HELP ME. For one FBI agent, a madman’s terrified hostages, and an entire city, a long and harrowing day is about to unfold.

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    Join us in the chat room or on our guest line (347) 215-7698 as we discuss different views of spirituality by ex-convicts. DON'T MISS THIS ONE..

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    R.E.A.L. Radio-Radio Established to Address Life--Washington@Work Obama & SCOTUS

    in Current Events

    Weekly, we hope that you join us for a spirtied conversation about the week's hot topics. We'll engage in a round table debate, in addition to bringing in guests to help us better understand the matters at hand.  Join the conversation by calling 8186917348 or clicking on the link.

    Today, we'll discuss the hot topics of the week, the funerals in Charleston, the Supreme Court decisions, and the escaped convicts in NY.  History was made this week and it's a GREAT feeling to be a part of it. 

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    in Prayer

    Heavenly Father as I come before Your Throne

    in Prayer.  I come not because of anything good

    I have done but because of Your Precious Holy

    Spirit who bids me to come. Your Holy Spirit who

    searches our minds and our thoughts and convicts

    us of our Sins and our Errors. Beloved we are called

    to Renew our minds Daily. Everyday. Why? Why is it

    important to renew our minds daily? King David in Psalm

    119:11 says Thy words have I hidden in my heart that I might

    not Sin against Jehovah God. Beloved King David

    a great and mighty King whom God admonished to be after His

    own heart did not consider Himself to be on a pedestal, he humbly

    called himself a servant of the Most High God. Beloved as we draw

    near to the Lord and He draws near to us, let us come to the Mercy 

    Seat with a Repentant heart. Knowing and Understanding that we

    may have erred in our Thoughts, Actions and even in our In-Actions.

    Beloved we are Encoruaged to "Die to Self Daily, to Pick Up Our Cross

    and Follow after Christ." Are we striving to do this Beloved. Father as we

    come this evening...it is my sincere Prayer that we who hear will consider 

    ourselves, examine our selves and do accordingly. Beloved the LORD's will

    is that all will come to Repentance-Godly Sorrow that leads to us turning away

    from our Sins. And I am not here to Bash or Judge you Beloved, I am here to

    say together we can let go of the things that so easily besets us and cry out to

    the LORD God Almighty who is willing to Pour out His Holy Spirit's Power Anew

    Upon Us. Beloved as we Pray and Review Scripture may our hearts and our 

    minds be in tune with the Prayers and Words. As the LORD

    says;where two are more are gathered touching anything in agreement;It Will Be Done;In Jesus's Name.

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    Random Radio Revolution: Our Usual Randomness

    in Entertainment

    Here we go...another week of randomness with Extreme and the RRR crew! Join in the conversation as Extreme gives an update on the escaped convicts in NY, the church shooting in Charleston, SC and other newsworthy items. It's also Father's Day so a shout out to all you dads out there! So turn us on, call in if you want and take part in the conversation................Viva la Revolution!

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    All Things Matter-The Week in Review

    in Politics Progressive

    Rachel Dolezal of the NAACP and the issue of racial identity, Jeb Bush enters the race for the Repubican nomination, escaped convicts and the prison worker who helped them escape, Hillary's speech draws thousands, and more topics to be discussed. See you @ 6 PM Central