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    The Spiritual Boost continues. Our topic is Living on Purpose

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    The Spiritual Boost continues. Our topic is Living on Purpose.  Are you walking in your devine purpose? Is believing in yourself a habit?  Are you clear about the habits that foster your growth?  Some habits are hidden, while others are front and center. Join us as we delve into finding habits that leaves us producing results that we want , not what we dont' want...so that you can recieve all that you desire.

    disclaimer: you won't know what this is if you don't participate fully.  Listening is an option, but we cannot promise results. If you have not purchased the handbook, you will not be able to follow the dialogue. Get yours, dive in, and play. This is your chance to have all that you deserve and are worthy of.








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    The Weekend Show: Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King - The Struggle Continues

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    The struggle continues people and we are here to honor a man who has moved our fight for complete freedom forward in a major way. Will there be anyone else to follow him? Was he the last? Are we to only have entertainers be our voice? Also on the show we will have Dallas rapper JC join us to showcase his new song Puff Puff Pass. 

    So are you part of the solution? Or part of the problem? Listen to this broadcast of music and find out.

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    The Evil Stepmother Book & Class: The Saga Continues, Chapters 4+

    in Women

    Our stepmother saga continues as we study chapters 4++.  Yes, it's time to talk about the kids and our homes.  What's the story with our houses anyway?  We probably did not think about our housing when we remarried, but it becomes an issue.  Where are the boundaries?  Do we have any space to call our own?  Got to read the book and join class to find out!

    If you are having one of those times where you just don't feel as if you can figure things out on your own, that is what I'm here for.  Just send me an E-mail at Barb@TheEvilStepmotherSpeaks.com.  Or see my website under Stepmom Support http://theevilstepmotherspeaks.com/stepmom-support/

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    The private Facebook group, Stepmom Life Class.  Friend Barb Goldberg on FB to gain entry.

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  • What Kind of Baggage Do You Have? Bible Study in Romans Continues!

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    All of us have baggage.....and it can be costly! You know this to be true if you have ever traveled commercially, but the bagges of SIN can be even more costly. On thi broadcast, SONSHINE USA Bible teacher Warren Landis talks about the baggage of sin as our Bible Study in Romans continues. Even when we are at our best......we still have a sin dept bigger than what we can pay. Christ steps in and offers to pick up our tab, but we have to accept or reject His offer! Those who reject His offer must face the consequences. What are the consequences? Tune in and find out!

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    Medolac....The Saga Continues

    in Education

    There is a foul smelling odor emitting in the air. Medolac has started an initiative to increase breastfeeding rates in the African American community of Detroit. Medolac will be offering one dollar per ounce of breast milk to African American women, in turn she will be selling milk to hospitals for seven dollars an ounce. Yes, you read that right. Elena Medo, the CEO of Medolac, will be selling milk to various hospitals and unidentified institutions for a six hundred percent mark-up!

    Is Elena Medo implying that money is the only thing motivating African American women to care for their children properly? 

    How does offering to purchase breast milk from African American mothers compare to slavery? Slavery is a legal or economic system under which people are treated as property. Knowing that, the essence of slavery is using people as property, exploiting a group because of their race, economic status or religion for financial gain. Does that ring a bell for you? Medolac is proposing to collect African American women’s milk from low income areas of Detroit, and sell it to hospitals for seven dollars. That’s a six hundred percent profit made off the backs (or breast in this case) of African American mothers! In the past, coercion, terroristic threats, beatings and lynchings, that resulted in death, were used to ensure that a slave did what they were told. Medolac is asserting that; to ensure that we as African American mothers are able to stay home with our children longer and to ensure our preterm children have a fighting chance, all we need to do is sell them our milk. Is the stench starting to smell familiar to you now?

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    Speak On It......The Saga Continues

    in Entertainment

    Join the hosts, Elixir and L.A. via phone or chat room as they discuss various topics. Check the One Bad Apple Productions Facebook page to submit your own questions, topics and to see what topics we would like to speak on.

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    Red River Radio Tales From the pages Continues

    in Books

    THe same show continues!!!!

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    The Reunion Continues...: January 21, 2015

    in Wrestling

    Welcome to the show! Happy Wednesday!!! On our new show day which is today, we'll be talking about the latest news in WWE (giving you a weekly recap of "Raw" (Part 2); listen to "Raw Rewind: January 19, 2015" for Part 1, and the latest news on Darren! Follow us on Twitter: @DarrenYoungFans. Follow our new Twitter exclusively dedicated to our photo gallery, @dyfphotos! Don't forget to tune into the show weekly on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Check out our website: www.darrenyoungfans.net. Don't miss our "SmackDown" preview and rewind shows tomorrow! We're also on iTunes NOW!!!! Download the podcast for free and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS! Go to our website right now: www.darrenyoungfans.net, head to the bottom of the page and click the link!

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    BONUS EPISODE 2: The influenza continues but the show must go on

    in Entertainment

    The Kregg Sanders Show Featuring Don Fellman. It's another ill advised bonus show with our ill host who continues his feverish dream of entertaining you with talk and the radio stylings of Don Fellman. Join Kregg & Don tonight, and as we recommended last night, those who sit to too close to their speakers may hear wheezing and a hacking cough, but never fear ye Kreggniks, his swim partner Don will be on hand to resuscitate our host. Don't miss another thrilling BONUS episode of the Kregg Sanders Show Featuring Don Fellman. 

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    Civil Unrest Continues, Economic Factors Deteriorate, and Survival Scenarios

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    Joins us tonight as we discuss the ongoing downward trend of many factors in our world today. With civil unrest continuing in many cities, and more cops not even going to trial for killing citizens, the populous is reaching a breaking point. The economy also continues to stall or fall with many moves being made by central banks and governments around the world. So, what does this mean for you and what can you do? We will also discuss some survival scenarios in a "what would you do" format. 

    We also want to thank all of our listeners for all of your support!! October was our best month ever with over 10,000 total listens!!! THANK YOU

    Call in number: (347) 308-8713

    Don't forget to like our FB page too!


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    Paul, The Tent Making Preacher/ Thessalonian Bible Study Continues!

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    On this radio broadcast, our SONSHINE USA Bible teacher Warren Landis continues his Bible Study series in I and II Thessalonians. Thessolinica was located on a major trade route-----so reaching this big city with the Gospel meant that a good part of Paul's World would be reached for Jesus Christ! To set an example about the importance of a strong work ethic, Paul chose to support himself as a tent maker instead of living on love offerings from the church at Thessolonica, Paul also talked about the importance of living one's Faith! Tune in for more!

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